Saturday, August 10, 2013

Interview with Tasha Simone from 2011

Quick Highlights

---Trained by Chris Adams

---Former Two time USWA ladies champion

---NWA Women’s champion


JM: Were you a fan of Pro Wrestling growing up, if so who were some of your favorites?

TS: I grew up around the greats of wrestling. Some of my faces were Mr. Wrestling II, Harley Race, Bruiser Brody, The Funks, Silento Rodriguez, and Tom Jones to name a few. I never wanted to be Moolah



JM: I will get some heat from the Website’s fans if I don’t ask this.. You were trained by Gentlemen Chris Adams… what was he like to work with and how was the training? (I get a lot of request in regards to Chris Adams lol )

TS: Chris Adams was good to me as was his fellow trainer James Beard. I considered Chris my friend as much as he was my trainer. I trained exclusively with men and got my ass beat. I was given the choice of doing right the first time or get hurt the second. I was never babies by anyone and have more than earned the respect of my peers. Chris was very underrated and overlooked because of his demons. I know how talented he was, and while I miss him I know he is free of his demons now.


JM: You have worked for the USWA and became a two time ladies champion… What was the good and the bad working for that fed?

TS: The good part of working for the USWA was learning how to handle live TV as well as working with one of my face opponents Jackie Moore. I worked with some of the greats, my favorite period being Smokey Mnt. Vs USWA. I was working the Bob Armstrong his sons, Tracy Smothers, Rock n Roll to name a few. What learning experience. The worst part besides women being treated like crap was watching the crowds decline and the territory die.



JM: Was your time there during the hype of the USWA vs. SMW feud?

TS: See Above



JM: Was there any time in your career that you were in contact with the WWE to work for them?

TS: I have never been nor will I ever be interested in working with the WWE. I am a wrestler not a frigging diva. Omg I just threw up in my mouth just thinking about it.



JM: Will we see you in the WWE or perhaps TNA in the future?

TS:I am happy working for the NWA I don't see myself anywhere else.



JM: Name Association Game (one or two words on each)

Chris Adams - my mentor

Jacquelyn - favorite feud

Lexie Fyfe - good soul

MsChif - what a screamer

Christie Ricci - cross face

Malia Hosaka - old school

Evil Zebra - evil as me

Jerry Lawler - no comment



JM: You have also wrestled in different countries, how would you compare the difference with Talents you worked with as well as performing in front of their fans?

TS: I prefer working in other countries. Wrestling is still treated as a sport, wrestlers learn their craft and the fans appreciate it.



JM: You are currently the NWA Women’s champion, what were your thoughts when the title went into your hands?

TS: I was about to pass out from loss of blood when the belt was placed in my hands. All I could think was It's time to practice what I preach.



JM: You have also had a hard-core wrestling background, what are some of your injuries you have had?

TS: I hate hardcore but I've done it. I've had several concussions chipped bones broken ribs you name it.... Picking out glass and tacks is the worst.



JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

TS: To fans, who want to follow their dreams, find a reputable trainer, learn your craft and if it doesn't click, buy a Damn ticket. If everybody could wrestle we would have no fans.



JM: Closing Thoughts?

I love wrestling; I have made it my duty to bring respect to the NWA Women's World strap. I want to be respected as a wrestler, not a girl that gets in the ring. For those who support me, thank you, for those who don't Beseme Culo! Last but not least: SUPPORT SUE GREEN FOR NWA HOF CLASS OF 2011.

Love, Peace and Pain,
Tasha Simone,



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