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Interview with Lufisto from 2011

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1997

---Known as the first lady of hard-core

---Wored for Shimmer, IWA, & CZW

---Ranked by Inside Wrestling Magazine in Wrestling's ALL-TIME Bloodiest Wrestlers

---#45 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2008

---#30 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

---#33 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

JM: Were you ever a Fan Growing up and if so who were some of your favorites?

L: Yeah, my oldest memory is watching it with my grandma in the Ultimate Warrior-Hogan-Savage days. I really got into it though in 1994 with the Yokozuna-Undertaker feud. The drummer of my band was watching wrestling a lot so I joined in for a few episodes of then, Monday Night Raw... That was the beginning of it all. My favorite back then were Undertaker, Diesel, Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. Then came the ladies like Alundra Blayze, Luna Vachon and Bull Nakano. That’s how I discovered Japanese wrestling... I got hooked on people like Akira Hokuto, Ayako Hamada and Minami Toyato as well as male wrestlers as Kenta Kobashi, Black Tiger and White Pegasus... Who was Chris Benoit, my all time favorite despite everything that happened?  

JM: What are your memories of your first professional wrestling match?

L: They are ok I guess but I can’t say they were good. I wish I would’ve had more help. My teachers were supportive but not the rest of the locker room. I was laughed at and just before I crossed the curtain, one guy who thought he was funny threw water all over me. My opponent wasn‘t really into it... Ah well, as I said, it was Ok but really not the best way for a rookie to start.

JM: What Are some of your greatest Highlights?

L: I have too many to mention. My trips to Mexico, Japan and Germany... My first championship... Being the CZW Iron-Man champion, my matches at Shimmer with the like of Wesna, Melissa, MsChif and so on... TV appearances... The NCW Femmes Fatales shows... Matches with Amazing Kong, Joey Ryan, Sami Callihan and many others. I’m blessed with many good memories. : )

JM: If you could change wrestling today what would you Change?

L: Maybe a few things but in the end, maybe not. It was very Tough and I always had to work extra hard to get what I wanted... But it’s ok. In the end, it made me who I am and I believe, a better person in the end.

JM: Name Association Game

Mschif - Technical virtuoso

Cheerleader Melissa - Total package (Brains, beauty, talent)

Aja Kong - Power

Amazing Kong - Who put women wrestling back on the map

Ayako Hamada - Perfection

Allison Danger - Hard working

Jennifer Blake - Passionate

Annie Social - Ass kicking meets sexiness

Rain - Entertaining


JM: Do You see yourself in the WWE or TNA in The Future?

L: I always wished I could have only one dark match to know what it was like but that’s about it. I know I don’t have the mensurations they are looking for though and not too sure I would like to go through the surgeries, at least not for wrestling. The only reason I would change something on my body would be for myself. Not to maybe achieve something.

JM: You are known for your hard-core style and was even given the name the first lady of hard-core, whom did you have your best hard core matches with?

L: My most memorable is definitely versus the Necro Butcher. My best hardcore matches? I would say against Joe Lider, Princessa Sugey and my hardcore sister, Mickie Knuckles.

JM: What were some of your injuries?

L: Destroyed left knee ACL and meniscuses, three herniated disks, broken ribs, wrists, ankle, nose (5x)... Plus many bruises, cuts and more…

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work for Shimmer?

L: I got e-mailed by Mr. Prazak... And that was it. : )

JM: What are some interesting stories within the shimmer fed?

L: I’m not good at telling stories but what I can say about Shimmer is that everybody in that locker rooms Works very hard and always give their 110%. It’s a place where everybody wants to get better and learn. It’s really an amazing place to wrestle at.



JM: You have also worked in Japan, Mexico, Canada and the states, how would you compare the fans base and the talents you have worked with in these countries?

L: Japan sees wrestling more as a sport. Mexico, a religion. Canada and the States, mostly entertainment in general. Fans are quiet and focus on the work in Japan and are so respective of the craft. In Mexico, they treat you like rock stars. Canada and the States, a little bit of both. Each country is different but always fulfilling for a wrestle to perform in front of those different crowd. You learn from each and every one of them.

JM: Any Advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?

L: Don’t do it to become a star or for money. Do it for you if it makes you happy. Train hard and forget the backyard stuff. Take some good classes and learn from every veteran you meet. If you work hard and listen, fame and money might come along the way but be sure that these are not the main reasons why you do it. Push your limits, fulfill yourself at getting better first.


JM: Closing thoughts?

 L: For more info, make sure to visit my website and facebook fan page:

Make sure to get some merchandise as well like DVDs, pictures and t-shirts to support your favorite Super Hardcore Anime! : )



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