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Interview with George Frankinstein from 2009




Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1998
---Interview Date: 2009
---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1998-1999
---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 2000
---Total Nonstop Action (TNA) 2005
---Former Girlfriend & Manager of Macho Man Randy Savage
----Former Manager of Tommy Dreamer
---Married to former Misfits Band member Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein< P>
---Appeared on The Tonight show with Jay Leno
---Cameo in the movie Ready 2 Rumble
--- #2 Insane Plan's top 10 Interviews ---
# 19 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

JM: Were you ever a wrestling fan growing up prior to joining WCW, If yes who were some of your favorites?
 GF: When I was little I watched the Rock and Wrestling Cartoon and watched a little bit of wrestling and some of my favorites were Randy Savage, Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Hulk Hogan..... oooo and Capt. Lou Albano, I really Liked him (Laughing)

JM: When you met Randy Savage what were your thoughts on going to WCW with him? Is it anything you expected?

GF: I didn't want to do it... I didn't want no part in it because I was his girlfriend.. He Made me go...


JM: During your time in WCW, Can you share any interesting locker room stories?
 GF: WOW you caught me off guard with this one.. I'm trying to think.... I guess one of my very first time in wrestling, Me and Randy just broke up and I met the misfits who were performing at WCW and I called my friend who was a big Misfits fan and although I was a fan of them I didn't know the names in the band and my friend told me that Doyle is the one without the shirt so I went up to him and asked him for an autograph and from there we ended up together because of Randy and he doesn't even know it... we have been together nine years and have a daughter..
GF: Isn't that weird?
 JM: Yea I didn't expect that, that's really interesting....

 GF: Yea and I remember me and Randy were fighting that morning in the kitchen before we went to the airport to go to the WCW event and I just had about enough of him and he was making a milk shake or something like that and I know he remembers this because he has a photographic memory and remembers EVERYTHING!!!! and he said watch, your going to run off with a guitar player and I'll never see you again.. And I was like whatever thinking he met a wrestler who plays guitar and sure enough we went to the WCW event and Randy Pulled me out of the Ladies locker room and said I want you to meet this band and I was like okay and from there that's how I ended up with Doyle was because of Randy..
 JM: It obviously was meant to be.
 GF: Oh it defiantly was... I love him he is good to me.


JM: Name Associate Game
GF: Name game?
  JM: Yea as I listed the following names you say whatever you want next to there names.
JM: Randy Savage= Great Person, a little crazy (Laughing)
Roddy Piper= oh man umm, I can't even say... skip (laughing)
 Ric Flair= umm (Laughing) Nice Guy I guess
Madusa= Awesome Lady
 Nora Greenwald= Quiet cool and collective
Miss Elizabeth= She was Okay with me, very pretty lady
Asya= Cool, I love her
Dennis Rodman= Cool, a lil Wacky
Hulk Hogan= Awesome!! My Fave (Laughing)
Eric Bishoff= Cool Guy
Doyle Wolfgang= Great Husband, I love him!
Kevin Nash= oh he's awesome, I love him

  JM: Whatever Happened with you relationship with WCW, You disappeared without an explanation?
GF: Me and Randy had a contract together and it was ending and me and Randy were already broken up by this point and WWE was buying out WCW around this time and our contracts didn't go over to them and that was the end of my relationship with WCW and Randy.

JM: I remember reading the WCW Magazine and there was mentioned of a possible feud between you and Randy against Luger and Elizabeth, was there any talks of a storyline?
 GF: No Talks, there was no fighting or anything between us... Luger and Randy were actually friends during the time we were all in WCW...

  JM: You went to a WWE Event and was asked to work with Chyna, you turned it down.. why is that?
 GF: I wasn't Ready, I did not know they were asking me.. I only went to the WWE to meet my friends and I was nervous as it is going there and once I got there they brought a camera in the room and asked me to cut a promo on Chyna.. And I never talked on camera before and was really nervous at that point so I turned it down... I just wasn't ready for that and I also was booked and contracted with other people at that point.

JM: After your run with WCW, you made your way to ECW, how would you compare the difference between WCW & ECW?

 GF: ECW's not a family show (Laughing) not for Kids at all... it was a big change for me..

JM: You were in TNA but not for very long, whatever happened with that?

GF: I don't know, there was problems between me and Sabu at the airport and I don't even remember how it went down.. It's a long time ago you know? So I can't even tell you what happened.. I just know after that I was never used on TNA
 JM: No Notice?

 GF: No not at all, I don't remember.. all I know there was a problem with Sabu and he was getting it solved and I thought it was okay after that but I guess not.

 JM: There Has been reports of how Randy Savage was very over protective of you the same way he was when he was with Miss Elizabeth when they were together and even rumors that Hulk Hogan had a part in the situation, could you clear up the rumors?

GF: Hogan had no part in me and randy breaking up. that was false, We didn't even hang out with him during this time... but yes it is true he was over protective of me and treated me just like he did with Elizabeth.

JM: Will we ever see you in the WWE and TNA in the future?

 GF: I have no idea, that would be up to the Powers to be...
JM: Would you ever consider it?

 GF: Of course...

JM: My next Question you already answered earlier on in this interview about Meeting Doyle Wolfgang and were you a fan of him prior to meeting him?

 GF: yes, Randy took me out of my locker room to meet him and I was always a fan of the band just didn't know there names until I introduced myself

JM: Any Advice for fans to follow there dreams?

 GF: Of course, everything's easy if you know what you want... the world's not that big

 JM: Closing thoughts?

 GF: Thanks for the interview and thanks for all the years with my fans and hanging out with me (laughing)

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