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Interview with Maxx Burton from 2010

JM: Growing up did you have any favorites in wrestling you watched?

Maxx: Too many to mention but a quick listing: Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Michael P.S. Hayes, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, The Von Erichs, Cactus Jack, I think that's a good start.


JM: You are the current In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Champion along with CJ Scott, and you have held many titles in the past... which title from the past did you consider the biggest win?

Maxx: Winning the IYFW Tag Team titles was pretty important. I felt vindicated after that. Probably winning the Slam All Star Wrestling Television title because it was the main event in front of the largest independent wrestling crowd in Vermont for 2007, 375 people.



JM: Your Wife and former manager The Hard-core Cowgirl Alexandra just been named the new commissioner of In your face wrestling... how is the locker room reacting to this and have you gotten any heat due to this decision from the Powers to be of IYFW?

Maxx: If anyone has a problem with it, they haven't said anything to me. Plus I'm sure they're supportive about it because she has definitely proven she knows what she's doing after 10 years in the business and deserves the spot.


JM: You and CJ Scott have been on a roll as of late in the tag team division... what will you both have in store for us come April 17th in Amsterdam, NY?

Maxx: We don't know as of this interview and that's fine with us. We have put the challenge out to any tag team in the wrestling world. All promotions all countries. Come and try a night in "The Grindhouse." JM: You recently did a tour of wrestling show dates, and on the tour you made a comeback to SAW (Slam All Star Wrestling)... how was the event and was it good to come back to a company you at one time had a lot of history with? Maxx:Absolutely. My last event was exactly a year ago and I had to take some time away for personal reasons. But coming back was like putting on an old pair of boots. It was comfortable, I felt missed by the fans and I missed being there. I got to see people I hadn't seen in a while, overall a great experience and looking forward to the next time.



JM: Who has been your toughest opponent you ever faced in your career?

Maxx: Wow. Several. J.P. Black is unstoppable. Pierre Vachon is a Monster. H.C.Loc will run you ragged. But I've held my own against these guys and would love to step in the ring with anyone of them again.



JM: You worked for Ring of Honor during it's early years, did you ever think they would grow to the kind of company you see today?

Maxx: Well I always preface this by saying I was not on the roster, I helped backstage due to a friend of mine being the connection. I don't get to see ROH as much as I used to and honestly I'm not that interested these days because when you do TV, it changes everything. It's not the same company I was helping out before. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to the individual but I wish them the best of luck with the TV and hope it spawns some great opportunities for them as a company and the wrestlers, because the best athletes in the world compete for ROH.



JM: I Figured this might be a touchy subject but interested in knowing your thoughts about it, In our first interview years and years ago... You stated a list off the top of your head when asked who you admired in wrestling and one of the names was none other than Chris Benoit... the interview of course took place a couple years before the tragedy of his family... What are your thoughts and has your opinion changed of Chris Benoit?

Maxx: First of all I never knew Chris Benoit or his family personally and I don't know what led up to the tragic events, but I don't think it's my place to comment because it doesn't effect me personally. Too many people think too highly of themselves and think their opinion is so magnanimous that everyone needs to know about it. I don't think that way. Chris Benoit, up until that point, was looked at as one of the best Pro Wrestlers in the world. Now he is not. What my opinion is doesn't matter, nor does it change anything.



JM: Name Association Game

Drake Evans: A new age Malenko

CJ Scott: Beard

Vigo: Concussion

The Northern Studd: One of my best opponents. Matches me in many ways

"The Hardcore Cowgirl” Alexandra: The Commish. My wife. She honors me with allowing me to be apart of her world.

Pierre “The Beast” Vachon: Funny outside the ring, a monster inside

Fronz Roddy: A man with a lot of potential that I think should be seen more places

Good Lord Willing: Is driven to give everything he has every show

Etanna: Knows he has a lot to learn, but has the attitude that will allow him to

Bert Williams: Miss him in the locker room. Hope he comes back someday. Everyone loves "Bombshell"

Scott Scarsdale: Moneybags. Has a mind for the business and is one of the best talkers I've seen.

JP Black: My friend, my brother. Honored to have his last match in Vermont.

Abdulla the Butcher: Don't get in his way.

Demonica: My little sinister sister. Miss her in the locker room. I think the business could use someone with her talent.

Nunzio: A great performer. Anyone can learn watching his matches and a hell of a good guy.

Dory Funk JR.: Coach. Helped me find myself in this crazy business and gave me a direction.



JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?

Maxx: Get your education first. If you have the dream to perform, don't let anyone stop you. Make the decision yourself. Many try and fail and are never heard from again. Some try and stay around. Few try and stay for the long term. The chosen make it. It's your decision on where you fall.



JM: Closing thoughts?

Maxx: Keep tabs on IYFWRESTLING.COM and join my myspace . Thanks Johnny.



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