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Interview with Lizzy Valentine from 2007

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2000

---Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) 2002-2003

---Total Non-stop Action (TNA) 2003

---Wrestling Society X (WSX) 2007

--Has worked for Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), Wrestlelicious

---Audition for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 2005 Diva search

---TNA Try out 2010


JM: You have been Busy within the last year esp. the upcoming Promotion WSX, How's that experience being part of the MTV''s project?

LV: It has been a phenomenal experience. WSX is completely different from all the other promotions out there, so it's great to be a part of something that will revolutionize the wrestling world. The locker room is probably the best I've ever been a part of. Vampiro was our leader, and he made sure that the women were respected at all times, and that everything was under control. I am working as the valet for Matt Sydal, and he is just such an amazing athlete that it's fun to be by his side. Plus, WSX doesn't want me to be just like all the other girls out there. I don't have to run around in skimpy outfits with everything hanging out. It's awesome!

JM: How did they contact you about being on their roster?

LV: Kevin Kleinrock contacted me about 4 months before we shot the pilot. He knew me from my days in XPW as "J-Love."


JM: During the Taping of WSX, There were a lot of Negative comments about the show up until it premiered and became a success with the fans, how do you respond to the mixed feelings from fans that did not think this show will make it?

LV: It seems like people always want to believe the worst for some reason, instead of just being open-minded about it. There will always be people that will bash the product and me. I've been called "ugly" "fat" "slut" so many times, its not even funny! It used to bother me when I first started in the business, but now I just let it roll of my shoulders. The negativity means absolutely nothing to me, because I work off the positive. Come on people, DON"T HATE, APPRECIATE!!


JM: WSX has done very well with the ratings so far, there is talk about bringing it to a sec. season and already contact a couple former ECW Divas Francine and Dawn Marie who both turned down the offer, What's your thoughts on that?

LV: I will put this rumor to rest. WSX never contacted those women! It was some phony that somehow got their phone numbers.


JM: Do you think WSX Will ever change from per season to full time like the WWE and TNA?

LV: I sure hope so! I would love to work for WSX on a regular basis.


JM: Name game:

Matt Sydal - Pure Perfection

Matt classic - Hysterical

Fabian Kaelin - The best wrestling Hype Man ever

Vampiro - A true professional that I have so much respect for!

Teddy Hart - The King of moonsaults! Haha

Jack evens - Can you say 630 splash?!?!

Nic Grimes - Great wrestler

Lacey - Very talented host and wrestler


JM: Most of the stars on the WSX roster has also worked for the defunct promotion XPW including you.... Is WSX pretty much the next XPW?

LV: No, not at all. WSX is 10 times crazier than XPW!! Hehe


JM: You also enter the 2006 WWE Diva Search which was won by Layla, how was that experience for you and do you think WWE fans made the right choice picking Layla as the newest WWE DIVA?

LV: Actually a fan had entered me into the 2005 diva search which Ashley Massaro won. I participated and have to say it was extremely lame. They had all of us stand in bikinis and do stupid stuff. I think Ashley and Layla both deserved to win based on their personalities, but I do think Leyla Milani (2005 runner up) could have added some spunk.

JM: In the Debut of WSX, you managed Matt Sydal against Jack Evens in the very first Match, In my opinion the match was awesome... But what were your thoughts on it?

LV: I loved that match. To me, Matt is one of the best I have ever seen. He is so crisp and clean with every single move he hits. Jack Evans is also very good, and his 630 splash is incredible.


JM: Do you think if the time is right that WSX might give WWE or TNA a run for it's money?

LV: Hell yea! The first episode of WSX got a 1.0 rating. It has taken TNA a long time to get to their highest rating of 1.2 rating. ECW is putting various stars on their show to make sure people don't switch to WSX. WSX offers something different, and I think WWE and TNA are going to have to step up their game.


JM: You have worked in wrestling all over the world including XPW, TNA, and now the new WSX, What would be some of your best highlights you would put on The best of Lizzy Valentine DVD?

LV: I would include my matches against Malia Hosaka from the USO tour to the middle east. I would also include my J-Love footage (which is also Jillian Hall's new gimmick, HA!)


JM: Where do we see Lizzy Valentine 5 years from now?

LV: I will still be making waves in the wrestling industry!


JM: Any addition info you think Fans should know about any upcoming projects and the WSX?

LV: I will be opening a new web site shortly,

where you will be able to find out info about upcoming projects.


JM: Closing Thoughts?

LV: Thanks so much to all the fans that are supporting me and the whole WSX crew! We appreciate it. If you have a myspace account, add me @


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