Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazzy Bookings!

This Web Site will help many Wrestlers, Referee's, announcers, managers, & Valets looking for work in wrestling.

 you have to e-mail me at the Bottom of the page and write up a profile which the questions will be listed below and e-mail them to me.

I  divide sections on the page from male wrestlers, lady Wrestlers, referee's, Managers, & Valets.

I  will not go out and book you myself unless the opportunity presents itself---maybe,  but this is a website for bookers, promotions or owners can view and see who there interested for there shows and they either contact me and I will pass along the info or they can directly e-mail you themself's with your provided e-mail address on your profile

You  can update your profile as much as you wish,  all you have to do is contact me what you want to change

As far as Organizations and promotions are concern, I will help you advertise your up coming shows when you e-mail me detailed info and i will Post it in the events section of the page ASAP.

No Agent fees

Here is what is Required and Optional


Picture (Must be a promo or action pic in the ring) (More than one is okay)
Name or ring name

E-mail Address


Weight (Optional for the ladies)


How long in the Biz

Trained where or by whom

Past or current  Promotions worked for

Wrestling style

Profiles of Managers/Valets: Name your Past Clients


Booking Cost


Web sites (If any)

Title Wins (if Any)

Worked with the Biggest Names in the sport

Favorite type of match

Finisher (explain how it is performed)

Tag Team Partner (if any)

Managers/Valets (if Any)

Personal notes (if any)

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