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Interview with Paul "Butcher" Vachon from 2004

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1955
---Has worked for National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), Stampede Wrestling

---American Wrestling Association (AWA) 1960-1984

World Wrestling Federation (WWF) 1984-1985

---AWA World Tag Team Champion

---Author: When Wresting Was real trilogy

---Documentaries: Wrestling Queen, & Lipstick and Dynamite

---Owens therapeutic magnets

---Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004

---Brother of Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon & Vivian Vachon

---Father of Luna Vachon

--Former Father in Law of Tom Nash & Gangrel

JM:Can you share the good and the bad working for the AWA, NWA, & the WWE?
BV: I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie in AWA and NWA.  and enjoyed the travel for WWF.  I have visited 33 countries. 

JM: You come from a famous wrestling family, has it been hard to deal with the fact that you, your brother and your sister were wrestling in the same era for the AWA?

BV: We all got along well together and were treated fairly.

JM: I know you have had a lot of them, but tell us some of your Greatest Highlights in the sport of wrestling.
BV:  In the 1960's I wrestled in a soccer stadium in Karachi Pakistan in front of a then record crowd of 85,000.

JM: If you can, can you share, experience, opinion, or anything that comes to mind when I. Named the Following.

The Hart Family-- all were gentlemen and none ever intentionally injured an opponent in the ring.

Verne Gagne-- Skilled scientific Rassler

Bruno Samartino-- He beat me in 10 minutes in Nassau Coliseum, NY.  I enjoyed riding in his Rolls Royce 

Andre the giant-- A good friend with super human strength

Vince Mcmahon SR.-- Nice guy and treated the boys with respect.

Vince Mcmahon, JR.--Good business man.

David Heath-- Great young man, excellent worker, and my son-in law a/k/a Gangrel, Vampire Warrior

Mad dog Vachon-- My older brother who introduced me into the business.  Great sense of humor and I still admire him.

Luna Vachon--  She travels a lot and I wish we could see more of each other.

Vivian Vachon-- Beauty and talent.  My book "When Wrestling Was Real" is available on my web site http://www.ButcherVachonMagnetsPlus.com">> and is dedicated to her.

Hulk Hogan-- Great charisma and marketability

George Steel--  Great gimmick and a good friend.

Fabulous Moolah--  Longevity.

JM: If you don't mind me asking what are your thoughts on your daughter Luna Vachon's success in wrestling?

BV:  Luna is very "over" in Japan and still working the Independents.  I am very proud of her and she has a strong will of her own.

 JM: How is your career going now?

BV: At present I am recuperating from 35 radiation treatments for throat cancer.  I make occasional appearances at wrestling shows and travel with fairs and festivals selling my memorabilia and therapeutic healing magnets.

JM: Do you still follow wrestling?   if yes how do you feel the rate that it is going today?
BV:  I do not follow it much anymore, but there are some excellent athletes such as Goldberg, and Lisa The Adjuster in the New England Independents.  There is no one to blame for the steroid and drug abuse except the individuals themselves.

JM: What is the best Match that you competed in?
BV:  Taking the AWA Tag Team Title Belts from Champions Dick The Bruiser and Crusher in Chicago

JM: I Heard you were married in the WWE on TNT in the 1980's I believe, But I never knew the story about it, can you explain the experiences of that?

 BV: It was Vince's idea, the food fight was a lot of fun.  I believe it is on a WWF highlight and blooper video.

JM: What is the hardest thing you ever had to do in wrestling?
BV:  All the travel was very disruptive to my marriages and home life.

JM: What are some of the things you would change about wrestling if you took charge?

BV: I would get rid of the sleazy angles and return it to family entertainment.

JM: And Finally what advice do you have for young Men including myself who dream of making it to the Sport of wrestling

BV: Don't get discouraged - but don't quit your day job.

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