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Interview with Chastity from 2006

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1996
---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 1997-1998

---World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1999

---Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) 2000

---Adult Films  starring in Live Bait & Tiger Wood's

---# 96 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

JM: I just want to thank you for your time to agree to this Interview... What have you been up too for the last 6 years since you been away from Wrestling?
CH: Well, let' see...A LOT!!!!! Ha ! Ha! I am a stay-at-home-mom full time.

 I think the most important things are the next three items. First, I got a chance to re-connect with my "BIG", wonderful family. I never really realized how much I lost touch until I quit traveling.

A> My son, Boomer, plays so many sports...and yes, I know the cliche...but he is MVP of most of his teams. He pays Basketball, Football (his favorite) and Baseball. He has tried all kinds of other sports, too. But, these are the one's he will stick with.

B>I have reconnected with my many sisters. We have "sisters nights" and call each other, at least once a week.

C>My parents have always been there...but you always wonder for how long in your life. I am very happy for my Dad and Mom who are I swear will be "The Last Married American Couple". I try to spend as much time with them as I can. My Mom and I like to go shopping and get our nails done, together! (Or I talk her ear off on the phone.) My Dad is teaching me how to play the guitar and Banjo. He's been teaching me to sing since I was very little. (He loves to sing harmony.)
D>I got married to the man of my dreams, Pat. (I hope our marriage has the strength of both our parents!)
E>My husband and I tried to have a baby for several years, without success.

Somewhere in there they discovered I had Chrome's disease. After I was diagnosed, I got the proper treatment. It was a VERY pregnancy, but we ended up having a little girl...HOPE. (She was born 4.5 weeks early...healthy as a horse.) She just turned 2.

JM: How did you get your first start in the wrestling biz?

CH: My ex- boyfriend worked with a guy named Dan McDevitt who wrestled in an Independent League. We went to a show and he got me introduced to the promoter. I wasn't real sure, at first, but it came pretty natural.

JM: Whatever Happen to your Relationship with ECW?

CH:  Nothing--- ECW was great! Raven kind of took me in and showed me the ropes. Paul E. wasn't so sure, at first, but Raven must have seen some kind of talent and fought for me to stay. Afterwards, Paul and I got to be pretty good friends, I think. With ECW...I got the experience of a lifetime. I thank Raven and Paul for that. When Raven asked me to go with him to WCW...I had a really hard time...more than people know, I think. But, I have always been the type of person to never back down on a challenge. WCW was the challenge to me, plus I got to be with Raven, again. However, I felt like I was letting down the people I had tried so hard to build strong relationships with. We were on the road EVERY weekend...these people had become my "Family". (I loved being there and I was very comfortable.)

JM: The same question with WCW?
CH: Nothing WCW folded.

JM: I know you have a lot of them but what are some of your highlights in the Biz?
CH:  First and foremost...the people. I liked the traveling, but, it didn't seem like you were in one place too long to see anything. Just shows and hotel rooms. I love to perform, though. It's in my blood. I, sometimes, look back and wish I had stayed with it. I think if I were to perform would be some kind of acting or singing. I would love to sing, in front of people, with my Dad. I think he would like to play and sing, too. He dedicated his whole life to us kids...working 2-3 jobs at a time...but I think it would be a dream for him, too.

Anyway, I miss the people/wrestlers/refs...even the guys who put up and take down the ring. I did have my circle of friends...and they know who they are...but I just liked to be around all of the people.

Another highlight...walking out to a crowd with the lights and smoke's the biggest rush in the world!

Another...ANY time I got be inside the ring!

JM: What's your Opinion on the WWE and was that company in your future to work for?

CH:  I think the WWE is a great organization...You would have to ask them if it was in my future...Ha! Ha!

JM: Now that TNA has moved up in the Biz.... Would you make a comeback to wrestling if TNA Contacted you or WWE for that matter?
CH:  I would, probably, consider it. I don't know what the age limit is on talent...but, sure, I would consider it. LOL

JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling, what would it be?
CH:  I think wrestling has been around a really long time for a reason...There are people who definitely know what they are doing. Guys/girls who do this for years and guys/girls who do it for 1 year...hats off to's a lot of hard work! Physically, mentally and emotionally. (Their families give up a lot, too.) So, no I wouldn't change much...even if I could.

JM: How would you compare the good and the bad between WCW, XPW, & ECW

CH:  I don't really have a good and bad about any of them...I would just say the people are different...or were different. LOL

To most of the guys and girls it doesn't matter whether there is 5 or 50,000 people...they still give it all 100%.

JM: You worked for ECW's Arch Rival Rob Black's XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling), What's your opinion on the Controversial Story that Closed XPW for good?

CH:  Don't know about the "story". I try very hard not to involve myself in that part of the business.

JM: I thought This was an Interesting question to Ask since you worked with both Miss Elizabeth in WCW and Missy Hyatt in XPW and was wondering who in your opinion is the first lady of wrestling between the two?
CH: lol...okay...You are asking me to choose between two friends of mine. I would have to say both served terms...Miss Elizabeth....Republican and Missy...Democrat. LOL

JM: any interesting Stories during your time in pro wrestling?

CH: Interesting stories? There are four  that just pop in my head ...and they may only be interesting to me. I dropped my friend off at one of the "WWF" shows (not working it, myself)...I backed up and came about a thumb from hitting Mr. McMahon's car (with him in it) (I think he flipped me off!) (Of course, that would've been my response.) Every time I walked passed Dean Melinko he would sing "These boots are made for walking." So, eat your heart out Jessica Simpson...I had it before you. LOL (Of course she has it now and that's what matters! Ha! Ha!) The third is when "Sunny" tried to turn me into a Prom Queen...when all I wanted to be was myself/different...nothing matches, hair out of sorts, half glove, no matching clothes...ya' know...the kind of girl who is short and small but a little crazy...don't really want to mess with her because you never know what I may do or what I would be capable of...yeah...myself. It all worked out okay...I went back to doing things my way and she went back to being Miss Prom Queen. Everyone knew she was beautiful and she had no problem flaunting it. If I had her body, I wouldn't either.

The fourth interesting thing was when Ric Flair took his pants and clothes off in the middle of the ring...Hak and I were watching from behind the curtain and he comes back...only in his boxer shorts...and did a jig with me...dancing like he had just won the SuperBowl!

JM: What would be the greatest match that you were apart of?
CH: Greatest match...probably...WCW...when I turned on Raven only to be with his best friend, Hak.

 JM: The Name Game

Tommy Dreamer...can't say enough nice things about the guy...He was always there for you when you needed him and even when you didn't think you did.

Raven...My one and only brother in the liter...he taught me so much I don't ever think I got the chance to thank him. Also, one of the most brilliant minds I have come across in my life.

Jason Knight...Nice guy...didn't know a lot about him , but he was always very nice and considerate to me.

Justin Creditable...Loved him. Can't say much more. When Raven left...he stepped up to the plate with me...

Nicole Bass...The biggest woman with the biggest heart.

Beulah...From the time I met her we fought in the ring...but she became my friend and then she left.

Jazz...Don't know a lot about her...great competitor...she's short but packs a lot of punch. Jumped right into a spot without any hesitation...give her a lot of credit.

Sandman...What can I say about Hak? "I Love You, Man!"

And that ain't just the beer talking. One of the hardest working guys in the business...also, people don't give him enough credit for his great mind.

Bam Bam Bigalow...Great friend of mine. Being a single mom, I took my son to a number of shows...Bammer used to see him walk through the door, scoop him up, and run all around the locker room with him. I loved his two boys, too. Great guy...honest and fair...wasn't afraid of anything or anybody!

Lizzy Borden...I only knew her for a short time, but was very nice to me.

Missy Hyatt...first time I ever met this girl, she hated me...just about knocked my block off the first time I met "stint" with MCW...but when we met up again, she and I became very good friends.

Stevie Richards...Raven "want-to-be". Sorry are no Raven. But you are okay being yourself.

Blue Meanie...Man would do anything for BIG BLUE TEDDY BEAR!

JM: You have worked with the some of the Most HARD-CORE Wrestling Companies in the world...What was the most Painful injury you have had in wrestling?

CH: Painful injury...let's see...seprated, my C-4 in my neck, sepearted my shoulder, burnt butt with fire extinguisher, bruises, sprained ankle...I don't choose one.LOL

JM: You were in a Adult Movie back in the 90's, is that Movie still available for your Fans to purchase?

CH: No...It's off of e-bay and no comment. lol

JM: If you do plan on making a come back to wrestling or still want to interact with your fans, do you have a web page or contact info for promoters and fans to get in touch with you?
CH: I know there is a web page or two but not sure names. The only person in the business who has any info on me is Dan McDevitt. (First person to get me into MEWF.)

JM: do you have any advice for Fans who dream of getting into the Biz?

Advice on Biz...realize what kind of business it is. It is show/sport, you are going to get the worst sides of both and the best sides of both. Never loose yourself, though. Expect the worst/best and longest ride of your life.

JM: Closing Thoughts

CH: Closing Thoughts: Isn't this what Jerry Springer says? Well...I met a lot of friends and a lot of not-so-friendly people. But it's life. Wrestling made my dream of performing come true. I know it seems like I fell off the Earth with the fans and some of my friends...but to me and my family...I landed back on Earth when wrestling for me stopped. If I had started wrestling now...the balance would have been a lot better. But, everything happens for a reason. Keep watching wrestling because there is a lot of guys /girls who work very hard for you. And to my friends out me!

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