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Interview with Queen Kong from 2011



Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1985

 ---Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) 1986-1990

---GLOW Champion

---Has appeared on Mama’s Family, Married with Children, Space Balls and many more 




JM: How did the deal come about for you to work for GLOW?

QK: I was interviewed by Matt Cimber first, way back In Hollywood AS A RESULT of an ad in the now defunct Drama Logue. We hit it off very well. he was searching for a producer and financial backer, then he met up with David Mc. David had found a financial backer for our GLOW pilot. Matt had the Riviera and Rikles to give us housing and etc. David at first didn't want big girls like me but he couldn't refuse me when Matt insisted on me and Mt Fiji. I will always give credit to Matt for having the guts and insight to give the world audience real figured women to feast their eyes and love upon. All the women in GLOW had non-surgical or hormonal enhancements as they do now. But it’s all good to me to see women making waves as much as they can.


JM: What are some of your highlights in your career?

QK: I have arthritis in my hands- so long answers aren't good for me. Being on TV- getting sitcom and film work. Being famous to women and kids , who wrestled on my front lawn play/fighting over who would be Matilda the hun. Finally being recognized in the media after struggling for 20 years as a wrestler, roller derby 'Queen and Mud wrestling champion. Bringing pride to women wrestlers in general.


JM: I have interviewed a lot of women in the wrestling industry and there has been a lot of talk of tension between the ladies in locker rooms, GLOW to my knowledge is the first all female wrestling fed... Did you face any problems with the other girls during your time in GLOW?

QK: Brotherrrr, did we have squabbles for sure in the dressing rooms of both GLOW - cat fights, jealousies. Women are cats after all and need to defend their territories. I think a lot of it was encouraged by the men playing games with the girls heads and the girls first learning experience about ego versus putting on a good show. The lack of training had a lot to do with it also. missed moves, which did hurt and caused too many unnecessary injuries. created great resentments, & understandably so. the great Fiji calmed her good girls and I soothed my bad girls keeping them peaceful when we could.


Then in Poww- the older pros versus the young glow beauties created great strife, insulting remarks, almost coming to blows. Candi Divine was the greatest antagonist. She and the rest of the hard core pros were angry we had a television show before and they didn't have that much exposure after their many hard knocks. They had a right to be a little angry that they felt we hadn't paid our proper dues. Its a shame we didn't succeed in that show, combining both styles and characters created great shows for all our fans who love ALL women wrestlers. There is more in my book about this.


JM: Do you still follow wrestling today and if so, what's your opinion on the WWE & TNA women's division Currently?


QK: I don’t follow much, the steroid look of most of the men turns me off. The show has great polish, but it seems they work with writers instead of being their own original character. the women seem like they are all cut out of the same barbie doll cookie cutter mold. I respect any woman who enters the ring, but I prefer those without surgical and chemical enhancements. They seem to be products of Vince's idea of what women should look like. And they are encouraged to sell stupid gratuitous sex. This makes me a bit hypocritical, since GLOW had very sexy women, but somehow the fights & their more normal appearances seemed more real to me. But, Then I don't get the current music of today either.

JM: Do you have any regrets looking back for all you have done in wrestling?

QK: I wish GLOW had not been run by complete morons with boners for brains. We could have really made a difference for women for a very long time, we could have given Vince some real competition. I regret allowing my body to be abused for too long in the business. I want my health back. I’m in good condition for the condition I’m in, but living from a wheel chair is due to the constant abuse of my spine and etc. I did the best with what I knew at the time. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. .



JM: Name Game

David McClain- - fun at first, turned into a jerk in POWW, great at his job in GLOW. David was under enormous pressure from our many law suits with glow after we left to form our own league, so I understand his erratic behavior in POWW. I might forgive him one day for his errors in judgment with me, its in the book in juicy detail

Aunt Kitty- best manager of the Bad girls ever, and friend

Jackie Stalone- funny, zany, couldn’t remember her rap.

Wendi Richter- Best woman wrestler in the athletic department ever, was a superb performer, had different social interactions with her fans than the wild bunch of POWW. she was more aloof, but rightfully so .

Ivory - she was known as Tina Ferrari in glow- she was one of the best athletes, great performer, vivacious, David had a huge crush on her. She is well spoken, she and I were among the very top requests for TV promotions & etc. I respect her continuing career in WWE. she was willing to play the game and travel., I was burned out by this time. I was 37 when the Glow show went kaput for me. I always liked coming home to my family after short - maybe 30 days max on the road. .

Hollywood- dear friend always, bubbly, hard worker, great athlete and performer. Hollywood and Vine were terrific seconds in evil command to the Mighty Matilda. I loved them both and we had the time of our lives performing in some of the most controversial matches of all time, such as the Gestapo Match.

Mountain Fiji - arch enemy in the ring, great friend and actress outside the ring.

JM: Was there any talks of you ever working for the WWE?-

QK: I was turned down just after Glow. I believe Vince was afraid of women in general. Before glow, I met with Moolah, she demanded I move to So Carolina and give up my family for 6 months for training and maybe forever to train and work in the then WWF- much more juicy stuff in book about her antics.


JM: Your also writing an autobiography, what are the details of the book and when will it be released?

QK: you'll have to see... but it is a true account of the nitty gritty journey of a young awkward Amazon Princess turning into a Kick Ass World Champion Queen of GLOW, and all the sleazy perverted producers, directors, and promoters along the way. Had a wonderful 40 year very unconventional marriage, had a stint as a Dominatrix and produced many BBW fetish videos. Very colorful story and not for children.

JM: You also have worked in Films but I have to ask how the experience was working on the set of my two personal favorite sitcoms…

QK: Mama's Family - best job Fiji and I ever had in sitcom land. the best cast, best crew and etc. The most polished smooth professionals ever!

Married with children? Al Bundy was a true King, Bud a truly funny good actor, and sport., the rest was cheesy, no extra pay for my stunt and Peg Bundy was snooty. The show was on its last season and everyone was burned out.

JM: You recently made an appearance at the GLOW Reunion reuniting with all the GLOW Girls... What are your thoughts leading up to the reunion?

QK: you'll have to see the bio for that, way too long. But it was superb to see and feel the glory of my girl friends who were all in a league of their own in the good ol days when Fiji and I were the most renowned and legendary Big Beautiful Women in Professional wrestling.

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

QK: Don’t wrestle past the age of 40- you will pay the price, big time! Get good training and management. don’t accept sexual harassment tactics. Follow your dream to be a wrestler, but save for a rainy day and don’t be afraid to be a bit normal either. There is no shame in having a regular job and profession to fall back on. Don’t expect big dollars for a very long time in this biz and maybe never. You might make good money for a short time, and then nothing after that for a longggg time. So have a regular job in between gigs.


JM: Closing thoughts?

QK: Take time to enjoy your life whether you achieve fame or not. Love & Family are the richest treasures in anyone’s life. Learn how to Be Happy, Don’t worry. Life is short and so is youth. take care of your health it is the most important thing in your life next to family, and no one is invincible. don’t take steroids.

love & body slams, Queenie



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