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Interview with Gangrel from 2003

Quick Highlights

 ---Interview Date: September 15, 2003

---Debut: 1988

---Trained by: Dean Malanko

 ---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 1995

 ---World Wrestling Federation (WWF) 1998-2001

---Managed & Formally married to the late by Luna Vachon

 ---Has appeared in World Wrestling Entertainment 2004 -2007

 ---1993 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year

 --- Ranked #7 in WWE Raw's 15th Anniversary magazine for his blood bath in the top 15 Strangest Stuff ever poured on RAW

 ---Adult Movie Director for Porn World Order

 --- #7 insane plan's top 10 interviews


JM: Explain how you got into the game of pro wrestling?

 DH: I broke in Florida. The Great Malenko and a fellow named Rusty Brooks started me out in 1988-1989

 JM: How did the Vampire Warrior & The Gangrel Gimmick come about in wrestling?

 DH: You ever see the movie The Lost Boys? At the end of 89, Luna turned me on to that movie and she told me a Vampire gimmick would work. I guess she was right for a little while LOL

 JM: How did you and your Wife Luna meet? (If you don't mind me asking)

DH: I met Luna in Florida when I was doing a gimmick called the Black Hearts, she liked the gimmick and she started managing it. We became best friends and the rest is history.

JM: What are the greatest highlights of your Wrestling Career?

DH: I guess working for All Japan Pro Wrestling and then going to the WWF.. I enjoyed my feud with Edge.

 JM: What are some of the things you would change about wrestling if you took charge?

 DH: I could not tell you. I would never be on that end of the stick.

 JM: If you can, can you share, experience, opinion or anything on the following names that you have worked with in the past.

 Vince McMahon-- Was always cool to me

 The Undertaker-- One cool dude

 Edge-- He was a very nice guy, I hope he gets back soon, wrestling needs more guys like him in the locker rooms.

 Christian-- What a great worker, he was never afraid to go after what he wanted.

Jacquelyn-- That's a tuff girl, but not as tuff as Luna, I saw that first hand one night in the good ole Tennessee..USWA days

 Hardy Boyz-- Just the good ole boys,,, Very cool

The Godfather-- It is what it is.... Pimpin ain't easy; light it up for The Godfather

 Mideon-- !!!WOW!!!! He is a good friend and a crazy SOB

Percy Pringle-- Pure fun,, Always keep me in tears

JM: Who made the first call for you to work for the WWE?

DH: Bruce Prichard

JM: Do you have any more goals to go after in your career?

DH: Still working on that LOL

 JM: Whatever happen to your relationship with the WWE?

 DH: It is on good terms, just got lost in all the WCW stuff and I was hurt more than I was healthy

 JM: If Vince McMahon or Jim Ross called you in the next 5 minutes to return to the WWE would you?

 DH: LOL Where else would I go, That is a yes

 JM: When WCW or ECW was around did those two companies ever cross your mind to work for?

 DH: Yes,,, I talked to WCW a lot.. But went to the WWE in the long run

JM: How is your career going now?

 DH: It's a little Slow but I'm very healthy now, just need to drop some weight and get in to better shape

JM: What is the most hardest thing you had to do in the biz?


JM: Do you still follow the WWE?

DH: No, I need too

JM: Who is your toughest Opponent you faced in the ring?

 DH: Steve Blackman

 JM: What is your Favorite Story Line you took part of in wrestling?

 DH: The Brood, The Hardy Boyz feud

 JM: Who did you admire growing up?

DH: Barry Windham

JM: Do you have any advice for young guys like myself who dream of making it to the world of pro wrestling?

 DH: Just think of it as a hobby and if something does happen, think of it as a bonus and enjoy every min. of it.. Oh save your body for when you do get a break,, injuries will cost you in the long run.. I know this first hand.. Thank you

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