Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with Jacquelyn from 2004


Quick Highlights

---Trained by Skanbar Akbar
---Debut: 1989
---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1997
---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 1998-2004
---Total Non-stop Action (TNA) 2004, 2007-2009, 2011
---First Woman to be listed in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) top 500 wrestlers
---Has worked with Chris & Nancy Benoit
---Held the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Women's Championship (2x)
--- World Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship
---First Season of MTV's Tough Enough as a Trainer
---Has appeared on Fear Factor
---#13 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest Women in Wrestling in 2002
---#17 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 women of wrestling in 2008

JM: What made you decide to get into the game of Pro Wrestling?

J: I have always been a fan of professional wrestling. A local gym in Dallas was teaching people in the back of the gym on how to wrestle, so I signed up.


JM: After all that you have accomplished in your career, is there any more goals you would like to go after?

J: Right now I am focusing on acting. .


JM: I know you have so many of them, but what are some of your highlights in your career?

J: The story line between Sable, holding the Women's Title and winning the Cruiserweight Title. .


JM: What is your opinion on the TNA and is the company in your future?

J: It will take TNA some time to grow. But what I believe is missing over there is 'star' power. However, the TNA does have very talented wrestlers. .


JM: Name game -

Luna Vachon - Intense
Chris Benoit - Very technical wrestler
Jimmy Hart - The mouth of the South
Nancy Sullivan - No comment
Kevin Sullivan - Fair
Sable - Playboy
Terri - Sweet
Debra - No comment
Jeff Jarrett - No comment
Ivory - Very vocal
Al Snow - Good guy
Nidia - Much improved
Maven - Fast learner
Eric Bischoff - No comment
Vince McMahon - Business
Stephanie McMahon - See Vince McMahon
Jazz - Athletic
Nicole Bass - Bodybuilder
Chyna - Hard worker
Chavo Guerrero - Very professional

JM: How was your experience on the MTV's Tough Enough, anything you would change about the show during the time you were on there?

J: It was a real learning experience for me. It was the first time that I trained people to wrestle. .

JM: Explain your experience of Fear Factor.

J: It was a lot of fun doing all the stunts. .

JM: On your web site you mentioned you started shooting a movie back in January, what are some of the details?

J: The movie is called "Knight Fever". I play a detective name, Venus Jackson. .

JM: What was the most painful experience you had to go through in this sport?

J: People's egos. .

JM: Do you have any advice for young fans who dream of getting into the sport of wrestling?

J: Always follow your dreams. If it is meant to be, it will be - think POSITIVE! .



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