Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview with Allison Wonderland from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2006

---Ring of Honor  2007-2008

 JM: How did you get your start in Professional Wrestling?

AW: I grew up watching WCW every Monday night with my dad and brother and when I got into jr. high I started going to backyard wrestling events which turned into going to local indy shows which turned into getting trained!

JM: Were you a fan growing up, if so who were some of your favorites?

AW: Hulk Hogan!!!!!! I also loved Rowdy Roddy Piper. And I still have a crush on Vince McMahon.

JM: I assume the name Allison Wonderland comes from the story of Alice in Wonderland, were you a fan of the story and that's how the name came about?

AW: Love the story, but the name has actually been my nickname since I was little.

 JM: What are some of your greatest Highlights?

AW: Working in front of the huge crowds in the ROH shows! Also the traveling and meeting a lot of new friends along the way. I also met Hogan and he told me I was beautiful and asked for my number!!! ...But he never called haha

JM: Do you see yourself in the TNA or WWE in the near Future?

AW: I'd rather work for the WWE. I think they have a better of what the average fan wants to see when it comes to women's wrestling.

JM: Name Association Game

Ann Thraxx - ick.

Big Brody Hoofer- we had our issues when I was with the junk squad but now he's my big brody buddy!

Jerry Lynn - LOVE HIM! He gave me cookies.

Rain - Diva.

Jimmy Jacobs - Good shit, I miss him.

Tyler Black - Also good shit. I have spent many hours with him on the road.

Joey Matthews - Goofy! Made me laugh a lot.

Necro Butcher - Fucking Sweet.

Brittany Force - Very hardworking, talented wrestler.

JM: You spent some time in Ring Of Honor, what are some interesting memories you have working with them?

AW: Mostly good memories. Like I said, it was amazing working in front of the big crowds. It was also fun hanging out with some of the boys and I became friends with quite a few of them.

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work for ROH?
AW: I have been friends with Jimmy for quite a while and when they decided they needed a girl added to the Age of the Fall he thought that I would fit the part so he asked me about it and I, of course, had no complaints!

JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today what would it be?

AW: There would be just a few more girls that wanted to put on women's matches and not the same kind of match the guys just had.

JM: What advice would you give to young Female Fans who dream to get into the biz?

AW: Work your ass off, but still be yourself and get what you want to get out of it. And fuck all the people that shit on you on the way, because it will happen

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