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Interview with Michael McCoy from 2006




Quick Highlights

---Interview date: 2006

---Interviewed with her son Michael McCoy

---Trained by Fabulous Moolah

---Debut: 1958

---First Well Known African American Female Wrestler

---NWA Texas Ladies title in 1964

---Retired 1972

---Death July 25, 1989

JM: When did you start your search about your mother The legendary Sweet Georgia Brown's career in wrestling?

MM: Last April

JM: What was your first Clue about who your father was?
MM: When I personally met up with Fabulous Moolah she gave me a picture of herself with my Mom and Buddy Lee... Buddy Lee was Moolah's Husband by Common Law at the time who worked closely with her and my Mom on the road.....and as soon as I looked at him in the Photo... It was like a reflection of myself.. That was when I started the search of him......

 MM: Did you ask Moolah if he is your biological Father?
MM: At first she said No..... But when I got more deep into the search and I called her to update the situation, She said if he is than Good go after their asses, Johnnie Young who goes by Mae Young said that he and I were good looking men and that it is a possibility he is my father and that I resemble him very much.

JM: Was your mother and Moolah very good friends?

MM: To Moolah, yes they were but years after my Mom retired from wrestling, she confided in my older sister that Moolah was very Abusive to her.

JM: What was your first Impression of Moolah?

MM: Fraud... She was nice and said that my Mom was one of her favorites and how much she loved her and that she looked at me as her own son but I don't believe anything she said was true other than her training my Mom.

JM: Rita Cortez was Buddy Lee's Wife up until his death in the late 90's, what was your impression of her?

MM: At first when I talked to Moolah, Moolah did not say one bad word about Rita, however on Rita's side, she bashed Moolah saying that She did not love your Mom (Sweet Georgia Brown), She did not love any of the ladies.. She only loved herself..... I helped Train your Mom in this Business..

JM: Did you see a lot of your Mom growing up?

MM: No not at all... She was always on the road...

JM: Did she keep in contact with any of the people she associated with in wrestling after her retirement?

MM: No Not at all... She cut all her ties she ever had with wrestling; we were not even allowed to watch it on TV....

JM: Did you ever ask her who your father was?

MM: I only asked her once and she replied and said I am your Mother AND father... That was when I realized I should never ask again.

JM: Did you know anything about your mother's time in Wrestling? 

MM: She confided in everything to my sisters about her time In wrestling from being abused, thrown in the trunk of a car from town to town, forced to sneak in motels, forced to sleep with people, and would get beat a lot just because of her race..

JM: Do you remember any stories as a kid about Buddy Lee?

MM: No, I remember the name, but don't know how I know the name but I do remember the name.

JM: Who took care of you when your Mom was on the road?

MM: My Mom's Sister took care of us and mistreated me and my siblings... We ate table scraps, slept in closets; we are not allowed to eat at the table or in beds with and just like our cousins...

JM: Was your Mom aware of what was going on?

MM: No, she was not aware of it at all... The only time she would come around is for a minute because she was passing through to the next town or show and had no idea what was going on....

JM: Did she ever find out?

MM: After a while, Us family got together and she asked why we were quiet around her and keeping our distance from her when she would visit and etc. and we finally told her and she broke down in tears.

JM: To get back to Buddy Lee......Rita Said he is not your father, how does she know that?

MM: She doesn't know.. She said they were close friends and that was it...

JM: I read in the article That Moolah and Buddy Lee would send checks of what your Mom made in wrestling to you and your family, Is that true?

MM: They sent like 30 to 40 dollars a month... Once My Mom came home for good after she retired, she had nothing saved or anything, she got a job at the holiday Inn as a cook...

JM: Did you ever confront Moolah about this?

MM: Every time I tried, Moolah was too busy to talk because Vince McMahon would call her and have plans to bring her on TV and send a Private jet so she can get ready to leave.

JM: So Moolah is on the Vince McMahon payroll?

MM: Yes she is

JM: What does your Family Think about your search for the truth?

MM: Everyone has been supportive, all but my older sister who said that what I am getting into is dangerous because of how life was back then, Things were ugly and is just better left alone.

JM: Is there any help you would like from people reading this interested getting involved with your search?

MM: Get the word out there, Go to the media, anything would be good if you know a way to help me.

JM: This might me a Little off the subject, But were You aware that a Woman wrestler who started in the 80's called herself Sweet Georgia Brown?

MM: Yes I did, Jacqueline, Jacqueline Moore... I tried to find a way to contact her to find out how she knows the name or how she got the name if someone told her or what.... She only used the name shortly until someone told her it wasn't a good idea...

JM: Do you or your family has full copy right of the name Sweet Georgia Brown?

MM: Yes we do,

JM: At this point in your search ... are you half way there or close to the truth?

MM: I would say Close to it?

JM: Are you afraid that something you find out might hurt you?

MM: I have No fears what so ever, why would it hurt me if I wasn't present at the time all this happen with my Mom?

JM: You Most recently Purchased a Tape to watch your Mom wrestles for the first time ever, what was your impression?

MM: I broke down in tears watching her in action and was proud because that was my Mom and she was really good.

JM: Any contact information for people reading this might help your case in any way?

MM: you can either e-mail me or call my cell phone

JM: Closing Thoughts?

MM: The Only Thing I want. Is The truth... It's a Subject in my life that the chapter needs to be closed ... and to also recognize her in a museum or Hall of fame for all she has done in wrestling.

She was even the First and only Black woman wrestler to come out of South Carolina....




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