Friday, September 6, 2013

Interview with Mschif

Quick Highlights

Debut: 2001

Ring of Honor (2005-present)

Appeared on TNA


Insane Plan: Growing up, who were some of your favorites in pro wrestling?

Mschif: Bruiser Brody, Undertaker, Rockers

Insane Plan: What are some of your greatest Highlights?

Mschif: Wrestling in Japan and England.  Winning the shimmer title and holding onto it for so long, Seeing my invented moves being used by someone else, Kissing Elgin during a match to give him the Mist.

Insane Plan: You have appeared in a Match for TNA against Daizee Haze and was offered a contract to work for TNA but turned it down, is this true, and if so why?

Mschif: Yes, 1. to work for TNA I'd have to leave science. 2. I wouldn't be allowed the freedom to be myself, the way I want to be.

Insane Plan: Will we ever see you in TNA or perhaps WWE in your future?

Mschif: Nope

Insane Plan: How did the deal come about for you to work for ROH?

Mschif: I've worked for ROH on and off since 2005.  It started off by them working with Shimmer when they started up.  But I've become a regular for their TV tapings.  How?  Who knows, they said Hey, do you want to work for us?  I said Yes.

Insane Plan: You have been working for ROH off and on for several years; did you ever expect ROH to move up in the ranks as a big league to compete with WWE & TNA?

Mschif: I still do.  Look at the incredible talent.  They are already the breeding ground for WWE and TNA talent.

Insane Plan: what are your thoughts on Maria calling herself the first Lady of ROH?

Mschif: Maybe she thinks Bennet is ROH president? 

JM: Name Association Game

Daizee Haze--Heart and Soul

 Amazing Kong--Power

 Mickie Knuckles--determined


Cheerleader Melissa-- infectious

Beth Phoenix---- Super heroine "Scooby Doo"

Malia Hosaka---adaptation

 Lexie Fyfe--necessity

Tasha Simone-- firey


Insane Plan: Who were some of your best matches with in shimmer?

MsChif: Amazing Kong, Mercedes, Melissa, Daizee Haze

Insane plan: Working for IWA Mid-South, I'm sure had many crazy moments in your career... what's the one that stands out the most?

MsChif: Having to hard way Mickie with a spiked vest.

Insane Plan: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today what would it be?

MsChif:  More characters!! 

Insane Plan: Do you have advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

MsChif: Have a determined work ethic, never stop learning and never let it go.

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