Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interview with Mr. 8x10 Michael Cruz from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1997
---Works for Legends Pro Wrestling (LPW)

JM: Before we get into your current state in Professional Wrestling, please explain how you got your start in pro wrestling and who were some of your influences that inspired you to get in the game?

My career began in 1997 while attempting to train with IWA,felt was going nowhere seen an article with a local academy and finished a 6 month wrestling academy under the guidance of Dick Flanagan(a Dominick D'Nucci student of the 80's). I grew up a Huge fan of Hulk Hogan. Extremly was inspired by his colors,the good guy persona,and he seemed larger than life to me as a kid!

JM: You have been a hard working wrestler for a very long time now, what are some of your highlights in the biz? I know you have a lot of them

MC: Greatest Match ever I have had was 2001 against the Late "Sweet" Stevie Lee(Wheeling,W.V. XWF) Being Lex Lugers In-ring last opponent in 2007 (Moundsville,W.V. XWF).

JM: Fast forwarding to your current state in professional wrestling... there has been rumors of you retiring, can you shed any truth to that rumor?

MC: Actually in 2008-2009 1/2 I was retired(no work) was married and very at peace at that time. Since then I have resurfaced and am active wrestling for the Legends of Pro Wrestling(Wheeling W.V.) at this moment am taking bookings outside the area,if interested drop me an email on facebook!

JM: The Name Association Game?

Jack Blaze- Mastermind

Jim The Anvil- Courageous

X-Pac- Emotion

Billy Gunn- Confident

Roaddog- Re-Born

Greg The Valentine- Private

Lex Luger- Spiritual

JM: The wrestling world lost an Icon in professional wrestling and that is Macho Man randy Savage... what are your thoughts and memories of The Macho Man?

MC: My thoughts of Macho Man I am completly devastated in the fact the man had a wife/family was way to young to go,I Miss him so much as watching him as a kid come out from the back was Amazing to me. Again a Very colorful Absolute Talented wrestler. Never going to forget him.

JM: You still have a lot of fight in you, do we see you in TNA or the WWE in the near future?
MC: I Believe I do,and actually I'm training again,in-ring with LPW and getting myself in Great physical shape for a try with TNA. I would fit in there!

JM: You currently work for LPW, is there any other feds you also work for?
MC:  Not at the moment,I have been back now just over a year,and haven't put myself out there as of yet again.

JM: In LPW, Who have you had the best bouts with?
MC: Currently in LPW I have this storyline of only wrestling "Legends",I'd say Brian "O".

JM: What are your goals you want to accomplish as of now in wrestling?
MC: After 14 years on the Independent circuit I have Never once put myself out there to any Major promotion,I would say I'd like to believe I could work a match with TNA-if given that opportunity.

JM: TNA Wrestling has experience a lot of changes as of late, the debut of Chyna, the return of Mick foley & Chris Harris, and not to mention the whole name change to Impact wrestling... what are your thoughts on TNA's direction and do we see TNA give WWE a run for it's money?
MC:  I actually like the name change,it's good for business to put "Wrestling" back in the game again to the Fans/Viewers at home. I do not unfortunately at this moment think TNA can go against WWE and win,however I do believe Impact can!

JM: I have myself experience a lot of negative politics in pro wrestling and I am sure you have too, what do you want to say to them?

MC:    Absolutly Nothing.

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dream of being a pro wrestler?
MC: Never Empower anyone. Get In Shape first,get trained,it's not practice makes perfect or how many bookings you work,it's perfect practice makes perfect and perfect bookings make the "Entertainer"

JM: Closing thoughts?
MC: I want the World of Pro Wrestling to know I'm available to work bookings any weekend,anywhere Never give up on what you enjoy best that your good at. Thank you all for taking your time to read what I have had posted!

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