Friday, September 6, 2013

Jump In the Time Warp with John Mikels---NWA Starcade 1984

NWA Starcade 1984

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Bob Caudle

Denny Brown beat Mike Davis to win the NWA World junior Heavyweight championship in a botch pin-fall when Brown was supposed to be the one pin and instead was the one pinning Davis.... good match and even weird to see a very young Earl Hebner as the ref for this match...

A very young Tony Shavoni with Ric Flair in the background going down the line up as I watch how Tony was inexperience at the time talking in the mic

Brian Adias beat Mr. Ito in a quick match

Jesse Bar beat Mike Davis using the ropes

Assassin #1 & Buzz Tyler beat The Zambuie Express (with Paul Jones) in a tag team elimination Match   

Tony Shavoni interviews Dusty Rhoads about his main event match against ric flair in one of the best dusty Rhoads promos I have ever seen

The Raging Bull beat Black Bart (with JJ Dillon)

Tony Shavoni interviews Ricky Steamboat and got a big case of technical difficulties

Tony Shavoni gets another shot at interviewing Ricky Steamboat

Tony Shavoni Interviews Tully Blanchard & JJ Dillon

Tuxedo Street Fight

Paul Jones (With Zambuie Express) beat Jimmy Valent (with Assassin number 1) after JJ Dillon interfered when the referee was distracted by the brawl between Zambuie & Assassin… best match so far in the event and the loudest pop from the crowd


Tony Shavoni interviews Ric Flair about his main event match with Dusty Rhoads


Ron Bass (with JJ Dillon) beat Dick Slater by disqualification to retain his NWA Mid-Atlanta heavyweight title


The Star Spangle banner is played via video… not the best but fans seem to love it

Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Ole Anderson & Keith Larson (with Don kernodle) after the match Don with crutches snapped… the best part of the match

Tully Blanchard (with JJ Dillon) beat Ricky the dragon steamboat in the semi main event

Wahoo McDaniel beat “super star” Billy Graham… believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever seen them wrestle… great match

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair beat Dusty Rhoads in a quarter of a million dollar match with Joe Frazier as the guest ref…. The match between the two was great but the ending was horrible and controversial as Joe ruled ric flair the winner due to the cut on Dusty’s eye… for a main event, it was hyped up as the next big match to out do the Starcade 83 event and that was how it ended..

Tony Shavoni interviewed Ric Flair who was a very happy man

Tony Shavoni interviewed Dusty Rhoads who was a very pissed off man standing with his best friend the raging Bull and rightfully so as he now no longer care about ric flair as he now wants Joe Frazier for costing him a quarter of a million dollars.  





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