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Interview with Fifi from 2010

                                                           Photo credit to Fifi


Quick Highlights

---Interview Date: 2010
---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1993
---Ric Flair's Valet currently his girlfriend
---Has Appeared in Hall Pass, The Terminal. and Jonnas
--Has appeared on Walking Dead and Celebrity Wife Swap
---# 53 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

JM: Were you a fan of pro wrestling growing up? if yes, who were some of your favorites?
FiFi: I had never heard of Pro Wrestling until I was standing in front of some of the greats (Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Etc) interviewing for the job of a Frenchmaid. They tried to explain to me what is was all about. That is actually one of the reasons they hired me....They wanted an outsider to come on the show(New Talent) Besides I think I was the only one in Geogia at the time who could speak French...LOL

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work in WCW?
FiFi: Pretty much hired on the spot after they saw my pictures and asked me many questions....Most involving do I like to have a good time and can I keep a secret! LOL Plus, I spoke French and at the time they were thinking about having me only speak French on the show....That didn't last long.

JM: I normally ask what are some interesting stories you can share within your time in WCW but i am sure tons and tons of fans would like to know any interesting ric flair stories you can share?
FiFi: The Nature Boy and his stories are safe with me...LOL I will tell you one funny story though...Once my BMW broke down and i had to borrow a car because i told Ric I would take him to the airport so when I came driving up in this little red truck he was like OMG you're going to ruin my image driving in this little pick up. I told him that no one would recognize him in the car....but on the Highway driving people were waving to him and he was so embarrassed....We just laughed until we almost cried. He never let me live that down

JM: when you were in WCW, the only other woman on the roster was Missy Hyatt... I have interviewed a few women who worked with Missy Hyatt that went on record as saying she's not easy to work with and not very liked in the biz, what's your take and experience working with the likes of Missy Hyatt
FiFi: I talked about her finally on my show that I am hosting called Club for the Gold. She was not very nice to me. It always seemed like she was trying to ruin any skit I was involved with. She also tried very hard to get me in the ring so she could take me down...She was one tough person to encounter at work. I guess I don't blame her for being Jealious when I arrived as it messed up her plans to work more with Ric.

JM: The name association Game
Eric Bisoff ------Genius
Ric Flair---------Amazing
Mean Gene------Funny
Rick Rude--------Giant Teddy Bear
British Bulldog----Intense
Missy Hyatt-------Rough
Steve Austin------Ambitious
Col. Robert Parker--Nice
Brain Pillmen------Respected
The Nasty Boys----Crazy but Fun as hell

JM: Whatever happend to your relationship in WCW, you dissappeared without an explanation?
FiFi: I had three degrees and wanted to use them so I took a break and started teaching High School Students about Gov't, History, Economics, and of course French. I had always wanted to teach. I left WCW on good terms....One of the lucky ones I guess

JM: Has there ever been any contact or interest in working with the WWE after leaving WCW?
FiFi: There was back in the day but on Ric's advice (he told me that I should not think about it as the travel was tough, etc) I didn't pursue it....

JM: Since your time in WCW, WCW took off with the Nitro wars and became bigger than the WWE at one point.. did you ever expect WCW to go as far as it did?
FiFi: Absolutely....Eric was out for Blood and we all knew if anyone could compete with WWE it was him! WCW always had so much talent and Potential...It was time!

JM: In a recent interview you just did, you have your sites on a comeback in wrestling and looking to get with TNA, what are your thoughts on the currernt product of professional wrestling?
FiFi: I would like to go to TNA to work with Ric agian but other than that I will probably stick to the acting I am doing at hand. The Business is in need of old school wrestling to cement it's future. I hope they see that....

JM: on your facebook page you have been paying tribute to the recent passings of Luna Vachon, Mike Shaw and Jorge Gonzales.. So many tops stars are going way before there time, what your persepective of the situation of the death rate in pro wrestling?
FiFi: I'm very sad about all the deaths in Pro Wrestling...I miss many of the people who have passed. It is a very hard business and it takes a toll on your health and soul. Bless the ones who are no longer with us who gave their all...

JM: other than wrestling you have done some acting, what are some work you have done?
FiFi: I have worked in a few movies like The Joneses, Terminal, H2, Hall Pass (out in Feb,) Ex-mas Carol (out over the Holidays) and getting ready to work on something else that I will let you know about when I seal the deal.

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?
FiFi: It's never to late to do what is in your Heart....Life is a Journey that is meant to be lived to the fullest! And STAY IN SCHOOL...Everything happens after SCHOOL!!!! You will thank me for this....

JM: Closing thoughts?
FiFi: I have been truly blessed to have had the experience I did with Wrestling. And I am very Happy that I am still involved with the Business doing Conventions and hosting shows! Wrestling is part of our Culture that needs to be kept alive and perserved for future Generations to appreciate.

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