Monday, June 4, 2012

Interview with Axl Rotten from 2005

Quick Highlights

 ---Trained by Joey Maggs

 ---Debut: 1986

---World Championship Wrestling (WCW): 1991

 ---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW): 1993-1999

  ---Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW): 1999-2001

---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE): 2005

 ----Total Non-Stop Action (TNA): 2010

 ---1995 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Feud of the year with Ian Rotten

 ---Inside Wresting Magazine Ranked Axl Rotten along with his Tag Partner Ian Rotten in Wrestling's Bloodiest Wrestler's of all time

JM: What made you decide to get in the game of Pro Wrestling?

Axl- Dusty Rhodes, I think he is awesome.

JM: What was the good and the bad working for ECW?

 Axl- Bad...bounced checks. Good...everything else.

JM: I know you have a lot of them but what are some of your greatest highlights?

Axl- My feud w/ Ian Rotten was by far a ground breaking feud.

JM: What part will you take in the up coming WWE/ ECW One Night stand PPV?

Axl- It's far to early to say at this point.

JM: Do you have any plans to be apart of WWE Full time?

Axl- Never say never.

JM: Is TNA In your future?

Axl- Never say never.

JM: At The House of Pain Wrestling Show in Beaver Falls, New Jack Made a Surprise appearance, was it a shocker for you to see your OLD ECW Pal New jack?

Axl- I got a charge out of it. A lot is said about Jack but, He and I are great friends and he has been nothing but cool to me for over 10 years.

JM: There has been a lot of Controversy around XPW a company you once worked for after ECW, what's your opinion of the situation with XPW a couple years back?

Axl- XPW had all the right ideas, just all the wrong people.

JM: What's Ian Rotten up to these days?

Axl- Ian runs IWA and wrestles all over. He is well.

JM: The Name Game:

New Jack - Has my back

Morgus the Maniac- Crazy (for real)

Ian Rotten-My best student

Pitt Bulls- I loved working w/ them

The Dudley Boyz - A really good team

The Sandman- A different breed of cat

Chris Candido- A very good friend. One of the best.

Rob Black- I have no opinion one way or the other

Paul Heyman- Helped me become a star

JM: Has there ever been contact for you to work for the WWE or WCW awhile Back during it's Monday night wars?

Axl- No

JM: As an experience Hard-core Brawler do you think that back yard wrestling has gone too extreme now days?
Axl- Yes, I really don't like seeing kids killing themselves.

JM: Do you have any advice for young men including myself who dream of getting in the game of pro wrestling?

Axl- Bust your butt. Train hard & get a good trainer.

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