Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interview with Traci Brooks from 2002


Quick Highlights

 ---Debut 2001

 ---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2003--2010, 2011

 ---Appeared in Playboy

 ---# 56 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

 ---#22 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2008

 JM: How did you get into wrestling?

TB: I won the 2000 Sunshine Calendar Contest and was named Miss June. They promoted it by putting me as a Sunshine Girl in the Toronto Sun and my bio read to be the next WWE superstar and my trainer says this called the paper who then called me and that is how I started my career.

JM: What is the one thing you want to accomplish in the biz?

 TB: Just to be the best wrestler I can be and entertain all the fans!

JM: What is the greatest highlight Of your career?             

 TB: I would have to say every time I step in the ring is the biggest highlight of my career, I love what I do!

 JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE in the future?

TB: I think every independent wrestler sees themselves there.

JM: what is the most painful experience you had to go through in the Business

 TB: Nothing, if you love this business.

 JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today what would it be?

 TB: Nothing

 JM: Who do you admire in the business?

TB: Anyone wrestler that takes this business seriously.

JM: Do you like Wrestling or managing the best?

TB: Wrestling, I love the in-ring action that is why I got into this business.

 JM: What advice would you give to young Female Fans who dream to get into the biz?

 TB: Be careful, protect yourselves, work hard and follow your dreams

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