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Interview with Bobbi Billard from 2004

Quick Highlights

---Trained by Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, Jacquelyn, & Ivory
---Debut:  2000

---Worked for Women of Wrestling (WOW), & Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Developmental 2004

---Worked as a Tag team with Sandy known as the beach patrol

---Appeared on the cover of Mini Truckin, Muscular Development, Muscle Mag, American Curves, & Playboy

---"Green Bay Watch Commercial," was for Diet Dr Pepper and aired during Super Bowl XXXIII

--- Worked on Spike TV series MANswers in the opening credits from 2007 to 2010

--- #6 on Insane Plan's Top 10 interviews of all time!

JM: What Made you decide to get in the Wrestling Biz after being an accomplished Model?

BB: Thanks for the compliment! :) There are many reasons why I decided to get into the wrestling biz.

For starters, I have always been adventurous and liked trying new things.

Not only that, but I had a background in several sports... gymnastics, soccer, shot put, track, weight lifting, and kick boxing. I loved playing sports but there aren't that many that you can participate in once you graduate from high school and college. I found that I had missed playing sports (mostly soccer and gymnastics) after all these years so I welcomed the chance to learn something new and get physical.

I also remembered chatting with several fans of mine and they were dying to see me wrestle Sable. I always remembered that in the back of my head. Then it just kind of fell into my lap. It started out with my pictures being published in an issue of Playboy with Sable on the cover. That was a bit of a sign to me, looking back after the fact. Then a few years later, I was invited to an audition for this wrestling tv show called WOW. My agent asked me if I would be interested and I was like, "Hell yeah!". So I went and ended up getting the part.

JM: What is it Like to Wrestle for David McClain Women of Wrestling show as Summer of the  tag team beach patrol?

BB: It was fun while it lasted. I liked the character a lot. I only wish that I could have learned a lot more. There was limited time because there were so many girls on the show. Only the girls that were getting a push at the time had extra time spent with them in training, but I really had a desire to learn.

JM: What is your experience like training in Ohio Valley wrestling thus far?

BB: Well let me just tell you, even after my experience wrestling on the TV show WOW, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Like I said earlier, when I was on WOW, I really wanted to learn. However, I was always treated like a china doll because of how I look. I guess that's just the way it is and it is an obstacle that I have to overcome. It's kind of hard for me to explain. When you are a model, people just assume that you are scared to break a nail or something. And people always want to typecast me as just being some busty blonde bimbo... but looks can be deceiving. I love proving people wrong and surprising them in the end! You can't always judge a book by it's cover. I'm living breathing proof of that. I can't wait to work as hard at this as I did on my site and my modeling career. I've always been a very hard worker and when I put my mind to something, I feel there is no limit as to what you can accomplish.

OVW is completely different than WOW in so many ways! I find it to be extremely challenging and I'm learning a lot. I'm excited because I finally feel like I have the opportunity to learn. The sky's the limit and I am very optimistic that once my injury is healed, I will be able to get back in the ring and tear it up. I was already making a lot of progress before I got hurt! :)

JM: When will we see Bobbi Billard on WWE TV? 

BB: I don't know. I can't promise anything.

 Hopefully, whenever they feel that I am ready.

JM: What was the experience like wrestling at your very first PPV Match at WOW Unleashed

BB: It was great until I sprained my AC. The crowd popped during that move though. LOL! The crowd seemed very live and into our match a lot, although they didn't care for the fact that the match ended in a draw.

JM: If you can, Can you comment, experience, or your opinion of the following WWE Divas as I name them below

BB: Most of these girls I barely know but I am doing my best to answer your question.

Jacqueline - Hard worker!

Sable - She is gorgeous! I introduced myself and told her that I was a big fan. :)

Molly Holly - She is so sweet! I had a great talk with her one day when she was down. We didn't speak that long but she seemed very willing to work with me and teach me.

Ivory - Dedicated, always willing to learn something new, not too good to get in the ring and work with all of us at OVW.

Lita - Talked with her briefly about neck injuries. She seemed pretty cool.

Trish Stratus - Don't know her, I just introduced myself and she seemed very nice and genuine.

Victoria - Super nice. I've always sensed good vibes from her.

Stacy Kiebler - Didn't say more than hello to her so I can't really say. She's got great legs.

Miss Jacky - Nice and friendly girl with cool style.

Nidia - She is awesome and so is her sister!

Torrie Wilson - Didn't say more than hello to her so I can't really say either.

Jazz - Vicious heel! I love studying her matches and would love to pick up a thing or two from her. Haven't spoken to her long enough to give my opinion but seemed nice from the brief convo we did have.

Shaniquia - Smart, funny, cool, down to earth,. I see a big bright future for her!

Dawn Marie - Didn't say more than hello to her so I can't really say.

Gail Kim - Friendly, willing to teach me what she knew. I liked her a lot!

JM: What is the one thing you want to accomplish in the biz?

BB: I think it would be great just to make it on to WWE. That's my main goal right now and I'm working hard towards achieving it.

JM: What is the greatest highlights of your career so far?

BB: In modeling/acting? My greatest highlight was finding out that I got a part in a Super bowl commercial for Diet Dr. Pepper.

 In wrestling, my greatest highlight so far was being offered a developmental contact with WWE. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to be down here learning! :)

JM: Out of all the women on the WOW Roster when you competed at the time, who do you think should get a contract with the WWE in your opinion.

BB: Danger. I really liked her personally and she had great personality as well as wrestling ability. I would love to work with her again.

JM: Who, what or how were you offered a Development deal with the WWE.

BB: I was introduced to them by a friend of mine. I brought a tape of all my matches on WOW with some of my modeling stuff. I was offered developmental shortly after.

JM: I know you get asked this all the time but how was the experiences posing for playboy magazine like

BB: I have never posed for Playboy. I have been in the Grapevine section of Playboy but that was a result of a photographer selling my photos to them.

JM: What is the Update on your Injury from training now?

BB: I'm feeling a lot better and will be getting back in the ring very soon. Stay tuned!

JM: In your opinion do you think Sex Sells in wrestling?

BB: Yes, I think sex sells in the entertainment industry in general!

JM: Do you seriously run, maintain, and design your official web site all done by your own work?

BB: Yes, I do and have maintained

 for years. I also maintain, design, and run my best friend's over at    

JM: Which do you enjoy the most Acting, Modeling,  or Wrestling

BB: I enjoy them all equally for different reasons.

JM: What advice do you have for young female fans who dream of making it in the sport of wrestling.

BB: Work out hard & train hard. Study tapes and learn as much as you can about the sport.

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