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Interview with Baby Doll from 2007

Quick Highlights

---Daughter of wrestling ledgend's Nick Roberts and Lorraine Johnson
---Debut: 1984

---Worked for  World class championship Wrestling (WCCW) & Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF)

--- National Wrestling Alliance (NWA):  1985 to 1988

---Formally married to ex World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Alumni  Sam Houston who also is related to WWF Alumni Jake The Snake Roberts & Rockin Robin and the son of wrestling ledgend Grizzy Smith

---# 73 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002

JM: I first want to thank you for your time to do this Interview, It's a real honor, my first question is You were born into wrestling with your parents being in wrestling

Growing up in this biz... did you first want to be a wrestler or a Valet in wrestling?

BD: Wrestler at first because I had never seen a girl work valet before I saw Sunshine..and after I saw her work with Jimmy Garvin and the rest of the Freebirds -- I knew that was what I wanted to do...

JM: What are some of your memories during your parents time in wrestling?

BD: The absolute best..My parents were always home and we took a lot of hunting and fishing trips...seeing my Dad on TV every week was really cool but it was kind of weird when meeting new kids...biggest disappointment was my Mom not wanting to talk very much about her time in the sport.

JM: during your early days you were named Andrea the lady giant, some say you were the original chyna before there ever was a chyna in wrestling... what are your thoughts on that as well as the experience being a bodyguard in wrestling?

BD: I had the biggest crush on Gino Hernendez... That is why I made phone call to Dallas was that I had heard my parents talking about the Dallas Office wanting to possibly put a black girl with Gino...I called David Manning and suggested myself. It was hard working with Gino since I liked him a lot and he knew it plus he had an 18 yr old girlfriend I was 22-23 and he was about 30.
I tried to keep my character strong but I liked trying to be fem too it was a hard gimmick for me.

JM: Who was the first man you managed?

BD: The Handsome Half breed--Gino Hernandez

JM: you have worked for WCCW, UWF & NWA, what was the good and the bad working for both companies?

BD: WCCW GOOD-- no limits, only girl, worked with some of the best wrestlers in history of pro, having so much heat that lots of people wanted to beat me up and really hurt me...very little security...fighting crowds back and forth to the ring..being around geniuses like Tully and Dusty and of course Ric Flair.

*WCCW BAD-- them disliking my choice of guys to be with...schedule (15 days off the first year with Tully),
not knowing how short it was going to be.

*UWF GOOD-- got to be with my husband Sam, traveling together, solid matches every night, got to work with a bunch of different guys that were young and veterans..and of course Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt

*UWF BAD--horribly long road trips...low pay...did not get over the sense that Bill Watts could have done a lot more with what he had

JM: I know you have a lot of them but what are some of your highlights of your career

BD: The Great American Bash 1985--the crowd, Tully's and Dusty's match, fighting back through crowd after the lose

Tully and Magnum feud--how solid they worked and how much they disliked each other (even to this day )

The promos that Tully Dusty and Flair talented all the guys were and how much was demanded that we be Stars...
*Floyd the Horse where I rode off with Dusty's credit cards...

JM: You met and married Sam Houston who worked in the WWE back in the 80's, while at the same time you were working for the rival NWA, how did you two work around the situation? were there some bad blood towards you in the locker room?

BD: On my days off I would fly out to see him...We saw each other about every two weeks.
WWE was fine with it and NWA preferred I was not associated with them.
Never anything said--both sides had both of us saying His and greetings back and forth...

JM: What happen to your relationship with the NWA?

BD: They decided to quit using Baby Doll.

JM: Has there ever been a chance for you to work for the WWE or have been in contact to work there?

BD: They have never contacted me
I would be interested to see what they would offer me if I was approached by them...

JM: Name Game: You can comment, share experience, opinion or anything you like next to there names of people you worked with

*Gino Hernandez ----big crush, reason I got on this side of the business, could have been one of the Horsemen...

*Tully Blanchard---- So fortunate that we were teamed together, no one else for either of us would have worked like we did...         
Baby Doll would never have been the Perfect 10 if I had been put with any one else like Buddy Landell, Both of us made the other a Legend...                

*Dusty Rhodes---- So very talented, I will never forget the JUMBO finish

*Larry Zbyszko--- fun guy to travel with, has more drama going on than I do

*Sunshine---- The reason I was outside the ring instead of on the inside when I worked..

*Magnum T.A.---- Was heading toward being bigger than Hulk Hogan

*Jim Cornette---- His interviews and promos are pure genius but after having the experience they hurt..they are so brutal..

*Road Warriors---- Best entrance music in the business, I looked forward to what Hawk had to say about anything.

*Jake The Snake----Broke into Dallas territory on the same day
been like separated conjoined twins since then

*Missy Hyatt---- Everything that I wasn't...wonder what I would have been like if I had  her boobs...still working out offer to appear on her web site...

*Ric Flair----  Everything you could imagine about this guy is true only

*4 Horseman---- I was there when it started...Lucky Lucky Me and we all knew it was going to be HUGE

*Leilani Kai---- funny girl to be with..always laughing
loved my pecan pie

*Precious----We became really close right before and when Sam was flying out to California to train Darren BcBee of the American Gladiators.

*Dark Journey ---- LOST

JM: Do you plan on writing a tell all book about your life in wrestling?

BD: I have been in "talks" with several guys that think that I should have a book...and action figure
have to say that would be AWESOME for either or both...

JM: What were your thoughts on the WCW, would you ever work for that company if they asked you?

BD: Sorry who are WCW (let me answer after I find out who they are ..OK???)

JM: You along with several others Valets during the 80's pave the way for women you see today in the WWE & TNA, What's your opinion on the Women in wrestling curentlly?

BD:  take advantage of everything you can.. It won't last as long as you think it will and it will end before you really want it to..

JM: You also have two daughters, are they fans of wrestling and want to follow in the roots of you and your family in wrestling?

BD: My youngest has said she wants to start training...I will teach her how to go to the ring and timber is starting to show her what to do in the ring..what is cool is she can have lots of coaches cause of all the different shows I am doing..

JM: The world of wrestling is Buzzing over the death of Sensational Sherri & the Benoit Family tradgey, what are your thoughts on these untimley situations?

BD: Sherri hurts the most, Nancy and i worked together in Pennsylvania when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter...

JM: You been away from wrestling for years and made a comeback and now work for the CWA, are you still there and if so any upcoming shows you want to plug?

BD: I am now their General Manager..August 4 Orangeburg with Timber Vs Josh Magnum and Malachai Vs Spike Dudley.

 August 9 Columbia Gold Dust Vs Timber CWA TITLE MATCH.

 August 10,11,12 Charlotte Legends FANFEST this is the SHOW OF THE YEAR
>>>>     <<<<

JM: do you have any advice for young fans who dream of getting into the biz?


JM: Closing thoughts?

BD: thanks to everybody out there who is glad I am back and thanks to those who don't cause you know you love to hate me...

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