Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunny Days just became Dark in the WWE

I guess it’s about time that I respond to the WWE’s Hall of fame induction of Sunny.. As most of you know that I worked with sunny in West Virginia 6 months ago…. During the WWF’s hype on Sunny in 1996, I was a big fan of her’s and supported her because she did bring entertainment to the fans… After her stay in the WWF, I was more interested of her time in ECW as I got to see her more physically involved in matches and worked with the other women and from that gained more of my respect as a performer… It wasn’t until I saw her in WCW when I first realized she was going down hill in her personal life.. When she debuted in WCW I thought we were getting another chance to see a Sunny Personality each and every week on Nitro but instead we saw a Woman slowly dying each and every week when she did appear and even more embarrassing was her matches she had with the other WCW female talents.. Well after she departed from WCW… I got to read reports of her working with Missy Hyatt for a Nude website, she had a Drug problem that was so out of control it was rumored to be the main factor of all her releases from WWE, WCW, & ECW. She also would work independent dates impaired due to her drug usages, she also gained so much weight but later confirmed it was a thyroid problem, There were also many reports of Sunny sleeping around the Locker-room in both the WWE & ECW all while still in a relationship with Chris Candito, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the wrestling world lost a great performer Chris Candito in which also reports that set her over the edge. All this negative publicity and Insane Plan and myself still stayed faithful in respecting her as a performer and not one piece of news Insane Plan would report due to the respect of Sunny..

Insane Plan wanted to Interview Sunny about her career in a positive light which her career in my opinion was a positive thing… I wanted to interview Sunny about her career in the WWE, The Slammys, ECW, XPW, & WCW and learn more about Sunny as a performer not the woman that faced demons as she did..

As soon as WWE billed Sunny as the first original diva.. I agreed because during that era Sunny was the first Woman to bring sex in the wrestling industry. However after being Billed as the first diva from the WWE.. She let it get to her head real quick, esp. after claming that when working with Jacky Gayda in a match, Jacky did not acknowledged Sunny as the woman that paved her way when Jacky just simply said Hi to her.. Sunny went off in this shoot interview as disrespectful and that if it wasn’t for Sunny, Jacky Gayda wouldn’t of had a job in wrestling.
Who is to say if it wasn’t for the likes of Miss Elizabeth or Sensational Sherri is the reason Jacky Gayda got into wrestling. Sunny wasn’t even from the 80s.. Remember all the females that came before her all could of easily be the reason women got into wrestling after. Know your history… Fabulous Moolaha, Wendi Ricter, Miss Elizabeth, Sensational Sherri, Luna Vachon, Madusa, Woman, Baby Doll, Missy Hyatt, Precious, and even many more than that have paved the way… You want to be the first diva! Great but give these women credit for paving the way for you to even have the title Diva and the job as Sunny.. I think your even lucky to be in the same building as Miss Jacky for the acts you have done in the wrestling business, very surprised you haven‘t been black balled from the biz!

Her Next acts are comments she made about Lacy Von Eric and the drugs that claimed her family’s life. I can’t remember her comments word for word but I will tell you that they were uncalled for.. Sunny out of everybody knows the toll the drugs did on her as well as Chris Candito and for her to poke fun at Lacy history is nothing more than garbage if you ask me.. I will be the first to admit, Lacy doesn’t know how to work as a professional wrestler. When I Interviewed Lacy, she was a very nice girl but wasn’t professional and didn’t know how to be interviewed and I took that she would gain experience down the road and I do think she wasn’t ready even for TNA when she got there but the fact is she did and made a name for herself with or without the experience as a professional wrestler.. Sunny got to the WWF as a no name with very little experience and grew up from that.. The only difference between Lacy and Sunny is that Lacy never resort to drugs the way Sunny has.

Now my favorite Topic is Sable…I remember being a kid, and loving the fact the WWF had Sunny, Marlena, & Sable and each of them very rarely worked together but when two of them did… It was exciting to see as a fan!

We all know marlena’s role was Goldust’s valet and than the blond bombshells Sunny and Sable and I had always wanted to see the two work a storyline together but never did and even as a kid I thought they might have a real life hate towards each other and just accepted that they both had there own direction in the company. Well Come to find out years later they really did hate each other and even more so on Sunny’s end than Sable.

After the Era of sunny and sable was over, Sunny went on record as calling Sable a cunt, a pig, and how much she hated sable and than stirred up controversy between Sable and her Husband Brock Lesner and made jokes of Sable have kids after 40. The thing that is beautiful is that Sable not once after 14 years have ever responded to her ugly comments nor ever cared about them… She did make one rare comment in a interview saying that she was flattered Sunny still talks about her and even said on top of that, she would still work with her on a professional level if asked too.. It’s time to let that go Sunny! Sable made the WWE Money during her run and I am not much of a sable fan but I do respect her for not letting the likes of sunny’s childish way break her sprit.

Than Sunny Makes comments on Miss Elizabeth & Sensational Sherri saying how beautiful Elizabeth is but did nothing and how ugly Sherri is and did too much… and also how Sunny was the first to have T shirts made, and her own video, and blab blab blab.. Sunny was the first to have many T shirts in one year, I’ll give her that but Miss Elizabeth, Sherri, & Alundra Blayze all had T shirts made before Sunny.. Video in dedication to one woman has also been done by Miss Elizabeth first.. Magazine covers, Miss Elizabeth had many Magazine Covers way before Sunny’s time in the WWF, dare I say Sunny only had like three WWF Magazine Covers and along with Miss Elizabeth Sable also beat Sunny out on the number of covers. As far as Hosting her own show which sunny is proud of but also been done by Miss Elizabeth and even Missy Hyatt first… So here is the history folks.. Sunny might be the first Diva but she is not the first selling diva compare to the other women that came before her.

Now My Comments on Her Hall of Fame Induction is just another excuse for her ego to go straight to her head… If Sunny wasn’t a bitch in the public’s eye and treated other personalities in the Business the way she does and treated me with respect when I worked with her, I might of looked at this induction differently and probably would of agreed to it as a good choice. But it’s not, She’s more of a joke than Drew Carry’s induction into the Hall of Fame! It’s not right for her to Jump around the indy shows telling the world she’s the first diva and women like Miss Elizabeth and sensational sherri Don’t matter! Sunny is a great Performer but a cancer in the biz for how she treats people and bashes them… I would never work with Sunny Again nor would I ever even think about wanting to interview her… If I do get the opportunity to interview her.. It would be me putting the facts about herself on the Table.. Her reasoning for not Liking Sable is because she is a Horrible Human Being as sunny puts it. I can’t see Sable be any more horrible than Sunny..

Sunny truly does not respect herself, the WWE, the Hall of Fame, and the fans who made her! That to me is a Horrible Human being and my only hope for Sunny in the Hall of Fame is that just like the Slammy Awards… Next year Sable would be inducted into the Hall of Fame and take the spot light again from Sunny …