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Interview with DJ Pringle from 2008

Quick Highlights

Debut: 2005
Son of World Wrestling Entertainment Legend Paul Bearer

JM: you grew up in the sport of wrestling, how old were you when you had your first professional wrestling match?

D.J. Pringle: I was 18 years old. September 24th, 2005, I wrestled "Playboy" Pat Patera in Hattiesburg, MS as F.T. Worth (my 1st gimmick).

JM: Who has given you some of your best bouts so far?

D.J. Pringle:  So many man, "Brutal" Joe Gibson comes to mind. Joe, Joe, Joe. I trained with Joe at my father's Gulf South Wrestling Training Center. We have been up and down the Gulf Coast together.

JM: what are some of your greatest highlights?

D.J. Pringle: tag teaming with David Heath(a.k.a. Gangrel) agaist Too Cool (Rikishi and Grandmaster Sexay) with my father, Percy Pringle III in our corner.

JM: I am sure growing up with a father like Percy Pringle, you saw him take part in many great matches...which one stands out the most to you?

D.J. Pringle: I was born in Dallas when my father was working for World Class Championship Wrestling, so I can barely recall any of those matches. But as a child and a teenager my dad was in WWF which now is WWE. And the best feeling in the world is watching your father doing what he loves in front off 75,000 fans in England at Summer Slam.

JM: Name Game

Percy Pringle- My father, my manager, one of the greatest manager in wrestling history

Aeon Flexx- one of my trainers, a good friend of my family

Rikki Rocket- another one of my trainers

Billy Rayz and Scottie Rayz- Scottie and Billy Rayz, so many things to say about them...Billy and Scotty are characters in the dressing room. One of my best friends.

Gangrel- former WWE worker, great performer, great guy

Rikishi- nothing to say about him

The Undertaker- Mark Calloway..I grew up watching him. He is a family friend and a very great performer. FUTURE WWE Hall of Famer, I promise ya!

JM: Any Up coming shows you want to plug?

D.J. Pringle: January 26th, 2008, United Wrestling Alliance, Vernon, FL at the Old Vernon High School Gym. The UWA Heavyweight Champion, "The Future Legend" D.J. Pringle will be there.

JM: Any interesting stories in the locker room or on the road you can share with the readers?

D.J. Pringle: So many, So many....ummmm...let me see, In about 2004ish, My father was running Gulf South Wrestling out of Mobile, Al. We was in Mobile that night, and he bought in "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Road Dogg(which is B.G. James right now in TNA). Road Dogg and Aeon Flexx was working that night and I was doing the music. I hit Road Dogg's music, ya know, the "Oh, You Didn't Know" music, from the DX days. Road Dogg came to the ring and done his usually promo. And than began to sing Happy Birthday. And actually a few hours later, all the guys were talking in the locker room about ribbing(joking around) me cause it was my birthday. Road Dogg got in the ring, like I said. and began singing Happy Birthday to you. Pointing at me. but enough about that....I got all embarrassed and all that good stuff.

JM: Do you see the WWE or TNA In your future?

D.J. Pringle:  You never know!

JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today, what would it be?

D.J.  politics

JM: Do you have any advice for young fans who dream of getting a break in the sport?

D.J. Pringle: Remember the business if about respect! DONT FORGET THAT. Respect will take you to the top of the mountain in the business of professional wrestling.

JM: Closing thoughts?

D.J. Pringle:  Just something to think about. Staph infections have ALWAYS been a problem in professional wrestling. I acquired one early in my ring career and had to be hospitalized. It's not something to play with! There was, and still is, a real need to clean filthy ring gear, and the ring itself! A recent analysis of sports equipment has shown that it harbors mold, fungus, ecoli, blood, and Staphylococcus bacteria (the strain that causes MRSA) growing on the equipment.

Promoters have a duty to make certain that their equipment is clean, and that their wrestlers are protected. Talent themselves should ALWAYS pay close attention to any open wound, and wash your gear after every event!

Thank you readers.

"The Future Legend" D.J. Pringle

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