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Interview with DH Smith from 2006


Quick Highlights

---Interview date: 2006

---Debut: 2001

 ---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 2006--2011

---Have worked for New Japan, Stampede, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Deep South Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling,

---WWE Tag team champion

 ---Son of The late British Bulldog Davy Boy Smith & Diana Hart

 ---Family: Stu Hart, Helen Hart, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim The Anvil Neigthart, Natalya Neighthart, TJ Wilson, Dynamite Kid

 --- Appeared on Hogan Knows Best

---Member of the Hart Dynasty including Natalya Neidhart & TJ Wilson


JM: you grew up in the sport of wrestling, how old were you when you had your first professional wrestling match?

HS: I was 8 years old when I had my first professional wrestling match vs. Matt Annis (Ted's brother R.I.P.)

JM: Who has given you some of your best bouts so far?

 HS: I would say TJ Wilson, Ted Hart, Dave Swift, Davy Richards, AJ Styles, Hiroyoshi Tanahashi have all given me my best bouts thus far.

 JM: I know you have a lot of them but what are some of your greatest highlights?

 HS: Teaming up with my father one last time before he passed away was a huge highlight in my career thus far. Getting the opportunity to team with the likes of Jushin Lyger, and Masahiro Chono have also been huge highlights in my career thus far as well.

JM: I am sure growing up with a father like the British bulldog Davy Boy Smith, you have seen a lot of his great Matches...which one stands out the most to you?

 HS: Obviously the one that stands out the most to me is the Summer slam 1992 match he had against Bret Hart. Some others include his singles match against Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, Shawn Michaels, Kuniaki Kobayashi, and the Cobra. As well as tag team bouts with the Dynamite Kid against the likes of Kroffat and Furnas, the Malenkos, Hansen and Gordy, Beefcake and Valentine, and the Hart Foundation.

 JM: You were present at the WWE Hall of Fame when Your Uncle Bret The hit man Hart was inducted ... any thoughts or comments on the whole controversy leading up to the event between Bret and Shawn Michaels?

 HS: I have no thoughts or comments on it, it's really none of my business.

JM: You signed a contract with the WWE to be on RAW in June, who do you look forward to personally work with in the ring?

HS: I really look forward to working guys like Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and John Cena. I think with John Cena's heat with the crowd, a match between him and I would be quite interesting.

JM: What do you want to accomplish once you’re in the WWE?

 HS: I want to be the youngest WWE heavyweight champion of all time.

JM: The Name Game

Teddy Hart- Quick mover, natural charisma, entertaining to listen to

 Bret The Hit man Hart- Without a doubt, the best overall wrestler ever.

 Your Father- A true great, and not just having respect for him not just as a wrestler but obviously as a father. He taught me a lot about this business.

 Owen Hart- Very smooth in the ring, and a great high flyer. Saw him do many things in the ring that was ahead of its time. R.I.P.

 Natalie Hart- I feel Nattie is one of the best women wrestlers right now. She is very athletic and does a great bridge, when her knee heals I think you'll be seeing her in the WWE.

 Jim the Anvil- Jim is a very interesting person. He was a part of one of the greatest wrestling tag teams –  the Hart Foundation. Jim is doing fine these days if anyone's wondering.

 Jeff Jarrett- A good overall wrestler, a good talker, and an open mind for promoting.

Shawn Michaels- Great charisma, good seller, good bumper. One of my favorites.

Stu Hart- A real legend in wrestling, but also as just a human being. He is someone I have a lot of respect for.

 Bruce Hart- Very good booking in the 80's. A very intelligent man.

JM: Your Mother Diana Hart was your manager at one point. Correct? How is she doing these Days?

 HS: I honestly can't remember when she was my manager, but I do remember it happening vaguely. She is doing very well these days.

 JM: What's your opinion of TNA?

 HS: I think the six sided ring has a very unique look, and they have some really good workers. I wish them all the best.

JM: What is the most painful experience you had to go through in the Biz?

 HS: Probably the death of Owen Hart.

 JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today, what would it be?

HS: If the business were more protected. Back in the day, not just anyone could get into wrestling. Nowadays everyone and their dog wants to try wrestling because they think it's "easy or fake."

 JM: If you were not in wrestling, what would you be doing?

HS: I honestly have no idea. I would probably be bred into something else growing up and most likely taken on another sport profession.

JM: Do you have any advice for young fans including myself who dream of getting a break in the sport?

HS: Well, I would say make sure you get a reputable trainer with good credentials. Also, keep in mind, Wrestling is not easy, and is not for everyone. So, you have to know that coming in when you want to be a wrestler. Understand the ups and downs, and that's all I can say about that. JM: Closing thoughts? HS: I have no closing thought, but thanks for the interview.


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