Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with Lollipop from 2003

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2002

---Trained by Leilani Kai

---Total Non-stop Action (TNA) 2002-2004

JM: How did you get into the Business of Pro Wrestling?

LP: I started in the business about a year ago. I had a co-worker that was involved in the Indy circuit locally here in Nashville. So, I went to one of the shows and next thing you know I'm a valet the next week and I've been involved ever since.

JM: Explain your experience being trained by Leilani Kai?

LP: I only got to train with Lani for a few weeks. So, I didn't really get enough time with her to give an answer to this question. I can tell you this Lei Lani is one of the best and hardest working female wrestlers out there and I feel privileged to have had the time that I got with her in the ring.

JM: What are your Experiences like working for the NWA/TNA which in my opinion is the WWE Competition?

LP: I absolutely love being a part of NWATNA!!! The locker room is really laid back and everyone really works hard to put on the best show possible every week.

JM: What do you think of Tracy Brooks?

LP: She is a great athlete and she is very motivated to make it to the top.

JM: What is your greatest highlight of the Biz?

LP: I would have to say the greatest highlight of the biz is being able to go out in front of a crowd every night and entertain. Just to feel the vibes and energy from the fans are amazing!

JM: What do you want to accomplish in the Biz?

LP: I want to be able to support myself and have a career in this business. I absolutely love what I do and I plan to be here for a long time.

JM: What is the most Painful Experience you had to go through in wrestling?

LP: I haven't had any injuries yet (knock on wood). So I would have to say the toll on your body that you endure during training would have to be the worst so far.

JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE in the future, or is NWA/TNA Home for you?

LP: I'm not sure what is in store for my future. I have some goals that I have to reach, and I still have a lot to learn.

JM: In the TNA/NWA do you wish you could do more in the company then be a dancer?

LP: I would love to be more involved in the show. I‘am just patiently waiting for my time to come.

JM: Do you have any advice for young female fans that dream of making it big in the biz?

LP: My advice would be, no matter how hard it gets in this business, keep your head up and focus on why you wanted to be here in the first place. It is very hard for women to make it in this business. So, you can't give up on your dreams. If this is something you really want to do, stay dedicated and it will pay off in the end



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