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Interview with Jeannie Clark from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1978

---Former wife and manager of The Late Chris Adams & Stone Cold Steve Austin

---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1991

---# 31 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

JM: I want to thank you for your time to agree to this Interview... What have you been up too since your days in wrestling?

JC: Since wrestling and up to now I have been a full time mom to my two girls.

 JM: How did you get your start in professional wrestling, was it anything you expected?

JC: I had started dating Chris in the late 70's so I had already been around the business for several years before I did the angle with Chris, Toni and Steve, so I knew what to expect. Chris and I had split in early 80's but remained friends all along. He called me and said he had this guy called Steve Williams from his wrestling school and had come up with an idea to use me and Toni in an "ex wife angle" and would I be interested in doing it. .

 JM: You ended up in World Class championship wrestling and was the main focus of a feud between Chris Adams and Steve Austin and later Toni Adams, was it difficult to work with your EX husband and his wife with your current relationship at the time with Steve Austin?

JC: No it wasn't difficult to work with Chris and Toni, we were friends. Steve and I were not actually dating when we started the angle. That would be a while later. .

 JM: What was the good and the bad working for WCCW/USWA?

JC: The good of working with USWA was it was FUN! It was only on a Friday night/Saturday morning locally and I carried on with my full time job. There really wasn't a bad part. .



JM: This led you and Steve Austin working for WCW, what are your thoughts working for that company?

JC: It wasn't so fun anymore in WCW. Chris and Toni wasn't there and I had moved to Atlanta. I was a bit lost without Chris and Toni and soon realized that a lot of politics & etc. I was happy for Steve, he was earning some decent money and moving up the ladder. .

JM: Steve Austin Continued to stay in WCW after you departed, whatever happened to your relationship with WCW?

JC: Nothing happened with my relationship with WCW. I was pregnant, my daughter Stef was born July 7th 92 so you can do the math.One of the girls there did tell Dusty about my pregnancy before I had the chance though which was kind of mean as I asked them not too. I had told this girl that I would have to quit as I had just found out I was pregnant. .

 JM: If given the opportunity to return to wrestling, would you?

JC: No I would not return to wrestling. .


JM: Name Game: You can comment, share experience, opinion or anything you like next to their names of people you worked with

Chris Adams--He was very creative and a good worker. He had a problem with alcohol and a quick temper but when he was normal he was sweet and funny. He had many frustrations as he tried to make money etc and always seemed to get knocked back. Last time I saw him was a little while before his death he had taken my girls to six flags and they loved him.They thought he was funny as he made them laugh a lot. I miss him.

Toni Adams--I still talk to Toni, We were best friends.We shopped, cooked, and hang out together like sisters really. She was so beautiful she should have been a model/actress she had the looks.We clicked from the word go. She met Chris a long time after we split so no jealousy or anything like that.

Steve Austin-- Obviously Steve and I are amicable as we have two daughters. There were a few difficult years when we didn't speak at all. He came to our house a few months ago for a week and the girls enjoyed his visit. He has done very well for himself and is a very hard worker.

Percy Pringle--I love Percy. He's a class act.

Eric Bishoff-- I liked Eric he gave me good advice and I have a lot of respect for him.

Dusty Rhoads-- I didn't talk to Dusty too much. Magnum hired me and I had to meet with Dusty at first but after that he was always nice but I didn't really have a conversation with him or see him much. I wasn't there very long.

Dustin Rhoads--I liked Dustin a lot he came to our house a lot as he lived nearby and he was always a lot of fun. I hope he is happy now where ever he is.

Madusa-- I really didn't get a chance to speak to Madusa much. I think she was good at her job.

Debra--At first it was awkward between me and Debra as she was very insecure about Steve seeing/talking to me. I can understand why in a way as I had left Steve and maybe she didn't know if he was having a re bound relationship. She moved in as I was moving out. However, I have spoken to Debra since and we both are cool with each other. She said sorry about the way things were and I said it’s all water under the bridge now. I genuinely hold no grudges etc to her.Shes had a lot of grief I hope she is well and happy.

Vince McMahon--no comment. .

 JM: You were given credit for coming up with the name Stone cold for Steve Austin new gimmick in the WWE by accident, did you ever thought, that name will forever go down in history as a house hold name?

JC: NO I NEVER THOUGHT THE NAME "STONE COLD" would go down in history but I regret not copy writing it. .

 JM: After the Benoit Family Tragedy, Steve Austin ex-wife Debra went on several nationwide news media's and interviews going on record as to comparing roid rage side effects of Steve Austin & Chris Benoit and detailing the abuse she endured from Austin, How do you feel about Debra & her comments.. Do you believe it was a publicity stunt for her to return to the spot light?

JC: No I don't think it was publicity stunt .I think Debra was genuinely concerned. I thought she was brave. Some people need to speak out but are to afraid. Well done Debra! .

 JM: You and your daughter Jade contribute to the Late Chris Adams web site and was featured in a documentary DVD The gentleman choice.. What are some of your fond memories you would like his fans to know about him as a person outside of the ring?

JC: Chris was really sweet believe it or not. He loved playing with kids for one and he play wrestled and could sit playing board games for hours and watch Disney movies all day. He changed when he hit the bottle into another person. He could get pissed off very easy and that was his problem. He was very hard working, never lazy, always work work work for hours on end. I think he didn't get credit sometimes where credit was due. He had a huge part in Steve's success, and yet JR put him down in Steve's book like a complete loser. I thought that was unfair after he died and couldn't defend himself.Yeah he made mistakes don't we all but he was a good guy with a bad habit. God bless you Chris. We miss you.

 JM: Any advice you would like to give for fans to follow their dreams?

JC: You know its difficult with advice. As I think two ways. Don't go anywhere near that business if you know better you won’t, and then there's always a chance someone will come along and make it all good again. .

JM: Closing Thoughts?

JC: If you stay strong and don't take pills to sleep, wake up etc to cope with the Schedule or take steroids to "look good" and don't let backstage politics jealousy get you down. Other than that its going to be hard on a wife and kids and look after their needs too. .


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