Saturday, August 10, 2013

Interview with T. Ranchula from 2011

Quick Highlights

---trained by Dominic DeNucci
--appeared on WCW Nitro
appeared on WWF Shot Gun
---worked with The Rock, Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigalow, Big Show, & Mick Foley

JM: How did you get your start in Pro Wrestling?

TR: I met a guy at the gym and had a question about becoming a pro wrestler and he than introduced me to Dominic DeNucci and I trained for about two years right after Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) Left..


JM: What are some of your greatest Highlights in wrestling?

TR: I would have to say when I worked in the WWE against The Rock and Farooq and also I flew with WCW IN 97/98 and traveled with them.. Due to my Size, I wouldn't of gotten the opportunities that I did because of it..


JM: Biggest Influences?

Mick Foley, Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka, & Lord Zoltan



JM: Name Association Game?

Black Widow: No Comment

Mick Foley: Crazy Hard Worker

Sean Evans: Great Person, Great wrestler, left us too soon

Lord Zoltan: Bizzar (Laughing)

The Rock: Stand Up Guy, Great and easy to work with in the ring

Lex Luger: Good Person, not the best ring savvy

The Big Show: Looks like he can be my brother

Jim Miller: Good Person, Sometimes hard to work for

The Millwalkee Mauler: Great Guy, a lot of fun to work with, a lot of Laughs

Bubba the Bulldog: Good Guy, needs to slow down (Laughing)


JM: You Have had a couple televised matches for WCW and WWE, Has there ever been talk to sign You?

TR: No, Jim Cornette did say to me that had I started earlier, I would have worked all the territories



JM: You Worked for both PWX Wrestling which is now NWA East and IWC Wrestling, can you compare the differences of working for both companies?


TR: There about Equal, IWC was a little more organized


JM: Currently on the Pgh Scene, Who are some of the best in your opinion worth Watching?

TR: Sam Eilas, DJ Young, & Michael Blade

JM: What advice do you have fans who want to follow there dreams?

TR: Change your dreams..

JM: Change your dreams?

TR: Yes... (Laughing) actually no, don't change your dreams... follow it... If I didn't follow my dreams as a Pro Wrestler, I wouldn't had the opportunities that i got in wrestling such has traveling to south Africa, and working and meeting a lot of great people along the way..

JM: Closing Thoughts?

TR: Same thing. If it wasn’t for my Size I wouldn't have had the opportunities that I got... I am winding down, and I am coming towards the end of my career and I think I have a few good matches left in me,..


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