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Interview with Doink The Clown from 2008

Quick Highlights

--Son of Ledgendary Tony Bourne
 ---Debut 1985

---Worked in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW)

---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1991-1992

---World Wrestling Federation (WWF)1985,  1992-1995

---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 1994

---Made  several one time appearance for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) From 2001 to 2010

---# 3 on Insane Plan's Top 10 Interviews

JM: How did you get your start in pro wrestling?


DC: I learned the business from my old man. He wrestled people for money in the different towns we would go to while we traveled in the circus. That is a total shoot! A lot of guys go to wrestling schools or work out in their fancy backyards or whatever. I had to fight for a living. One day my dad was sick with a flu and I had to step in and take his place or we would lose our spot on the circus tour. I ended up fighting a guy you may know as Harley Race but to me he was Red Head Irwin. A local tough guy trying to take money from me and papa. I hit him hard with my right fist then placed him in a dragon sleeper hold and he was out in a few seconds.

JM: How did your start with the WWE come about?

DC: A lot of people don't know this but I worked for WWWF for a short time just doing jobs to some of the big name "Superstars". I wasn't getting my fair pay so I left and went back to fighting people for money.

JM: Who’s idea was it for the Doink the clown gimmick?

DC: It was Linda McMahon who wanted a clown wrestler. She has a fetish for weird guys. Actually we hooked up a few times during my first tour of WWF. This is kind of a funny story. I had just got done working the Undertaker in some crappy small town and I was all bruised and busted up pretty bad. Linda  called me into her office. She said you look terrible is there anything I can do to make you feel better. I of course thought hell yes pay me more money but I didn't say that. I kind of gave her a look that said hey foxy come on over and feel my whoopee cushion. She grabbed a hold of me in the private area and we started dry humping. Now this is where things start to get weird I'm doing it to her all hard and blood is everywhere and we are sweaty and we both fall onto the floor. Shane walks in and says "Mommy are you ok?" She is totally knocked out and Shane who was 7 years old thinks she is dead! Shane starts yelling "Doink killed my mommy" and to this day Shane is afraid of clowns.

JM: what were his initial impressions of it
DC: Vince was coked out of his mind. He was living a good life and honestly he didn't care. He had just seen the movie batman and thought why not cash in on a Joker type character.


JM: what do you think looking back during your days in the WWE?

DC: I think geez how did I make so much money back then and now have none. It was a lot of fun working for the company I mean the things Jake the Snake and I would do with the rats is just silly! We would have sex with woman all the time. Do drugs. Stay out late! It was a great fucking time!

JM: What are some of the greatest Highlights of your Career?
DC: My in ring work is also top notch. But it is my behind the scenes work that I am most proud of. Do you know who got Mick Foley a try out with WWF? I did! Do you know who saved HBK's life when he OD on crack cocaine? I did! Do you know who had sex with Mae Young? Not Me that was Konan but I video taped it and gave it to Vince as a gift!

JM: Through the years, you have played tons and tons of Practical Jokes on fans and workers alike…. What’s your favorite that sticks out the most?
DC: Ok so one time we are on tour in Canada and you know Brett hart is true blue 100% Mr. Canada. So I take all of his gear and give him some gear that has USA Rules all over it. I also had him come out to I am a real American. It was a riot.

JM: how does you feel about the doink impersonators on indy shows?
I think they suck. Find your own gimmicks.

JM: was there any heat for your Doink the clown gimmick in wrestling?
DC: Major heat everyone was jealous that I was getting over with such a dumb gimmick. A lot of the young guys tried to rat me out to Vince about my drug problems and my sexual love with Linda. I actually beat the crap out of HBK. He was like Oh Vince that Doink is such a jerk. He is doing drugs and banging your wife. Why do you think he got such a major push?

JM: Name game/Association

Bryan Adams- Great song writer

Jerry Lawler- The King

Dink The Clown- A true friend

Bam Bam Bigalow- I miss you brother

Luna Vachon- Sexy

Mr. Perfect- Amazing

Brett Hart- A real tight ass

Owen Hart- Greatness

Insane Clown Posse- Eh not really my thing I like my ICP to be Insane Clown Pussy. You ever bang a female clown they are fucking freaky!

JM: Who would you like to have a dream match with?
DC: Abyss or Raven.

JM: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

DC: Nope, but I have invested some money into a web site that I think fans might like it is called the salty pirate. It is all about music , and Comedy , and Fighting. The web site is totally free check it out...

JM: What advice do you have for people who dream of becoming a pro wrestler?
DC: All kidding aside if you want to make it you have to have tough skin. Don't get pushed around. Show people respect, don't be a jerk. Before you even think about joining a wrestling school see if you can do 200 push ups, run 5 miles and do 300 sit ups. Eat a good diet and don't speak until you are spoken to. Wrestling is a tough business. People will try to stab you in the back. Give you terrible pay days, and job you in front of your friends. If you are going to go to wrestling school check out OVW, ROH, Team 3d's school , and FCW's school. Make sure you sign a contract that says you will have at least 1 match on a show. AND work hard really fucking hard

JM: Closing Thoughts?

DC: I'm probably done with pro-wrestling my body is a mess. I'm thinking about booking a comedy tour I have a fond spot in my heart for a young comic named Larry Poon. He along with Matt Stovall, and some other comics from the east coast is on the rise. Also I might try to do MMA. I want to be the first clown in UFC.

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