Friday, September 6, 2013

Interview with Shark Boy

Quick Highlights

Debut: 1997
Word Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1999-2000
Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) 2002
Total non-Stop Action (TNA) 2002-2011, 2013-present
Appeared on MTV's true Life, I'm a wrestler

JM: How did you get your Start in Professional Wrestling?

I met Les Thatcher right as he was opening up a wrestling school in

JM: How did the character Shark Boy come about?

It was originally inspired by a Toadies song, "I Come from the Water". It
evolved from a piranha into a shark.

JM: You signed with WCW in 1999... What is the good and the bad working
for that company?

The good part was it was a dream come true to reach that level. The bad
part was it lasted less than a year and the company was completely gone
shortly after that.

JM: what’s Your Greatest Highlights in The Biz?

Probably my run with TNA and all the cool stuff that went with it. Being an
action figure and a character on a video game are probably the biggest
highlights for me.

JM: You worked for XPW during it's last year, what are your memories
working there?

I just remember the crowd being really into my character and how much fun it
was to perform for their audience.

JM: Name Game:

Les Thacher - my original trainer who provided an excellent foundation for
my career in wrestling. Has a wealth of wrestling knowledge.

Jerry Lynn - great friend and great wrestler. He listens to really heavy
music, lol.

Primetime Skipper - an amazing athlete and terrific guy.

New Jack - I had so much fun teaming with him. Such an unusual pairing.
Really funny guy.

Crash Holly - I miss Crash. We became friends really fast and it seems like
he was gone a minute later.

Abyss - shared plenty of hotel rooms with him on the road. Great travel
buddy for me!

Chris Kanyon - can't say enough about what he meant as a friend and how much
he impacted my career by opening the door for me in WCW.

Jay Lethal - very talented young man. Always cracking me up backstage.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - one of the absolute best professional wrestlers
ever. My parody of his character is a tribute to his legendary ability to
entertain the masses!

Daffney - one of my favorite people in the wrestling business. Forever
"Shark Girl".

Dixie Carter - gave me a real opportunity to showcase my character at TNA.
Forever grateful to her.

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work for TNA?

The door was opened for me by Jeremy Borash and Jeff Jarrett. Borash and I
met through Kanyon and became great friends. Jeff I met while working in
WCW. Both liked the character and thought it would fit well in TNA.

JM: You started TNA during it's first year, did you ever expect TNA to
ever go far as as it did to be on the same rank as WWE?

I wasn't sure about that... but I never stopped hoping!

JM: Is WWE in your future?

Could be. Only time will tell.

JM: Any upcoming shows you want to plug?

My Schedule and everything else Shark Boy related can be found at

JM: Advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

Find a good trainer and never give up!

JM: Closing Thoughts?

Just want to thank all the people who have supported me over the years.
Couldn't have done it without you. Shell Yeah!


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