Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview with Andy Douglas from 2006

Quick Highlights

---Debut  2000
---Total Nonstop Action (TNA): 2004-2007

---Tag Team with Chase Stevens as the Naturals in TNA

--- TNA Tag team Champions (3x)

--- Appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment Smack down

JM: What made you decide that Pro Wrestling is what you want to do with your life?

AD: It's what I always wanted to do as a kid, and when the opportunity came about I took advantage of it.

JM: How did the Offer with TNA come about?

AD: We were doing several dark matches for them in Nashville. One day we showed up for what we thought another dark would be but instead were offered our deals.

JM: Did you ever expect TNA to go as far as they are today?

AD: Yes and no. At the time of the weekly PPV's no. But once the ball started rolling with national TV, then yes.

JM: Do you think that TNA will give WWE a run for it's money on prime time?

AD: If so it will take some time. Now we are on at 11 instead of 9 which I think will hurt our ratings a little.

JM: Has WWE ever crossed your mind to work with or is TNA the home for you?

AD: You always have to keep your mind open, but for now TNA is home.

JM: what's your greatest Match you have had thus far?

AD: There have been several, but I'm very proud of the match we had against AMW after Candido's passing.

JM: What are some of your greatest Highlights in the biz?

AD: Wrestling the Rock 'N' Roll Express in the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN.

JM: What's the most painful thing you had to go through?

AD: This business is a relationship killer. Trust me, I've gone through it more than once.

JM: how did you react to the devastating sudden news of you & Chase Steven's partner/manager Chris Candido's passing?

AD: It was tough, I was on the phone for a long time making calls and having people call me. I'd rather not go into too much detail.

JM: What are your thoughts on Jimmy Hart who was a manager of  you & Chase Stevens in the TNA and all of a sudden he showed up on WWE TV?

AD: Jimmy is a great guy on camera and backstage. We loved having him as our manager. It was just a crappy way that the whole situation was handled. We weren't even informed that Jimmy wasn't going to be our manager anymore until we were getting ready to walk to the ring and he wasn't there.

JM: The Name Game

Chase Stevens---the best

3 Live Krew----great guys, Dogg has gone out of his way several times to help us

America's most wanted---the feud of the century

Prime time Skipper----stiff, just saying that because he'd get pissed if I didn't

Jimmy Hart---one of the greatest managers ever

Chris Candido-----truly missed

Jeff Jarrett-----a great ribber

AJ Styles------a great acrobat

Jeff Hardy-----very cool if you get to know him

Diamond Dallas Page-----gone

JM: Future Goals?

AD:  tag team gold

JM: What would you change in wrestling if you took Charge?

AD:  If it makes sense.........DO IT. Some of the shit you see today just makes you scratch your head.

JM: Any interesting stories to tell?

AD: I mentioned this in a past interview, but someone very mean and cruel has been putting tons of ice in
Rudy Charles' bag. Seriously guys this isn't funny and it needs to stop before someone's feelings get hurt.

JM: Any Advice for young men such as myself who dream of getting a break in this sport?

AD: Get trained professionally and stay away from the backyard shit.

JM: Closing Thoughts?

AD: Thanks again as always to all of the fans out there who support TNA and the Naturals.

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