Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interview with Tori from 2007

Quick Highlights

---Debut 1988

 ---World Wrestling Federation (WWF) 1998-2001

---Worked in Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA), Japan

 --Former Member of Degeneration X

---Starring first season of MTV's Tough Enough

---# 33 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

 JM: Normally I start off at the beginning of how you started wrestling but I am sure all your fans want to know what you have been up to since wrestling?

TP: Since leaving the WWF I've had nothing but great success in all the things I've decided to pursue. I've done so much since leaving but my favorite move, yoga!

JM: When you first started wrestling, was it what you expected?

 TP: I was blessed to get the opportunities I had received so quickly. I really just wanted to prove to those who gave me them, and myself that I deserved it. So when I started it was nothing like I expected.

JM: Wrestling in LPWA, Can you share your memories of that promotion?

TP: My fondest would be all the girls I met there and winning the title there.

JM: Who had you have some of your best bouts with in LPWA?

 TP: Lady X!

 JM: You also worked in Japan, can you compare the differences in the wrestling of USA & Japan?

 TP: In Japan it’s no joke. In USA it is more of a combination of wrestling and other things. Sometimes I liked Japan better because the things they would have people do were outright pointless. However in the US you can have more fun with the crowd.

JM: Would you say working in Japan is your toughest challenge In your career?

 TP: Yes and no. I felt like I had to impress everyone there but when I came to WWE I wanted to impress the fans more.

JM: How did the deal come about with the WWE?

 TP: People from the company had heard of me and my work from LPWA and Japan. One thing led to another and next thing I knew, I became 'Tori.

 JM: You were the start of a whole new division of Women Wrestling in the WWE in the late 90's, what are your opinion of the current state of women wrestling in the WWE today?

 TP: Too much potential it kills me. I really only started watching again around May, and it is truly sad seeing it as how Victoria is probably from what I've seen the best female they have and is used so poorly. I also do not like how the champion (no disrespect to the lady herself) isn't being pushed.

JM: What was the most memorable during your time in the WWE?

TP: Wrestlemania with Sable!

JM: Name Association

 Rena Mero - Very Popular.

Nicole Bass - A bit grumpy.

Leilani Kai - Amazing Talent!

Jacquelyn - One Tough Cookie!

Ivory - Charismatic!

 Kane - Underrated!

 Paul Bearer - Funny.

Stephanie McMahon – Genius

 Chyna – Powerful

 Sean Waltman - Very sweet and full of life!

 Raven - I’d rather not go there.

Vince McMahon - Genius!

Luna Vachon - Amazing Talent!

Fabulous Moolah - Paved the way.

 Triple H - Entertaining!

 JM: What was the good and the bad working for the WWE?

 TP: The good is the people you work with, and the fans. To this day I have fans and it is so amazing because I was last there nearly 6 years ago.

JM: How was your experience on the MTV's Tough Enough?

TP: A little boring, they didn't give me much to do.

JM: What is your opinion on the TNA and is the company in your future?

TP: I think more variety is great, some love wrestling but not the WWE so I'm all for it. I sadly will not be going there. I don't think I will return to the ring but never say never.

JM: Have you ever thought about writing a tell all book about your time in LPWA, Japan, & WWE?

 TP: Sometimes but most likely wouldn't want to gain a profit off of some memories that are priceless. Maybe to hand down to a family member to remember me, sure.

JM: What are your thoughts about the current state in wrestling when it comes to the death population creasing?

TP: I really tried not to comment on this because EVERYONE else is but it is truly sad how former stars, even people who I worked alongside are using DEATH .. DEATH .. to get some fame. Only God knows what happened and I will leave it up to him to make judgment. It isn't my place or really anyone's to say what happened because we don't really know 100%.

JM: Do you have any advice for young fans who dream of getting into the sport of wrestling?

TP: I really don't recommend throwing your life away for it. Go to school first or something because you aren't guaranteed a career in it forever and once it’s over what would be next for you?

JM: Closing Thoughts?

TP: I appreciate you want to conduct an interview with me!

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