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Interview with Lady Alexzandra from 2007


Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1988

---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 1995-1996

--- Married to ECW Alumni Damien Kane

---Has worked with Nancy benoit

---# 69 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling



JM: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Interview.... I will start with the first Question, what have you been up too since your days in wrestling?

Lex: Since leaving ECW back in 96, I've been busy starting a family with my husband Damien.....I'm proud to say we have a son, his name is Damien also, who has needed me to stay at home raising him until the past couple of years since he's old enough for school and doesn't need me at home as much anymore. I have been doing some modeling and traveling as much as's nice because I can stay somewhat anonymous while making a living.


JM: Do you still follow wrestling, if so what are your thoughts on the new ECW?

Lex: Of course I still follow what going on in the business.....Wrestling will always is on my mind, especially since we walked away when we were both in the prime of our careers. But sometimes you have to take a serious look at the big picture of life and get your priorities in order, and to us starting a family was a big decision to regrets. As far as the new WWE brand of ECW, I was thrilled to see the return of ECW with Heyman and some of the original members of the group, unfortunately, I'm a little disappointed with the latest turn of events.....only because the ECW I was a part of had a very special place in the true wrestling fans heart......and that's only because everyone involved in the group new they were part of something special and was willing to give 200% effort each and every time they worked......and without the original ECW workers I don't think McMahon will ever be able to capture that.


JM: How did you get your start in Wrestling and with ECW?

Lex: I actually started my career long before ECW. I had the good fortune of meeting my man Damien back in the 80's and started working as his valet (named Destiny) in 87 with the NWF (National Wrestling Federation)......we worked together ever since and finally got married a few years later. While we were working in the NWF there was a young photographer named Paul Heyman that was doing the programs for the group......Damien was part of the office doing some of the booking and TV production and eventually they gave Paul a shot at being the commentator for their TV tapings. Eventually, Paul expressed an interest in becoming a manager, so Paul E. Dangerously started managing Damien & his partner D.C. "Mad Dog" Drake.....the rest is history as far as Paul making his mark in the business, but when Paul took over booking for what was then Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) for Tod Gordon (he wanted a change from Eddie Gilbert) they talked to Damien about being part of the new ECW (EXTREME) group.....of course I came along with the deal.

JM: Have you ever thought ECW would make it at the same level as WWE and WCW was at that time?

Lex: Yes, we all new that something special was happening, and we knew that the fans would eventually take the group to new could feel it everywhere we went......the chant ECW, ECW, ECW, started to erupt everywhere, even at the WCW & WWF was magical......a true HARD-CORE REVOLUTION was taking place and I was proud to be a part of it. It was just a matter of time.

JM: Name Game:

Damien Cain - Lex: Correction, Damien Kane is not only my soul mate, but is truly the most under rated Manager/Wrestler of our time. If you only new how many workers he has trained, influenced or started in the business it would make your head spin. He's been around since 1980 and has never gotten the credit he deserves for most of what he did.

Paul Heyman - Lex: A true genius when it comes to storylines.....he knows how to give the fans what they want, and knows how to play the game. He's been a serious student of the game since he was a kid.

Devon Storm - Lex: I like Devon, we worked with him in ECW and I think, despite the fact that he has had success, I think he is also under rated.....he has a lot of ability.....and I enjoyed working with him.

Lori Fullington - Lex: I can't really say much about Lori, even though we were scheduled to work together in ECW, I walked away from the group before really getting to know her much.

Missy Hyatt - Lex: I have mixed feelings about Missy. We used to hangout together in the locker rooms and stuff, and we even got together to do some photo shoots with a photographer friend of mine for an ECW calendar project. The calendar never did materialize and since then she has been using my photos from the shoot for her pay web site that I never received any compensation for......she even used a picture of a friend of mine that we introduced her to (Dave Capona) for the cover of her book without his permission...... how would you feel about that?

Francine - Lex: I liked Francine, even though we never hung out together, she was always friendly and eager to learn everything she could to get better at the have to remember that I was always with Damien, so I really never got to spend a lot of time with the other girls.

Beulah - Lex: The same holds true for Beulah......we got along fine in the back, but because of the angles she was involved in we never really had the chance to work together......nice person though.

The Sandman - Lex: Cool dude and lived up to his gimmick......I liked him, even when I jumped him in the ring when he went after Damien with his stick.....that's when me and Missy went at it in a cat fight.

Tommy Dreamer - Lex: Nice guy.....pretty quiet most of the time......but always a gentleman in the back.


JM: You also done a lot of work in modeling, What were some of the work you did in that part of your career?

Lex: Yes, the magazine guy's seemed to want stuff all the time. Bill Apter (PWI) and George Napolitano (God bless them) always put something about me in each of their magazines.......especially the hottest Women of wrestling editions.......even several years after I left ECW. Besides the wrestling magazines I have done several other shoots that have been published under different names and looks that I prefer to keep a mystery.......suffice it to say, I have managed to stay busy.


JM: Have you ever thought of making a comeback to wrestling?

Lex: It's funny you should ask that......several fans have been asking that same question recently. Let me just say that until my son got to be old enough to know what was going on.......I would have said no to that question, however, since he has grown enough for me to feel comfortable about it.......I must admit I have given it some thought. The reality is, the fans are the ones that really make that decision for you.......your nothing without the fans.......and if they really want to see me come back, I'm sure they will let that be known one way or another......I guess we will have to wait and see.

JM: Do you have any interesting stories about your time in wrestling?

Lex: Well some of them I probably already mentioned in some of my answers to the other I do remember one instance that stands was during a cat fight in the ring with Lori some point in the match (you have to remember my outfits were really skimpy) when we were doing the finish (Stevie Richards came in and super kicked me in the chops) one of my boobs popped out and neither of us realized it.......thanks to a very nice ref (Paul Richards) I was able to recover before it was caught on tape.......a true wardrobe malfunction before Janet Jackson ever thought of it.


JM: Do you have any advice for young fans who want to follow there dreams?

Lex: Yes, go for it! If you really want something bad enough, don't let anyone keep you from accomplishing your goal. I remember people telling me that I'd never make it in the business because I wasn't pretty enough and I was really shy.......and look what I was able to do. If somebody like me can do it, so can go for it. You'll have to work harder than you ever imagined if you really want to succeed, but you can do it!!!


JM: Closing Thoughts?

Lex: First I'd like to thank you for taking an interest in what I think about the business. After all this time it's very flattering to know that fans still remember my work and still care about what I have to say. I only hope that in some small way I have been able to entertain, inspire, or interest you in the business that I will always hold true to my heart.....Professional Wrestling. I owe so much to the fans that have made it possible for me to experience the most exciting time of my life, and who knows.......we just may see each other again.......I will always love you all!!


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