Monday, August 12, 2013

Book DJ Pringle for your show

Name or ring name:

Shoot Name: Daniel Moody; Ring Name: D.J. Pringle


E-mail Address:









Dallas, Texas


How long in the Biz:

11 years


Trained where or by who :

Percy Pringle, Marcel Pringle, Robert Gibson, Aeon Flexx, and Rikki Roberts


Past or current Promotions worked for:

GSW (Gulf South Wrestling);  GGCW (Greater Gulf Coast Wrestling); OSW

(Old School Wrestling); UWA (United Wrestling Alliance);  SWA (Southern

Wrestling Alliance);  XGW (X-Generation Wrestling);  ACWA (American

Championship Wrestling Association);  SCCW(Sun Coast Championship Wrestling);

UW (Ultimate Wrestling);  NHW (New Heights Wrestling);  DSPW (Dirty

South Pro Wrestling); SPW (Southern Pro Wrestling);  AWA-GAWF (Great

American Wrestling Federation);  WIW (World Independent Wrestling);  SxW

(Southern X-treme Wrestling);
XW-2000 (X-treme Wrestling 2000).


Wrestling Style:

Old School Brawler


Booking Cost:

Depends on where it is.


Web sites:



Titles (If Any):

UWA Heavyweight  Champion; SCCW Heavyweight Champion; GSW U.S. Championship


Worked with the biggest names in the sport:

" Road Dogg/B.G. James, Gangrel, Heindereich, of course my father Percy Pringle III.


Favorite type of match:

Texas Bull rope Match


Texas Massacre- neck breaker; and Rat Killer- reverse DDT into a clothesline (Final Cut)


Tag Team if any: "Brutal" Joe Gibson, Alexander York, and Damian LaVaye

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