Saturday, June 2, 2012

Interview with Annie Social from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Trained by Trent Acid & Gary Wolfe
---Debut: 2001

---Has worked for Naked Women's Wrestling League (NWWL), Shimmer, Women Extreme Wrestling (WEW), Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (JCW)

---#44 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2008

---#46 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

JM: How did you get your start in Professional Wrestling?

I was working at a bar in center city Philadelphia when a promoter from WEW came in. He asked me if I wanted to oil wrestle at one of their events. I tried it and it was kind of fun but everything gets old after a bit so I decided to train to do pro matches. I trained with Trent Acid, Gary Wolf and Mike Kehner at PWU and went on to work in the indy's from there.

JM: Were you a fan growing up, if so who were some of your favorites?
AS: I actually was not a fan growing up. I watched on and off but was more into boxing as a child. I'm currently an MMA fan.

JM: What are some of your greatest Highlights?
AS: Every match has it's own degree of awesomeness but I always have the most fun when I travel. I'd have to say that touring Europe with NWE has probably been one of the biggest highlights of my career thus far. I've also had the chance to work with some awesome people including Too Cold Scorpio, April Hunter, RVD, Heidenreich, Chris Masters, Kishi, Ultimo Dragon and The Sandman to name a few. There's almost too many to list.

JM: Do you see yourself in the TNA or WWE in the near Future?
AS: If they see me in their near future, I could definitely see myself in theirs :)

JM: Who would you like to beat down a Knock-out or a Diva?
AS: I'd like to beat down anyone with the balls to step to me.

JM: You appeared in JCW, What's that experience like and were you always a juggalo not just in there promotion but to there music as well?
AS: The juggalos are a pretty rad crowd. I hate that they throw shit in the ring though. It's pretty disrespectful and DEFINITELY unsafe. I'm not really a juggalo per say. I dig some of the music but I've never rocked face paint or anything.

JM: You have wrestled for WSU, Shimmer, NWWL, & WEW.... All top promotions on the women's wrestling scene, how would you compare the good and bad between these companies and who were some of your best matches with?
AS: . . NWWL was a great crew to work with. They were very respectful toward all of us and their head trainer was Ron Hutchison! What's not to like about him?? As far as my best match....I don't think it's happened yet. The best is definitely yet to come.

JM: Name Association Game
Insane Clown Posse- magic ninjas

Sabu- sick

Trent Acid- brother

Tammy Sytch- Sunny

Amy Lee- brutal

Gary Wolf- intense trainer

Mike Kehner- awesome

Cindy Rogers- technician

Daffney- scream queen

April Hunter- real

Roxie Cotton- silly

Trina Michaels- Pornographic

JM: You spent some time in WSU, what are some of your memories with them?

AS: WSU was a good time. I got to work with my tag partner Roxie Cotton a lot and that's always fun

JM: You work as a Manager in Shimmer, will we ever see you compete for there division?
AS: I've only been on one SHIMMER event so far and didn't wrestle. I manage Wesna and Melanie Cruise there. It's a trip to be anywhere that you can legit pisses people off

JM: Working for WEW, so you have interesting stories within that company?
AS: WEW gave me my start so they will always have a special place in my heart. I don't have anything bad to say about anyone.

JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today what would it be?
AS: All of the politics and drama. It's like fn high school sometimes.

JM: What advice would you give to young Female Fans who dream to get into the biz?
AS: Don't let anyone tell you "you can't". Keep your head up and persevere and good things will happen.

JM: Closing Thoughts?
AS: I just want to thank everyone who digs what I do. I would be nothing without you guys!

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