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Interview with Hollywood from 2004

Quick Highlights

---Interview Date: 2004

---Debut: 1985

---Trained by Mondo Guerrero

---Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)

---Held the gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) Tag Titles

---Has appeared in Married with Children, JAG, Family feud, In Living Color –

--Appeared in Playboy 4 different times


JM: Explain how you got into the game of pro wrestling?

 HW: An audition at The Hyatt on Sunset in Hollywood, CA then on to training with Mondo Guerrero 3 nights a week for a few months, there they eliminated those who could not make the cut and those of us who did went on to make the pilot GLOW. I did all 4 seasons 104 episodes!

JM: You were part of GLOW which was very popular in the 1980's, if you don't mind me asking, what was the locker room like during its last days?

HW: Our locker rooms were split into 2 room’s heels and faces so there were no problems there at all!

JM: Very Few Ladies from GLOW of the 1980's stayed in the wrestling biz including you but if you don't mind me asking what's your opinion of each of the women still in the biz? Here is a few off the top of my head......

Cheryl Rusa- great! very nice beautiful girl, has been doing stunt work! A good friend of mine.

Queen Kong- lovely woman!

Ivory- smart woman!

JM: Since your days in GLOW has there been any contact for you to work for the WWE.

HW: Yes! But I had just injured my right leg and had 7 screws and 2 plates in it so No WWE for me

 JM: Is the WWE or the TNA in your future?

 HW: No not really, I am doing stunts I have an agent and my own web site and Indy wrestling keep me very busy and is very profitable, however, I never say never!

JM: you have been in the wrestling biz for almost 20 years, have you ever thought of being a promoter yourself?

 HW: Sure but Not quite yet! Still love wrestling in front of the fans!

 JM: Your role according to your profile, you are a valet/Manger do you prefer this better than being a wrestler?

 HW: If you check that role again it says Wrestler, that was a mistake!

 JM: what was your opinion on David McClain latest Promotion WOW that was short lived a few years back?

 HW: Just exactly that it was very short lived…

 JM: You have your own company that makes custom wrestling videos for fans, how is that success of that idea going so far?

HW: 110% Wonderful!

 JM: I know you have a lot of them, but what are some of your highlights?

HW: Touring, Wrestling and Promotions and seeing all the fans go nuts and cheering for you in every city!

JM: You have done it all in your career from wrestling, modeling, and acting, is there any more goals left in your career you want to go after?

HW: The business side of it, more producing and stunt work! And my new Book, working on that now!

JM: I heard a rumor a while back that you took part in Playboy Magazine, is that true?

HW: Yes 4 times!

JM: I am a Hugh Fan of the FOX Hit TV Show Married with children and you were a guest on the show and I have to ask this, how was your experience like taking part on the show?

HW: I had so much fun on that show, when I was being interviewed for the part, the executive producers knew exactly who they wanted, The farmer’s daughter, Big Bad Mama and Me! I just did a bit part on the TV show JAG which is slated for Feb 4th 2005 CBS, I play a wrestler named “Anaconda Angie”

JM: what is your advice to fans including myself who dream of getting a break in wrestling?

HW: Never stop, live your dreams and love what you do!

 JM: Any Closing Thoughts?

HW: Thank you Johnny Mikes for this interview have a great day! Xo Hollywood

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