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Interview with Jamie D from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2004

---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2006

---#44 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

JM: You were trained at the Can Am wrestling school, what was the training like?

JD: Training to be a wrestler is a VERY Tough thing to do.... You will get Hurt.. Beat up... bruised.. Battered...punished...but on the Upside. Getting through the training will Build your Confidence and Self Esteem and you will Prove to yourself that no matter how many times u get knocked down.. you can still Conquer!!! I was the only female at the time and wrestled with all males.. But they treated me like one of them.. they did not take it easy on me just because I was female.... It was Very scary for me at first...but Scott D'amore runs the best School by far in Canada...and I was very Lucky to have trained there.. It was not the Hart Dungeon but is sure seemed like that lol.. it was D'amores Dungeon.. No Pitty for No one.. If you wanted to be a Wrestler you Had to Prove it.. Lots of Great wrestlers have trained there.. sooo many.. And I am Proud to be part of that Place.. I had to face a Lot of my Fears there and everyone there helped me do that.. it was my Home.. Tyson Dux is the Head trainer there now and He is Amazing.. I owe a lot to him for sticking with me and pushing me to become the wrestler i am today.. Scott and Tyson can Train anyone to be a wrestler.. But it is up to the individual to Want it BAD.. Because if you don't WANT it.. You Will Not last.. No Way!!!

JM: Were you ever a fan growing up, if so who were some of your favorites?

JD: Absolutely!!!! I Loved Wrestling since i was 5 years old.. it was Awesome.. I truly Believed it was sooo Real.. and I got Lost in it when i was watching it.. Hulk Hogan was my Fav... back then.. it was Larger than Life.. Andre the Giant.. King Kong Bundy.. Macho Man.. Ultimate warrior, Junk yard Dog, Iron Sheik.. it was Awesome...It was Magic to me and so Exciting.. so I was and still am and Always will be a FAN of wrestling..

JM: Your Training led you to enter the 2004 TNA Gut Check challenge, and won the contest, explain how much of a challenge that was and the feeling of being the winner?

JD: Winning the Gut check challenge was One of the greatest moments in my career because I battled through Hell to Win.. I trained my ASS off .. worked so Hard.. gave it Everything I got.. and winning Proved that I can become a great wrestler.. it was such a Natural High.. Accomplishing a goal and winning.. Greatest feeling in the world.. built my confidence and I knew i could become a great Wrestler.. it was Awesome!!! It was a Tough, tough contest.. Boot camp from Hell.. but I truly Loved the challenge and every minute of it!!!

JM: You signed a deal with TNA that saw you first feud with Gail Kim, This was the start of the Women's division for TNA, was there any pressure with you on that fact that you and Gail were the only female wrestlers at the time?

JD: I was very Happy to be part of getting the Ball rolling for TNA to start there Woman's Division... I was so Excited to be there and On TV and PPV's .

JM: During your run with TNA, What were some of the good and the bad points within the company?

JD: I really enjoyed my time there...I Love the fact that a Woman is the Boss.. Dixie Carter is great.. she was always so Nice and welcoming to me , Jeff Jarrett also was the Boss there and He was very Nice to me too, Everyone there was great to me and I can't find anything Bad to say at all about the company..

JM: Your Stay with TNA didn't last long, whatever happen to your relationship with TNA, You disappeared without an explanation?

JD: I still stay in Touch with them and was just in Orlando to watch a PPV, I am not 100% sure what happened lol.. but me and Gail had our 3 month Feud and there wasn't a woman's division at the time so they didn't have anything for me after that. I guess it just wasn't my time!

JM: Will we ever see you return to TNA or perhaps a debut in the WWE in the future?

JD: I Definitely would Love to return to TNA and make an Impact in the Woman's Division. With Hulk Hogan there how cool is that.. Would be Awesome to work there now and that is what i am working on.. So Yes. Never say never. I believe that I can be part of the TNA roster..

JM: Now that TNA made it to the Ranks of the WWE in the ratings war, what's your take on TNA going head on with WWE?

JD: I absolutely Love it! I think its Amazing to See how far TNA came.. Who would of EVER thought Hulk Hogan would be there and bringing it head to head with WWE. it’s great for the Fans and the Wrestler's.. lots of Opportunities for everyone now.. It's Exciting. TNA proved themselves thus far and I Believe in TNA and they will Keep Growing.. No doubt..

JM: You have also wrestled for WEW, any interesting stories within the locker room?

JD: No Comment haha.. All the girls are so much fun and I really enjoyed my time with them all, it was a great and very Fun Experience for sure!

JM: You toured Japan, how did the deal come about?

JD: After I was done with TNA in 2006 my Dear friend Natalya Neidhart called me up and told me I need to go to Japan.. she gave me some contacts and I emailed them and sent a tape and some pictures and Voila.. I was off to Japan.. winning the AWA woman's title.. it was amazing.. I was so grateful for Natalya's help and because of that I was Off to Japan!

JM: Is it more challenging to face a wrestler from Japan than it is in USA and Canada?

JD: Well in Japan they are So Serious, there work ethic is like no other that's for sure.. I always said in Canada and USA we can get by with being Entertaining and over in Japan you Have to Wrestle your Ass off and Work Very Very hard, I would say that the style is Strong style in Japan very Stiff, here its Tough too but until you have wrestled in Japan you will know and Feel the Difference! But i would say Yes the wrestler's in Japan are more tougher and Challenging for sure but you sure learn a great deal and respect from them too!

JM: What are your current plans in wrestling?

JD: to wrestle for TNA and make an Impact there and Inspire and Entertain the Fans and become The Best and Most Popularize Female Wrestler on the Planet!!!

JM: Any Advice for fans who want to follow their dreams

JD: Well First and Foremost DREAMS do come True but Only if you Truly Believe!!! No matter what anyone else says does not matter it’s what YOU say and Believe that does! If there is a Will then there is a Way! Have No Fear and Doubts and if you do Face them head on and Squash them! You can truly do anything you put your Mind too! Give 100% of yourself, Work hard and Love what you do.. You will get knocked down for sure but GET up and Keep Going. Keep Climbing and Keep Striving.. Visualize where you want to go, Use Role Models as your Inspiration, It will be a bumpy Road sometimes but that is all part of your Journey and Building your Character, Enjoy the ups and downs, but Most of all if You Really want it, if it's in Your Heart than Never EVER Give up and You will get there. And after all is said and done ,, it will be the Most Rewarding thing you can ever do for yourself..

JM: Closing Thoughts?

JD: Thank you to everyone who never gave up on me. I couldn't became a wrestler without the help and guidance of so many , Scott D'amore, Tyson Dux, Super Star Billy Graham, John Cena Sr, Trish Stratus and Nattie Niedhart and Especially to all the Fans.. This is why we do what we do.. it's all for You guys.. I truly love the Fans.. I Truly Love Wrestling.. it’s my calling and my Passion.. I will never give up and I will get there!!!! Thank you!

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