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Interview with Shane Sweet from 2008

Quick Highlights

--- Guitarist and lead singer for the band The Celestial Matinee

--Married with... Children (1992-1993)

--- The Journey of Allen Strange (1997-1999)

--Toy Story (1995)

---My Sister's Keeper (2002)

-- Guest Spot on Baywatch (1996)

--Guest Spot on Cheers (1992)

---Guest Spot on Enterprise 2003

--Guest Spot on In The House (1995)

---Guest Spot on The Jeff Foxworthy Show(1995)

---Guest Spot on Picket Fences (1996)



JM: You started acting at a very young age, was it something you always wanted to do or was it just something that fell into place?

SS: As far as I could remember in my very young age it was something I had wanted to do. I had an interest in the whole process.



JM: The Most memorable role for you was Seven on Married with children.... can you share your experience working on the show?

SS: Most memorable for viewers I'd imagine, though for me the 4 years spent on Nickelodeon was more memorable just due to the length of time and relationships developed there, but my experience with MWC was awesome. I was working with very intelligent people whom understood comedy. I probably learned more just by being around them and seeing them go through their rehearsal processes than I realize.



JM: I have to ask, what was it like working with Christina Applegate?

SS: Ha ha, the most common of questions... She's absolutely brilliant. I can recall her helping me with schoolwork and stuff. She couldn't be further from her character which adds all the more brilliance to her in my opinion.



JM: Not to Long ago Married with children season 7 was released on DVD with you on the cover along with the Bundy family, your thoughts on that?

SS: Didn't even know it, thanks for the info!



JM: What are some of your highlights in your acting career?

SS: MWC was big because I had actually set my sights on it, we drove by their stage anytime we would go into Hollywood and I'd always say I wanted to work on it, plus it was my first big role so that was cool. Nickelodeon was also amazing, I got to work with tons of cool people and develop good relationships. Being on one of the last episodes of Cheers was also quite a thrill.



JM: Have you ever thought about making a comeback to acting?

SS: Ha, I've actually thought about it lately over the last few weeks and I'm seriously considering it. Though I'd only be interested in indy films and darker or off beat roles.



JM: Now how about some general info on your band?

SS: My band is The Celestial Matinee. We have been together a little over 2 years here in LA. WE have played just under a 100 shows in 2 years and have college radio play across the US and Canada and Western Europe and should be touring this summer.



JM: Do you have a web site or my space?



JM: What are your future plans?

SS: My band currently takes up almost all of my focus. It's quite a lot to deal with from a business side and it's so different from acting in the sense that you are putting yourself out there rather than a character, which strains the business/artistic creation barrier even more.



JM: Where did you learn the majority of your musical skills?

SS: I took and take lessons from Freddy Rapillo. He's a great guitarist, used to play for Rick James, etc. Though a lot of things I will learn by ear. I play guitar, drums, piano, bass, mandolin, and I'm trying to learn violin.



JM: What type of music did you listen to growing up?

SS: Garth Brooks, Sublime, Nirvana, Hendrix, Zep, all the same stuff everyone says probably! Though I'm not much of a commercial rap guy, the productions are genius but usually the lyrics aren't.



JM: What are your personal interests outside of music?

SS: I'm extremely interested in politics, theology, and middle eastern studies. I had actually passed on West Point to pursue music, if I hadn't, I'd be there learning about that stuff!



JM: Any advice for young inspiring people who dream for a break in music or acting?

SS: Try to be as grounded as you can when you decide that it is what you want to do. With both I would recommend studying the art and business aspect to decide if it's actually for you. Don't become blinded by your own ideas of what you think you will be, be what you are and be that as honestly as possible. It's that very idea in acting that will free you to be someone else and in music that will keep you from being detestable.



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