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Interview with Amy Lee from 2008


Quick Highlights

---Debut May, 1989
---Trained by Dick Murdoch

---Worked for Pro Wrestling Unplug (PWU), Women Extreme Wrestling (WEW), Dangerous Women of Wrestling (DWOW), & Women Superstar Uncensored (WSU),

---Inducted the Late Sensational Sherri & Luna Vachon into the Women Superstar Uncensored Hall Of Fame

---#45 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

--- The only women to ref a New Jack match.

JM: You were trained in Urban GoJu Karate for many years and accomplish so much in that field, how did pro wrestling cross your mind when already fighting in a challenging sport.

AL: I was suppose to go to the World's in Italy to fight, but my instructor decided to give his "young" bride my place instead. I was always fascinated with wrestling especially with the promos. Dennis Coralluzzo was one of my fight sponsors so when he heard how I got screwed out of the World's he offered me a job managing Boy Gone Bad a/k/a Joe Daniels at ringside. Mind you I was made to help at the ticket box office, setup/take down the ring, etc. Coralluzzo use to love to break my balls and call me his piss bucket bitch. He was the biggest ball breaker ever in wrestling.

JM: who trained you and what's the training was like?

AL: I use to workout with Joe Daniels a lot until Dick Murdoch took me under his wing. Murdoch was a rough man who would mawl you in the ring. He had great love and respect for wrestling and never tolerated the "disrespecters" of wrestling. It was a bit hard of a transaction though going from full-contacting fighting to pulling punches, etc. Murdoch once grinded my face across the mat after I "stiffed" him in the face with a punch. I had a severe mat burn on the left side of my face.

JM: what was the one advice Dick Murdoch gave you in training that stuck with you until this day?

AL:  Keep your legs and mouth shut; eyes and ears open; one hand on your wallet and the other on your panties.

JM: Growing up, who did you admire?

AL: Hulk Hogan's charisma. He had a way to make the world stop, listen, watch and believe every word he said. Now that's power.

JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE or TNA in the future?

AL: I would love to wrestle for TNA. I have had the honor of wrestling with Kong twice this year. They were some pretty ass kicking matches. Neither of us can be called a "wuss" or "wimp". As for WWE, they don't like plus size women. I had a better chance back in the early "90's if I had been fully trained and ready.

JM: If there is anything you would change about wrestling today if you took charge?

AL: The obsession with weight regarding women; lack of gimmicks/persona; MAJOR lack of being able to cut a promo.

JM: I know you have a lot of them but what are some of your greatest highlights in your career?

AL: Managing Eddie Gilbert in Memphis, TN against Jerry the King Lawler; Tagging with Jim Neidhart; wrestling and being able to hold my own with Kong.

JM: Which do you prefer to knock out? a WWE Diva or a TNA Knock-out?

AL: TNA KNOCK-OUT. Those women are beautiful, real looking and can kick some major ass!

JM: Name game

Dick Murdoch - MY GOD SENT





Amazing Kong ROUGH






Eddie Gilbert PURE GENIUS

JM: Any Interesting stories within the biz? There are always road stories and lots of them.
AL:  Francine, Bobcat, Daffney, Simply Luscious and I were rooming once in Atlanta for a WEW taping. They had a religious convention there as well as the women of WEW staying at the same hotel/floor. One of the religious women called my room after we had partied all night and said "Im keeping you up now, since you kept me up." My response to her was in my Luna Vachon impersonation voice "Lady I'm busy fucking Satan."

Another time, I was wrestling the Blue Meanie in my title defense for Dangerous Women of Wrestling. Meanie and I started brawling outside the ring and all of a sudden he throws me back in and starts to take it home. He kept saying "I have to shit, I drank too much vitamin water, I have to shit." All I kept saying was "Don't shit on me fucker, Don't shit on me."

Coming back from John Rambo's HOPWF/NWL show in WV my ex-tag partner Bruiser Blackwell pulled over so Luscious Johnny Valiant could take a piss. A state trooper pulls up asking if there was a problem...Johnny Valiant replies "Yeah, I cant understand my Chinese communist wife, Im going to miss my train, and a frigging cop is watching me take a piss with my schmeckle (sp?) hanging out." The cop said "good night sir; and drove off.

I've had sooooo many good times on the road. It's what I think makes wrestling even more fun. We are like teenagers away from our parents with no one watching us.

Neidhart and I have had a few laughs....he always seems to think my alcoholic beverages (Jack Daniels Coolers) are the most flavorable beverages. God he is awesome.

JM: You currently work for WEW, how did that deal come about and who was your toughest feud in that promotion?

AL: Chubby Dudley (Bay Ragni) and his wife (Jess Ragni) got me into WEW. I tried for over a year, but Sound Guy and Dan Kowal were being a pain in my ass. I finally got a shot on a Thursday night at Froggies in DE. Mind you, I got the call from Jess on the Tuesday 2 days prior. The locker room is like no other. It was like the case of Deliverance arrived. I beat the hell out this skinny dude named Davey Mae who I have the up most respect for. This guy let me beat the living shit out of him for 10 minutes. He never complained.

As for my toughest feud, I would say Riptide. She likes to hit hard just like me. We had some real ass kicking/hardcore matches. We clicked instantly at Hovember to Remember in 2001. I would love to see her on a weekly basis on TV.

JM: How would you compare the good and the bad between working for WEW & GLOOW?

AL: They were basically the same, but WEW has the porno shots in between the matches on the pay per view. What can I say sex, pussy and tits sell. lol

JM: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

AL:  I will be working with Velocity every third Sat. of the month at the old ECW arena; I have been asked back by PWU in September 2008; and JAPW has taken an interest in me. Now if we can only get our schedules on the same page. lol

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?

AL:  Life's a banquet and most poor suckers starve to death, as you can see by my girlie figure I ain't missed a meal yet.

JM: Closing thoughts?

AL:   I sometimes tell myself Im getting too old for this anymore, then a fan walks up and says nice match. I may not sell the photos, be the sex symbol, etc. but one thing I know is how to use my weaknesses and turn them into my strengths

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