Monday, August 12, 2013

Interview with Christian York from 2010

Quick Highlights

--Debut: 1996

Has worked for Deleware Championship Wrestling (DCW),KYDA Pro Wrestling, Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW) OMEGA

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1999-2000

Extreme Chzampionship Wrestling (ECW) 2000-2001

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)2001

Ring of Honor (ROH) 2002

Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XPW) 2002

Total Non-stop Action (TNA) 2002  


JM: How did you get your start in Pro Wrestling?

CY: Met a wrestler at a high school, sold tickets for his show, he never thanked me but saw him holding an autograph signing with Dan Severn, so I told him Hey this was i want to do, so got trained in a boxing ring by Jimmy Cicero, Julio Dinero, and Cueball Carmichael.


JM: Who were some of your influences growing up?

Sting, Magnum TA, Rock n Roll Express, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, Boogie Woogie Man


JM: What are some of your memories working for DCW?

CY: We had a fun time especially against the kapp tappa kega guys. Tha Rage brothers were tough, and a match with Glenn Osbourn.


JM: you have worked for WCW, ECW, XPW, WWE, ROH, and etc. I am sure there some interesting locker room/ or road stories you would like to share?

CY: Nothing that would be incriminating lmao

JM: Will we ever see you return to the WWE or the TNA in the future?

CY: Id like to make it back up there but i haven't pushed for it. I have 2 kids now so being away is very hard on family life. I like to be around my kids at all times.


JM: What was the experience like in the locker room during the last days of ECW?

CY: Everyone was down and not sure if it was the last days, it was all up in the air.


JM: You w/ your valet Stacii in your corner are going up against JC Flash w/ Noel Harlow in his corner, what are your thoughts on the up coming match for body slam autism?

CY: Don't have much thought, JC Flash is gonna be outclassed by me. I know he is a very tough competitor who hasn't been giving the recognition he deserves, but I'm not gonna let him walk away with his hand up. And i know that little skank Noel likes to involve herself so I found a little thing i consider my "toy" that will slap that chick out of her heels.


JM: This event is raising money for such a good cause, what does this event mean to you?

CY: Well its nice that its for a good cause, but Im looking out for myself, I want Gold around my waist, that's all I care about. I cant worry about other people's illnesses, I got mouths to feed at home


JM: Name Game?

Shawn Hardy-- AWESOME

Joey Matthews-- Useless

Mickey James-- Smelly Feet

Stacii-- YUMMY from head to toe, I know!

JC Flash Wheeler-- Under rated

Noel Harlow-- Bow Wow..DOG!

Shannon Moore-- Coat Tail Rider

Shane Helms-- Talented

Tommy Dreamer-- Hero, Nicest man alive!

Adam Flash-- Garbage

Trent Acid-- Pirate!



JM: I am sure you have a lot of them but what were some of your highlights in your career?

CY: Getting signed by WCW, ECW, WWE


JM: Any regrets?

CY: Yes, I wasn't mature enough to do what was needed to excel in those opportunities


JM: Do you have any advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

CY: Get something to fall back on before you go into this business


JM: closing thoughts?

CY: Go pound sand


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