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Interview with April Hunter from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Trained by: Killer Kowaski
---Debut: 1999

--- Worked for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) 1999-2000

---Worked for Total Non Stop Action (TNA) 2002-2003

--- First Woman to hold the Tag Team title (3PW & JAP)

---Appeared in Playboy

---Starring in the Movie Not another Romantic Wrestling Comedy also co starring Chyna

---Appeared on Howard Stern

---#18 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2008

---2011 WSU Hall of Fame

JM: You were featured in Playboy which is where you were discovered by WCW, were you ever a fan prior to joining WCW, if so who were some of your favorites?

AH: No. I didn't watch any wrestling before WCW. I got a very intense education in the history of wrestling at Killer Kowalski's.

JM: working in WCW as a valet, was it anything you expected?

AH: LOL. Hell no. I didn't really know WHAT to expect. I think I thought it would be more organized than it was, since they were a big corporation on television.

JM: In WCW The crop of female talent working there at the time were a mixture of Veterans, Athletes, Body Builders, and Models.. Were there any tension within the Women on the roster to work together?

AH: Some. I think there's always tension between women...especially pretty ones.

JM: Whatever happened to your relationship with WCW?

AH: Um...they folded. ;) I'd left to get fully trained and in that duration, they were acquired by WWE.

JM: You were trained by Killer Kowalski wrestling school, what was the training like?

AH: Brutal. Great. You can always tell a Kowalski student...they stand out, they're safe workers. But most of all, they're wrestlers.

JM: You also worked in TNA during it’s early years, did you ever expect TNA to go as far as it has to be almost in the same rank as WWE?

AH: Quite honestly, I thought they'd be further along than they are by now. Their ratings are quite bad...with all the talent they have, they should be doing much better than they are. ROH is doing nearly as well without nearly as much money, name talent or TV exposure.

JM: Name Association Game?

Kevin Nash - a smart politician.

Scott Steiner - biceps

Tylene Buck - hmmm. I never really know what to say about Tylene. Typically blond?

Killer Kowalski -brilliant, sweet. He was really great to me.

Allison Danger - I like her women's fed, Shimmer. Kudos to her for doing that.

Jackie Gayda -driven and strong willed.

Sunny - a sweetheart.

Lita -unique and groundbreaking.

Christy Hemme - one of the most upbeat, positive people I've ever met.

Velvet Sky - Love her. She's a really good person.

JD Maverick - a truly good person and he should have been signed by now. If there were real talent scouts out there who cared about wrestling, he would be.

Chyna -an inspiration who originally got me into the ring.

JM: You made history being the first woman in history to hold a tag team title along with your partner Slyck Wagner Brown in 3PW & Jersey All pro wrestling.. Your thoughts the moment you knew you made history?

AH: Very proud, actually! I was thrilled they let me run with that. I trained with all males, so I loved working all male tag teams.

JM: 3PW experienced a lot of up and down’s, most would say the company had
potential if was run by the right people, would you agree or disagree?

AH: Agreed.

JM: You made some special appearance with TNA in a tag team match, you later stated you turn down a contract.. How come?

AH: I have accumulated back injuries. I've rehabbed them for a long time and come back from barely being able to walk. I don't want to go through that again. I told them I could only be a manager, but they wanted me to come in as a wrestler.

JM: You have also competed in Figure competitions.. Who are some of your influences that inspire you to compete and your highlights entering the contests?

AH: No one, really. I did it as part of my rehab...the first thing my doctor told me was to drop weight. The less weight I was carrying, the faster I'd heal. Then I thought I'd take it one step further and get as strong as I could, too. I'm happy to say, it's worked. ;)

JM: I did a review of the Movie Just another Romantic wrestling comedy and honestly I was impressed with the whole movie and the cast… was this your first movie you have done and will we see you in future roles?

AH: No, I've done a few others. My first was a Japanese action movie (English subtitles) called Home Sweet Battlefield with Shinya Hashimoto. I play the female in a heel faction that helps destroy him when he decides he's not "with us". It's the coolest movie I've ever done that no one has seen! I really enjoyed shooting JARWC. It was a total blast!

JM: Any advice for young fans who want to follow their dreams?

AH: Do it! If you really want it, do it. And pick a GOOD by someone who has been at the top. You can go to a community college, or you can go to a Harvard University. Harvard will open far more doors for you. Just be aware of the BIG picture...especially in wrestling. It's very difficult to get a job with WWE or make money in this field and you will get injured at some point. So, have a backup. For me, I went to photography school in Boston while I was attending Killer Kowalski's. Thankfully!

JM: Closing Thoughts?

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