Sunday, August 4, 2013

Interview with Nora Greenwald from 2010

JM: Were you ever a fan of pro wrestling growing up? if so who were some of your favorites?

NG: I watched a little as a kid. I liked Ricky the dragon Steamboat, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Bushwackers.

JM: You were trained by Dean Malanko, what was the training like working under his skills?

 NG: I actually started out training with some local independent wrestlers before I trained with Dean. Dean was amazing and I learned a lot from his ultra-talented students.

 JM: How did the deal come about working for WCW?

NG: Macho Man told Bischoff that he was adding another girl to his entourage.

 JM: What are the good and the bad Working for WCW?

NG: The good was the money and the bad was the Nitro Girls uses a lot of hairspray in the locker room making it hard to breath.


JM: Whatever Happened with your relationship with WCW, You disappeared without an explanation and then showed up on WWE Raw later that year?

 NG: JJ Dillon called to let me know they were not issuing me my 2nd year of my contract, so I asked if I could go to WWF right away and I was told that it was ok to let the WWF office know I was available.

 JM: Leaving WCW to go to the WWE, were there any problems you dealt with in the locker room for being from WCW

 NG: No, everyone was very nice. Especially Trish Stratus.

JM: What were your thoughts on Vince McMahon purchasing WCW?

NG: I hoped it would help some of my friends keep their jobs.

JM: Name Association Game?

 Eric Bishoff - smart

 Macho Man Randy Savage- intense

 Madusa - street savvy

 Gorgeous George – spunky

Miss Elizabeth – beautiful

 Sensational Sherri – passionate

Rhonda Sing – tough

 Crash Holly – friend

Spike Dudley - great guy

 Lita – tough

 Chyna – unique

Trish Status – amazing

 Steve Austin - one of a kind

 Hulk Hogan – icon

Vince McMahon – powerful

Ric Flair - charisma

 JM: I know you have lot of them but what are some of your greatest highlights in your career?

NG: WM 20

 JM: You made a onetime comeback to the WWE at Wrestlemania 25, was this your first official match since your departure several years before, if so, how did you feel to perform at a wrestlemania again?

NG: I did not enjoy it. I loved hanging out backstage, but I felt no rush from performing.

JM: Would we ever see you return to the WWE or maybe a debut in TNA in the future?

NG: I don't think so, but you never know.

 JM: You have portrayed a lot of characters & Storylines in your career, what would be your most favorite and most least favorite you had to be?

NG: Most- Molly+Spike, Least- Prude Molly

JM: What are your thoughts of the new Monday night wars going head to head, do you think TNA has a chance to be on the same level of the WWE?

NG: I would love to see TNA succeed.

 JM: Any Advice for young fans who want to follow into the game of pro wrestling?

NG: Don't do it.

 JM: Closing Thoughts?

 NG: I am so thankful I was able to see the world and meet lots of wonderful people throughout my career


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