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Interview with GQ Money from 2008



Quick Highlights

---Interview date: 2008

Debut: 2001

---Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) 2002 - 2003

---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2003

---Wrestling Society X (WSX) 2007

---Has appeared on Reality TV Series Card Sharks & He's a Lady

---Appeared on the Game Show 20Q

---appeared on Oprah

---Performed in a motion-capture suit for the World Wrestling Entertainment video game WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2011, performing activities used to portray Rey Mysterio and Theodore Long. He also previously did motion capture work for WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2007, and provided a voice in WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2006.
----Appeared on Raw in 2012



 JM: Thanks for your time to do this interview, first question is who trained you and what was the training like?

GQ: I was trained in Aurora, CO (outside of Denver) by Dan Magnus ( and "The Big Nasty" Bobby Lee Black ( At the time, Dan and Bobby were doing tryouts, and sending people down to Steve Keirn's school in Florida (Steve trained Bobby). When I met them, and started working with them, we realized that a school and fed was the way to go, and we started something up. Our style of training was unlike anything anywhere else I think, and I'm so glad that I got to train in that style. My body is healthy, I have stayed injury free, and it was a great training experience.

The cool thing is, I may get to bring some of that training magic back, as Dan and I are intending on opening up a new training school out in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles. We have found a new facility and we will bring our alternative style to the public, in an effort to sort of change some of the training philosophies, keep students safe and injury free, and help them take themselves to the levels they want to achieve. it won't just be a school for people who want to make a career out of wrestling, it will also be a school for people who just want to give it a shot, or learn what it's like, or live out a fantasy of becoming (even if on a small scale) a professional wrestler.

JM: You also ended up working for XPW after a couple of years in the sport, How did that deal come about?

GQ: Well, Dan and I's relationship soured, and I think that was because I wanted more in my career. I was just at the beginning of my journey so it was time to move on. I contacted XPW and UPW and set up meetings with both. Eventually, I made the decision to work for XPW. I brought my friend The Giant Gimble (7-feet tall, 425-pounds) and that sort of sealed the deal for me and him, bringing us into XPW. We also brought TJ Rush with us, and the rest is history.

JM: Although you were a wrestler, you also were a manager.... Which did you prefer? 

GQ: Well, I LOVE to wrestle and take a beating, and do sweet moves BUT... I know my role and place. Despite that I think I have pretty good in-ring skills, I know that I have a better chance of having a long term career as a manager. It's just the better spot for me and makes more sense. Hell, I'm 5'4", I don't do crazy rotating flips (although back in the day I used to rock the Ryan-sault), I'm very comfortable on the mic, I irritate people, and have an uncanny ability to make other people look good and step up their promos to another level. So, I just think it's a better fit to bill myself and pursue my career as a manger. Which is a shame, because WWE just keeps telling me they are not interested in managers? it's a Catch-22 and conundrum I'm dealing with right now.

JM: Could you share any interesting stories within the XPW Locker-room?

GQ: Hmmmm. The only fun one that comes to mind right now is when Terry Funk and Shane Douglas had a verbal fight in the locker room after Hostile Takeover. Well, just Shane had a verbal fight, as Terry sat there calmly unlacing his boots, telling Shane to go ahead and punch, "Go ahead Shane. You aint got no balls. No balls Shane. Go ahead and do it."

JM: XPW was a success and then all of a sudden it closed down, what were your thoughts on that?

GQ: It sucked. I loved XPW. For the most part until it was dying, XPW loved me. It was a great place to work. A ton of fun. Shows were always intense and exciting. Nothing else I have done has come close (well, WSX was sweet too!).

 JM: You had a short stint in TNA, Why so short? And will we see you in the company in the future?

GQ: Quick answer to the 2nd part is I would HIGHLY doubt you would ever see me in TNA. I talk a lot of shit about TNA. I don't care for their product, and I feel they treated me like a piece of shit down there. So, with that said, I can't see them ever hiring me.

 JM: is the WWE in your future?

GQ: I would LOVE to say yes, but they just down seem interested. I am interested! In fact, I believe that part of the reason why I'm wrestling at the XPW Cold Day in hell show is to show them that I am more than just a manager, and that I in fact can hang with the big boys and belong on the WWE roster. I mean if WWE wasn't in my future, how I would become the future Hall of Fame manager I'm destined to be. It's just a matter of time, commitment, sacrifice, dedication, persistence and effort.

JM: Name Game

Lizzy Valentine

Beautiful and talented.


The Rock Superstar. We had great time together. Moth of the West and Simply the Best.

Veronica Caine

Mastermind behind "The E." Without VC, there never would have been a GQ.


The greatest guy in wrestling. My favorite opponent.

Johnny Webb

He's a cocksucker. What a prick. Johnny Webb my dream's your nightmare.

Christopher Daniels

Talented wrestler, nice guy.

The Sandman

Crazy but cool. Sandman is a trip. His kid stole my boxing glove present.

Danny Doring

Total nut bag. Man that guy is crazy. But in a good way. he's a cool guy. I always liked him.

JM: Last year we saw MTV Bring in wrestling society X, it came on pretty strong with the ratings than all of a sudden it closed, What's your thoughts on that?  

GQ: MTV choked! They dropped the ball! How they could spend millions of dollars on production, but do nothing in terms of promotion is beyond my comprehension. I used to send the MTV/BVE execs pages and pages of ideas for promotion and publicity. Some ideas were advertising based. Others were free styles of guerilla marketing. Others were large scale publicity stunts in different cities where the wrestlers lived. There was so much that could have been done, and yet, we were canceled in one season... But TNA is still on the air for how many seasons?! Go figure!

JM: how did the deal come about for you to work for WSX as Fabian Kaelin?

GQ: I am friendly with Kevin Kleinrock, and I was a natural fit for what he was looking for. I actually wanted to do color commentary, but I was told by MTV that I was too old and not the look they wanted.

JM: As a ring Announcer, You hyped up the fans every WSX Show, I think that's important in wrestling, do you think all ring announcers should do the same?

GQ: No I do not. That was a style of my own, and anyone else would be a Fabian Kaelin rip off. Just kidding. While everyone should have their own signature style, I believe it is very important for a ring announcer to be hype, and bring the intensity!

 JM: A lot of fans compared WSX and XPW as being the same thing, do you agree and if not how would you dispute that?  

GQ: They were not the same, but obviously there were similarities. WSX most definitely evolved from XPW, but it had its own feel, identity and flavor.

JM: You also work in on the reality show He's a lady, how was that experience like for you?  

GQ: it was embarrassing, but also a lot of fun. I thought I was going on a show to do crazy extreme stunts, and then, SURPRISE, jokes on me, I'm living as a woman. It was for a quarter million dollar prize, and it was a fun time.

JM: what are some of your greatest highlights? 

GQ: 30-Foot shit bomb

My weatherman competition

Winning a gold medal at the 1992 Maccabbi games.


JM: You also run a DVD production company, can you share any info on what it represents?

GQ: I do all the exclusive authoring for Big Vision and their entire catalog of releases, as well as other titles for other clients as well. If you need a DVD made, I can help you with that. From the authoring, to the replication and packaging as well. Hit me up if you need something.

JM: Your also booked for a reunion show of XPW, XPW has a strong fan base, will we see XPW the way it once was and hopefully back full time?

GQ: Well, I think this is a onetime thing right now, for fun and nostalgia. We'll see how it goes.

 JM: Any advice for fans who want to accomplish in wrestling or to accomplish their dreams?

GQ: Go for it. Come to my school.

 JM: Closing thoughts?

GQ: Make a donation to my training at my web site: www.



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