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Interview with Lacey Von Eric from 2009


Webmaster Note: Lacey Von Eric and I did this Interview Last Year that never got finished and I kept it saved and due to the timing, the Interview never got finished and now even harder to complete due to Lacey Von Eric projects she is working on with Acting and being a part of the upcoming show Wrestlelicious that it is impossible to finish this interview... Since I feel I have enough in this interview that I should be able to Post it

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2007

---Daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich

---from the famous wrestling family the Von Erich's

---has worked for Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Wrestleicious, Hulkamania Tour

---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2009---2010

---TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship

---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Developmental (2007)

---Has appeared at WWE Wrestlemania 25

--- Guest on Family Feud


JM: You grew up in the sport, of wrestling, was that something you always wanted to do? or it just fell into place?

LVE: No, I was 6 years old when daddy passed away and I did not want anything to do with wrestling because every time I watch wrestling I thought of him and all I did was cry cry and cry and my sister had pictures of him on her walls and It was too painful to go in there and I had a real hard time dealing with it.

JM: Your first match I believed was against Nattie Neidhart, was it anything you expected?

LVE: Nattie?? Yes, it was a Bourbon bar .. Which had like 50 people and all these drunk guys..... Nattie taught me a lot.... the match was not that great, we started out as she slap me which I told her to slap me as hard as she could and then start the match from there, and I forgot a lot of the moves.

JM: I'm sure growing up with a father like Kerry Von Erich, You have seen a lot of his great matches, which one stands out the most to you?

LVE: I was 6 when daddy passed away and I can't remember who against but I do remember he hit his head a lot and went to the hospital and the fans going crazy shaking the limo we were in and the fans trying to steal daddy's title and, the ranch we were living at was getting robbed, it was crazy, I remember the alarm going off and daddy would run in the room to protect us... I also remember we had to have a body guard that slept over our house for protection; I remember all of that but not so much his matches....

JM: Name Game

Fritz Von Erich= Granddad, I really miss him a lot, he always had tough love on my uncles and was really great!

Kevin Von Eric= Oh I just saw uncle Kevin in Hawaii which that is where he is living, He's my 2nd dad, great guy and has been there for me and raised me after my daddy passed away.. he's great and I love him!

David Von Eric= He died when I was very young and the same with Uncle Mike,

Kerry Von Erich, Daddy... I remember him being really funny, I have good memories of him being funny unlike the wrestling memories...

Billy Kidmen.......Good friend up until I left FCW, we did a lot of stuff together, he's a good coach, he now works and coaches all the divas but at the time he was a wrestler when I worked with him.

Ryan O'riley..... I love him and Krissy, he did the whole Rat Gimmick where he acted and looked like a rat which I thought was funny, and was great to work with and he & Krissy quit to be together and start a family which I thought was a Hugh mistake but that's what happen.

Angel Orsini= she is a good wrestler, very tough

Missy Hyatt= Love her, were really close friends, we are planning on doing a lot of stuff, were going to Vegas, and she is just a great person and I love her, she is always calling me and checking up on me.. she is looking out for me.

Nattie Nieldhart= She reminds me of Beth Phoenix... Great wrestler, she wrestled in Japan and Canada for 5 years before being hired by WWE developmental... She is very experienced!

Chris Von Eric= Uncle Chris, I remember he loved Indians and had an Indian burial ground out his house, and how much he loved snakes and turned me on to snakes and I love them, I remember working a show with Viper who had this 110 pound python and my great grandma came to the show and we had the snake around her and have pictures of it...


JM: How did she react?

LVE: She loved it, it was great  



JM: You also worked with Missy Hyatt as your manager in the match against Angel Orsini, What was your thoughts working with someone that also has the history working for your family in the past?

LVE: Missy really respects the family and has the great stories working for the family and has told me how the family helped her get started in the biz. She's always calling me to check up on me after matches.

JM: How did the WWE development contract come about?

LVE: My cousins and Uncle Kevin called me and e-mailed me telling me that the WWE was interested in bringing me in and I was like okay... I guess they saw pictures of me online and was interested, So they brought me to Raw and talked about me being a Hoses for Raw and then sent me to FCW for training and I at that point did not know what I was getting myself into until I gave this a shot and I am glad I did.





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