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Interview with Evil Zebra from 2007


                                                 Picture personally sent in by EZ

Quick Highlights

---Interview Date: 2007
---Debut: 1978
---Manager of Jillian Hall, Malia Hosaka & Syren

JM: What interest you in the Wrestling Biz, in the first place?

EZ: It all stated when I was a little Zebra and used to go see Bruno Sammartino at the Arena in Philadelphia, PA  The rest is wrestling history!

JM: Did you start off as a referee or a Manager?
EZ: Started out as a REF, and decided that I needed to become a manager after seeing a bunch of the girls who were wrestling, TRYING to be a REF…. So I said to myself, SELF: If they want to be a REF, then I’ll take a shot at being a manager….. Made my debut Managing Team PMA (Malia and Syren) up in Buffalo, NY. The rest is wrestling History!

JM: What are some of your Highlights in the Biz?
EZ: Probably  one of the best “highlights” is getting to meet and work with some of the greatest “legends” in the biz….. including to name a few: Honky Tonk Man, King Kong Bundy, Killer Kowalski, Misty Blue, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Ted “Rocko Rock” Petty (god rest his soul) ,Luna Vachon and of course………. my bestest buddy in the world, Malia Hosaka!

JM: May I ask how did you come up with the Name  Evil Zebra a/k/a EZ
EZ: Of course you can ask…… Zebra’s don’t bite!! Well….. I’ll tell you, I was not the one who came up with the name…. Credit goes to one, Amanda Storm! I was reffing a match between her and Little Jeanne, and for some strange reason, Amanda said: Hey…. You’re an EVIL ZEBRA……. It stuck, and the rest is wrestling history!

JM: Have you ever thought of running your own Wrestling promotion and if so who would be on your roster?
EZ: EZ run a wrestling promotion?!?!?! I don’t think so…… I have a hard enough time just running my little Yahoo group!!! But….. if you check out the “Wall of Fame” in that little group, you will see a really large roster to choose from!

JM: Future Plans?
EZ: How far in the “future” are we talking?? EZ ain’t getting any younger ya know!               I just take one day at a time and take those EZ!

JM: Do you have a web site you want to Plug?
EZ: “a” web site to plug? HEY…… Everyone is always welcome to join us over in EZland.. the “Official Home of Team PMA”

  BUT.. as long as you asked…. I got to plug another awesome web site: 

JM: Any up coming shows?
EZ: Ya never know where the “Evil” one may show up, so your best bet is to keep checking

JM: You have been involved with Malia Hosaka & Syren A/KA/ PMA for some time now as there Manager, right?
EZ: “You have been Involved with Malia Hosaka & Syren”                                      JOHNNY!!!!!  Now don’t go starting rumors!!! But yes, Team PMA is actually comprised of EZ, Malia and Syren… and that’s why Team PMA Rulez!!! A little history on how it came about…… Many Years back, EZ had another “Team” it was just EZ and Macaela Mercedes, who is now known as WWE’s Jillian Hall….. anyhow, she went by the name Macaela Mercedes back then and most people called her Mercedes (not like there’s not enough Mercedes out there already..) but, EZ used to call her Macaela….. it was confusing, hence we created Team “M & M”…. a little while after that, Malia joined the fold, and the “M&M” in the Team then stood for Macaela and Malia!!! THEN….. Macaela went and left us on the fly, joined up with that WWE and even changed her name to Jillian!!! That was the end of “Team M&M”
Malia and EZ decided to start up a new Team…. Hence TEAM PMA was born!! We later added Syren to the fold and the rest is wrestling history!!!

JM: The Name Game...

Malia Hosaka – BESTEST BUDDY


Jillian Hall – Still My Favorite M&M

Lexie Fyfe – Lexie Who?

Stacy Hunter – Deal or No Deal

Lady Vendetta – STOP SIGNS

Phoenix - Arizona

April Hunter - Tastykakes

Little Jeanie – Momma Mia

JM: I figure I'd take a shot at this and ask you for your honest opinion about Insane Wrestling site?
EZ: Anything that is INSANE, is OK in my book!!

JM: You and along with PMA has dealt with a lot of "BAD SEEDS" in this Biz and I thought why not ask if you have anything to say about the people who try to stand in your way?
EZ: Bad Seeds in this BIZ?? You got to be kidding’ me right?                                                 
OH WAIT…. Just kidding, there are Bad Seeds in every biz….. If a lesson in “Evilness 101” doesn’t work, then what’s the next best thing to do with a bad seed you ask?  PLANT THEM!!

JM: Any advice for young fans including myself   wanting a break in this Biz?
EZ: Don’t flatter yourself Johnny meister…… I know you, and your NOT YOUNG!             But to answer your question for any of the other YOUNG fans…..                                 Always remember WE are professionals… so don’t try this at home!
If in fact you are serious, make sure you get the proper training from someone that knows what the hell they are doing, BEFORE you step near a ring!!

JM: Closing Thoughts?
EZ: “Closing Thoughts” that’s sounds INSANE to me…. You mean my time is UP??       That sounds so “FINAL”….. I ain’t going NOWHERE for a long time! So drop by:
 (ANOTHER EVIL PLUG!!!) for an update on what’s going on in EZland…..    Thanks for the interview Johnny….. your not half as bad as everyone told me you where!!!       

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