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Woman Tribute

A Beautiful Woman

Believe it or not, The first Time I remember Nancy Benoit was when she was with the NWA in 1989 cutting a promo on some wrestler and I was confused and honestly thought that was Miss Elizabeth, I mean I was 8 years old and in my defense Nancy had her hair done up the same way Miss Elizabeth did and in my mind The WWF was the only Federation around at the time and never heard of NWA so I remember asking my Dad if that was miss Elizabeth because it was unlike Miss Elizabeth to act evil and talk smack on camera when we all know Miss Elizabeth never hit that level during her prime.
After she left NWA and lost touch with the world of wrestling, I remember before ECW ever hit the airwaves in Pittsburgh That I read a lot about her in Magazines of her return to wrestling but this time in ECW.. I remember being upset because I was interested in the storyline I read about her and the sandman as a couple and that interested me and wanted to have a 2nd shot to see her in wrestling since I was much older and was more into it at that time than I was when I was younger.
But thanks to the Rise of WCW in the Monday Night Wars, I got that chance when they brought in Woman in the Hulk Hogan/Macho Man against The 4 Horsemen storyline which was a pretty dam big leap from just being the Sandman's manager in ECW
What I remember most about her was her scream at ringside.. She would be next to Miss Elizabeth as Lizz would stand there and show support than you have Woman who would scream and interfere which I believed help Miss Elizabeth learn to defend herself and bring the attitude out of her
She showed up being beautiful as she is but looses control and lash out which dubbed her the devilish woman
I loved her time in WCW, but honestly wished she would work in the WWE, she had the look, the timing, and the mean streak to show case that in the WWE which I supported over WCW
She truly was the total package, Very Beautiful, Vicious, and Mean and only very few women can do the things that she can do during her prime.. When I heard Woman quit WCW during the Kevin Sullivan feud.. It was disappointing because after that you don't know if you'll ever see her again in Pro Wrestling
When Chris Benoit left WCW to the WWE, I honestly hoped maybe Woman will have a 3rd run and this time in WWE as his Valet because they were married in real life. And a lot of Wives of professional wrestlers make comebacks to the sport due to the marriage and I was hoping she would be one of them
Of course it never worked out that way and when I first learned about the death of the family, It broke my heart.. She as well as her son didn't deserve to die in such a way and due to this She will forever be remembered as the woman that was killed by Chris Benoit and the whole wrestling Biz was killed along side with them when Chris Benoit did what he did.

Growing up even until this day I have always had an attraction to bad girls and seeing Woman cheat, interfere, and take over was my biggest thing watching it on TV.. I was fascinated by her devilish ways and no one could play an EVIL person as well she can on TV..

Woman's Timeline



--Nancy Daus Worked as Para in the old apartment wrestling features



--June--Modeled for the cover of the Pro Wrestling All-stars

--Nancy Daus posed for Hustler Magazine

--July 7, Nancy Daus made her in ring debut as Fallen Angel as Kevin Sullivan’s Valet in Florida Championship Wrestling


--Kevin Sullivan and Fallen Angel added a team of Satanists including The Purple Haze, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Lock, and Luna Vachon

--Nancy Daus and Kevin Sullivan married


--Nancy Benoit as the fallen Angel worked for Championship wrestling from florida


--Kevin Sullivan signs with the NWA


--Kevin Sullivan feuded with Eddie Gilbert in the NWA


--Nancy Sullivan turned up in NWA (turned WCW later) as Robin Green a big fan of Rick Stiner of the Stiner brothers Managed by Missy Hyatt

--Missy Hyatt took Robin Green under her wing and gave her a makeover and is the new girlfriend of Rick Stiner

--September 12th Clash of Champions 8, Stiner Brothers w/Missy Hyatt and Robin Green lost to the Fabulous Freebirds when Robin interfered and turned on Rick Stiner

--Robin Green changed her name to simply Woman and promised Doom for the two brothers but never specified exactly what this meant

--October 28th Halloween Havoc, Woman debuted the threat to the Stiner brothers reveling Doom as her new team who used a foreign object to gain a win over The Stiner Brothers

--November 15th Clash of the Champions 9, Doom w/Woman beat Eddy Gilbert and Tommy Rich, Later The Stiners vs. The Skyscrapers was interfered by Doom, Nitron, and Woman

--December 13th Starcade, Doom w/Woman and Nitron lost to the Stiner Brothers, The Road Warriors and the Samoan Swat Team w/ The Big Kalhuna in a one night tag team round robin tournament and didn’t score a single point and was placed fourth


--Due to Doom’s losing streak, Woman left Doom to manage The Nature Boy Ric Flair and the 4 horsemen

--February 6, 1990 Clash of the Champions 10, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Ole Anderson w/Woman beat Gary International w/Gary Hart in a Steele cage match

--February 25, Wrestle War, Ric Flair w/Woman beat Lex Luger w/Sting who was replaced in the match due to an injury from attacker Ole Anderson

--May 19th Capital Combat, Lex Luger beat Ric Flair w/Woman


--December, Woman Graces the cover of a wrestling magazine which headlines wicked witch of wrestling


--February, Woman with Kevin Sullivan Graces the cover of Wrestling All Stars magazine


--Woman showed up in ECW as a valet to Kevin Sullivan

--November 13, November to Remember: Kevin Sullivan w/Woman beat Tommy Cario

--December 3, Woman managed Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac to the ECW Tag team titles from Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas managed by Sensational Sherri

--December 26, Holiday Hell….Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac (w/Woman) defeated JT Smith and Tommy Cairo when Taz pinned Cairo to retain the tag team titles


--March 5, the team of Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac w/Woman lost the tag titles to the Public Enemy

--Spring, Kevin Sullivan left ECW for WCW leaving Woman behind

--The Sandman began a feud with his tag team partner Tommy Cairo over his wife Peaches and She became the sole valet to Cairo

--Sandman adopting a gimmick of a pimp claimed that Cairo neglected to pay one of his Prostitutes who turned out to be Woman and became the valet of Sandman to even the score with Cairo and Peaches and convinced him of sleeping with both Woman and Peaches

--The Sandman began harassing Peaches and Cairo demanding Cariro to pay your bills

--March 24, Tommy Cairo w/Peaches beat the Sandman w/Woman

--March 26, ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Tommy Cairo (w/ Peaches) defeated The Sandman (w/Woman)

--May 14, Woman wrestled her first professional wrestling match when her and sandman teamed in a mix Singapore caning match against Tommy Cariro and Peaches and lost the match

--June 24, Hostile City Showdown 1994.. Singapore on a Pole Match… Tommy Cairo (w/Peaches) defeated Sandman (w/woman)

--July 16TH ECW Heat Wave, The Sandman w/ Woman beat Tommy Cairo w/Peaches in a Singapore cane match

--August 13th ECW Hardcore Heaven, The Sandman w/Woman beat Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore cane match

--Late 1994, The Sandman was blinded in a I Quit Match with Tommy Dreamer when a lit cigarette was pushed into his eye, Woman blamed Sandman for the injury and left him.. This lead to Sandman claiming he would have to retire as a result, with Dreamer responding by dedicating the remainder of his career to Sandman

--Cariro began mocking The Sandman which led to Dreamer challenging Cario to a match at November to remember

--November 5, November to Remember, Tommy Dreamer beat Tommy Cariro w/Peaches…After the match, Tommy dreamer had a retirement ceremony for the Sandman.. Peaches showed up for an attempted reconciliation but was interrupted by Woman who canned Peaches and threaten Sandman. When Tommy Dreamer came to the rescue, Sandman reveled that he was not blind and attacked Dreamer. Sandman reasoning for faking the blind injury was to trick Dreamer into hurting Cario on his behalf


--February 4, Double Tables… Catcus Jack defeated The Sandman (w/Woman) in a Texas death match

--April , The Sandman challenged Shane Douglas for the ECW Heavyweight championship but was attacked by his own valet Woman who helped Shane Douglass retain the title

--April 15th Hostile City Showdown, The Sandman faced Shane Douglas w/Woman in a rematch and during the course of the match, Woman double crossed Shane Douglas helping The Sandman win the ECW Heavyweight title, it was later revealed that is was a plan plotted by Woman to help Sandman win the title

--Since the Title win, Sandman w/Woman feuded with Cactus Jack who never had the upper hand due to interference by Woman, arch rival Terry Funk, paid off referee Bill Alfonzo, and the bitter Shane Douglas

--May 13...ECW’s Enter the sandman….ECW Championship: Sandman (ch) (w/Woman) def. Shane Douglas.

--July 15 ECW Heat Wave, The Sandman beat Axl Rotten

--August 5th ECW Wrestle Pazlooza, Sandman w/Woman lost to Mikey Whipwreck

--August 14, Hard-core Heaven… The Sandman (w/ woman) defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane match

--October 25th The Sandman w/Woman lost the heavyweight title to Whipwreck in a ladder match

--October 28th, Sandman w/Woman teamed up with 2 Cold Scorpio to win the ECW Tag Team Titles from Public Enemy

--September 16.…Gangsta in Paradise…. Mikey Whipwreck & The Public Enemy beat ECW World champion The Sandman (w/ Woman) & ECW TV champion Too Cold Scorpio (replacing Mustafa Saied) & New Jack in a “Gangsta’s Paradise” cage match with weapons at 15:08.

--November 18, November to remember....The Sandman & 2 cold Scorpio (w/woman) beat the public enemy

--Also in the same event The sandman (w/woman) fought Mikey Wimpreck to a no contest

--December 9th December to Dismember, Sandman w/Woman regained the ECW Heavyweight title from Mikey Whimpreck and Steve Austin in a three way dance

--December, WCW Monday Nitro, Hulk Hogan is escorted by a line of beautiful women when spotted as one of them was Nancy Sullivan making her return to WCW when Ric Flair tried to ask her back, Nancy answered with a slap to the face


--January 23rd Clash of Champions 32, Ric Flair and The Giant w/Jimmy Hart beat Hulk Hogan & Macho Man Randy Savage w/Kevin Green and the comeback of Miss Elizabeth, Prior to the start of the match, Linda Hogan, Debra McMichael, and Woman escorted the tag team and gave Miss Elizabeth her own entrance

--February 3, ECW’s Big Apple Blizzard Blast… Woman returns to ECW to promote herself to watch her on WCW Monday Nights and also to plea with Sandman to come with her when he refused, she made very clear that she was ECW for life and no one could take her out.. That is until 2 Cold Scorpio physically removed her out of the building and sent her packing, saying goodbye to ECW...After This, Missy Hyatt made an appearance and became the Sandman’s new Woman

--February 5th WCW Monday Night Nitro Macho Man Randy Savage w/ Woman and Miss Elizabeth lost to Chris Benoit due to Woman turning on randy

--February 11th WCW Superbrawl 6, Ric Flair w/Woman beat WCW Heavyweight Champion Macho Man Randy Savage w/Miss Elizabeth in a cage match for the title when Miss Elizabeth turned on Randy Savage

--March 24th WCW Uncensored Macho Man and Hulk Hogan beat The alliance to end Hulkamania including Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Meng, The Barbarian, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Z Gangster, and the Ultimate Solution w/Miss Elizabeth, Woman, and Jimmy hart in a tower of doom match

--May 19th WCW Slamboree, According to a Drawling to team with who, Ric Flair and Macho Man w/ Woman and Miss Elizabeth beat Arn Anderson and Eddy Guerrero and later lost to Public Enemy in the 2nd round tournament

--June 16th WCW Great American Bash, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson w/Bobby the Brain Heenan, Woman, and Miss Elizabeth beat Steve McMichael & Kevin Green w/Macho Man, Debra, and Tara Greene when Steve McMichael turned on Kevin Green

--July 7th WCW Bash at the Beach for the WCW US Title Ric Flair w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth beat Konann for the title thanks to the interference of Woman

--Later the Giant and Kevin Sullivan w/Jimmy Hart vs. Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson when Woman came down pleading with Benoit to stop beating Sullivan

--August 10th WCW Hog Wild, Chris Benoit w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth beat Dean Malanko

--Later Ric Flair w/ Woman and Miss Elizabeth beat Eddy Gauerrero

--August 15th Clash of Champions 33, The Giant w/Jimmy Hart beat Chris Benoit w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth

--Ric Flair w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth beat Hollywood Hogan later in the evening

--September 15, WCW Fall Brawl, War Games….. Team New world Order Hollywood Hogan, The Outsiders, and Evil Sting w/Ted Dibiase beat Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, wcw Sting, and Lex Luger w/Woman and Miss Elizabeth

--October 27th Halloween Havoc, Steve McMichael and Chris Benoit w/Woman and Queen Debra lost to the Faces of Fear w/Jimmy Hart

--December 7th WCW Saturday Night, Chris Benoit and Woman released a Home Movie stating to Kevin Sullivan than Benoit has taken his Woman

--December 27th WCW Starcade Jeff Jarrett beat Chris Benoit w/Woman


--January 21st WCW Clash of Champions 34, in a falls count anywhere match Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart lost to Chris Benoit w/Woman thanks to Woman’s interference In the match

--January 27, During Chris Benoit w/Woman’s match, Jacqueline debuted by showing up to confront Woman in regards to Kevin Sullivan

--It was later that Jacqueline made a deal with Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart to help Sullivan even the score with Beniot and Woman

--February 23rd WCW Superbrawl 7, Chris Benoit w/Woman vs. Kevin Sullivan w/Jimmy Hart and Jacquelyn in a Sanfrosico death match., Woman and Jacqueline would be strap together at ringside, however the match turned into a intergender tag match when Woman and Jacqueline brawled throughout the match ending when Beniot frog splashed Kevin Sullivan and the shield Jacqueline onto a table

--April 6th WCW Spring Stampede…. Dean Malanko vs. Chris Benoit w/Woman when all three Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Hart and Jacquelyn Came down to interfere and on Jacqueline end brawled with Woman at ringside.. The match ended in a no contest

--May 18, WCW Slamboree, Meng w/Jimmy Hart beat Chris Benoit w/Woman in a death match, during the Match Jacqueline showed up in a stare down with Woman

--May 26, WCW Monday Night Nitro Marked Woman last TV appearance when she valet Chris Benoit for his Match

--June 2nd WCW Monday Nitro, Chris Benoit showed for his match without Woman, and nothing has been mentioned of her disappearance and her whereabouts on WCW Programming again

--It was rumored that Nancy was being forced to go topless in a match with Jacqueline at the Great American Bash PPV but refused which caused her release from WCW

--It was reported Nancy and Kevin Sullivan divorced

--Shortly after Nancy and Chris Benoit got engaged which often joked that since Kevin Sullivan Booked his feud with Benoit that he booked his own divorced with Nancy in the process


--April 29, Brian Pillman Memorial...Chris Benoit w/Woman beat Chris Jericho...This marks the very last appearance by Nancy Benot in pro wrestling


--Chris Benoit in WCW won the tag team titles and reformed the 4 horsemen


--February 23, Chris Benoit and Nancy Benoit gave birth to a baby boy Daniel

--November 23, after 3 years of being engaged and the birth of their son, Nancy and Chris Married


--March, Vince McMahon bought out WCW and merge with the WWE, Nancy benoit had two runs in the company... 1989 to 1990 and 1995 to 1997


--Woman Ranked #10 in the top 100 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Hottest Women In wrestling


--May 1st , Miss Elizabeth the former Valet along with Nancy Benoit of the 4 Horsemen and her close friend outside the ring was found dead of an accidental overdose in the care of Lex Luger

--May, Nancy Benoit Filed for a divorce from Chris Benoit after a domestic abuse sighting invertible broken

--August, Nancy withdrew from the divorced and dropped all charges and the restraining order


--March 14 Wrestlemania 20, Nancy Benoit along with son Daniel and Chris’s two older children celebrated Chris Benoit big Main Event world title win over Triple H & Shawn Michaels after the match

--April 18 Backlash, Nancy Benoit and son Daniel was spotted front row during Chris Benoit rematch once again beating Triple H & Shawn Michaels


--December, Nancy Benoit underwent Back surgery done by Dr. Lloyd Youngblood due to a wrestling related injury


--WWE brought back ECW as it's own brand on Syfy.. Nancy Benoit is an ECW original from 1993 to 1996



--June 15, Sensational Sherri who worked with Nancy Benoit in both ECW and WCW and also Chris Benoit in WCW as well as a close friend of the couple outside the ring was found dead due to an accidental over-dose of drugs

--June 22, Nancy Benoit was killed an in upstairs office of her home and her injuries indicated that Chris Benoit had pressed a knee into the back while pulling a cord around her neck causing strangulation, There was blood found under her head which is to believed to defend herself against Chris Benoit

--June 23, 3 30 pm, Chavo Guerrero received a voice message from Chris Benoit phone stating he over slept and missed his flight and would be late for that night’s house show in Beaumont, Texas

--Guerrero called Benoit back and he sounded tired and groggy as he confirmed everything that he had said in his message

--Guerrero concerned in Benoit tone and demeanor called back twelve minutes Later, Benoit did not answer and Guerrero left a message just to call me back.

--Benoit called back stating he did not answer because he was on the phone with delta airlines changing his flight.. Benoit stated he had a real stressful day due to Nancy and Daniel being sick with food poising

--A coworker who also traveled with him called him outside the Houston airport and Benoit answered and Benoit told the coworker that Nancy was throwing up blood and Daniel was also throwing up

--June 24, Nancy Benoit was found dead bound at the feet and wrist died of asphyxiation wrapped in a towel and some blood under her head but no signs of struggle.

--Five text messages were sent to coworkers between 3 31 am to 3 58 am using both Chris and Nancy cell phones, four of them were the Benoit address and the fifth said the family dog were in a enclosed pool area and noted a garage door was open

--It is also known that during this time Benoit called and left a voicemail for an unknown friend, Benoit later called WWE talent relations office stating that his son is throwing up and the he and Nancy was in the hospital with there son, and that he would take a later flight to Houston but would not make the live event in Beaumont

--June 25, The Nancy Benoit death was added to Beniot Wikipeda Page 14 hours before the Fayette County Police discovered the bodies

--The IP Address traced back to a Man living in Stanford Connect the headquarters of WWE

--When questioned, he read several online rumors that thought might be true

--After seizing his computer, it was also discovered that he vandalized Ron Artest, Stacy Kiebler, Naugatuck, & Connecticut wikipedea pages

--The son Daniel died of asphyxia and was killed as he laid in bed

--Daniel was suffocated and killed in his bedroom, had internal injuries to the throat area but showed no bruises

--The time of death is unknown and sedated with xanax and likely unconscious when he was killed … a butcher knife was found under his bed but was not used in either murders

--It has been reported that Daniel had fragile X Syndrome and this caused domestic problems in the Benoit family, he had needle marks in his arms due to have giving him growth hormones because the family considered him undersized due to fragile x

--Chris Jericho stated from his own research on the condition the symptoms fit Daniel to a tee all across the board.. The District Attorney stated nothing was found or no mention of the condition in his medical files

--Chris Benoit commits suicide with no suicide note to be found and Bibles placed next to the bodies of Nancy and Daniel

--Benoit used a cord from a weight machine to hang himself by creating a noose from the end of a weight cord, when Benoit released the weights about 240 pounds a total weight six pounds greater than that of Benoit body. The pull down bar has been removed and Benoit was hanging from a pulley.

--WWE was notified of the text messages sent to Chavo Guerrero and Scott Armstrong and then the WWE asked the Fayette county sheriff’s department to check On the family

--After discovering the bodies, the police notified WWE around 4 15 pm informing them that they had discover three bodies at the home and the house was ruled as a major crime scene

--The event was first reported to the fans of WWE on there mobile alert service and posted to there official website soon after

--On the site WWE released the following statement “WWE is deeply sadden to report that today Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home .. There are no further details at this time other than the Benoit family residents is currently being investigated by local authorities… tonight’s Raw on USA Network will serve as a tribute to Chris Benoit and his family, WWE extends its sincerest thoughts and prayers to the Benoit relatives and loved ones in this time of tragedy

--WWE canceled the schedule three hour long live raw show on June 25th which ironically was supposed to be a scripted memorial for the Mr. McMahon character who was presumed dead in a limo explosion on an episode of Raw almost two weeks prior and replaced the broadcast version with a tribute to his life and career featuring past matches and segments from the hard knocks the Chris Benoit story DVD and comments from wrestlers and announcers, shortly after the program aired, comments were posted on it was not until the program was nearly over that reports surfaced that policed were working under the belief that Chris murdered his wife and son before killing himself..

--June 26th The next night after the details of the death became concrete the company aired a recorded statement by its chairman Vince McMahon before there ECW Broadcast aired
--“GOOD EVENIING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Last night on Monday night raw the WWE presented a special tribute show recognizing the career of Chris Benoit however now some 26 hours later the facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. Therefore other than my comments there will be no mention of Benoit name tonight . On the contrary tonight’s show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible innocent. This evening marks the first step of the healing process tonight for the WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world entertain you”

--Press conference reported that Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and Son Daniel than himself

--Since learning the full details of his and his family deaths WWE has quickly and quietly distanced itself from Chris Benoit with the exception of his results and listing in the WWE Title History, the summaries has been removed and selected press release from WWE CORPRATE SUBSITE

--WWE website removed all past mentioned of Benoit, including all news articles relating to the true specific details of the killings as well as his biography and the video tribute comments from Benoit’s peers.

--Recently however they have acknowledge on WWE Royal rumble page that Benoit held the second longest time competing in the rumble match and they also returned of the titles he won and when he won them but refused to return him to the WWE Alumni page

--The merchandise sub site followed suit with regards to all Benoit related merchandise … WWE also has decided to edit out all matches that contained Benoit from rebroadcasts of matches from their extensive video library

--At the time of Benoit’s death MVP was still WWE US Champion having beaten Benoit for the title, after details of Benoit’s death, the still acknowledge MVP as a champion during that time but they refuse to specify how.

--Since the incident, no matches involving Benoit have been on any new DVD releases by the WWE with the exception of the Royal Rumble anthology volume 3 and 4 and the WWE Summer Slam anthology 3 and 4 box set

--After Benoit death, only 5 WWE DVD Documentaries aired footage of Chris Benoit time with the company.. Triple H: King of Kings, Batista: I walk alone, Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection, Eddy Guerrero: Viva La Raza, & Satan’s prison: The Anthology of the elimination chamber

--Benoit. Along with his finisher the Crippler Cross face and other signature moves were also removed from the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 video game after originally being included as a playable wrestler

--Also after the tragedy, WWE 247 on Demand began removing the likeness and mentions of both Chris and Nancy from the archives. They eventually returned Nancy to programming but continue to remove Chris from the bi weekly uploaded episodes of WCW Monday Night Nitro

--Since the report of his history of concussions, WWE issued a policy that bans chair shots to the head

--Numerous Stars and peers of Chris Benoit past and present has commented on his death such as Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Eric Bischoff, Lex Luger, Marc Mero, Ted Dibiase, Bret Hart, Lance Storm, Chyna, Debra, Steve Blackmen, The Ultimate Warrior, Chris Jericho, Hugh Morris, Superstar Billy Graham, and William Regal, Vice McMahon, Linda McMahon, Edge, and Chavo Guerrero

--Since allegedly linked to steroid abuse, WWE went under investigation by the US Government in regards to the WWE Wellness policy

--July 14, Nancy Benoit and Daniel had a memorial in Daytona Beach Florida and both were cremated into Star shaped urns and is in the custody of Nancy’s family. WWE Personalities Jim Ross and Vicki Guerrero did attend the services

--July 16, ECW Press announced the Wrestling writer Irvin Muchnick had written a book on the Benoit Case

--July 17, WWE Attorney Jerry Mcdevitt appeared on live with Dan Abrams and said Chris Benoit was proscribe testosterone as part of a treatment for testosterone replacement therapy which was said was a common medical practice for people who had used steroids in the past and had suffer testicular damage as a result

--Steroids were found in his home which led the media to believe Roid Rage was a factor in Benoit’s actions

--Prosecutors in New York has been investigating the deliveries beniot received from signature pharmacy and Med X Life which sold steroids and human growth hormone over the internet

--According to Sports Illustrated, Signature Pharmacy sent Chris Benoit three different packages of steroids at different times and addresses

--Sports illustrated investigators had also discover that eleven superstars were also customers of signature pharmacy including Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mystrero JR., Randy Orton, Edge, and Gregory Helms. Edge and Helms receiving highest amounts of steroids

--Due to the evidence and claims of steroid abuse and roid rage. Investigators seized both Chris and Nancy medical records.. They also have medical records of Mark Jindrak, Hardcore Holly, Lex Luger, Rey Mystrio Jr., Buff Bagwell, and Johnny Grunge all of whom were patients of DR.Phil Astin

--Press Conference was held by the Georgia Bureau of investigation to release the toxicology report and it was announced that Nancy had three different drugs in her system which are hydroquinone, hydromorphone and Xanax which were shown on normal levels for treatment, her Blood Alcohol level was 0.184 and was impossible to find if the blood level was due to ingestion, it was also ruled out that Nancy was sedated prior to being murdered

--Daniel’s report show that he only had Xanax in his system which is believed he was sedated before being murder and ruled out any possibilities of a drug overdose

--Xanax and hydroquinone were also found in Chris’s system at levels consider normal, Elevated levels of Testosterone cypionate were found in his urine but no steroids were found in his system and tested negative for blood alcohol

--Former Wrestler Chris Nowinski has said that Benoit may have been suffering from repeated untreated concussions throughout his wrestling career ultimately leading to an unstable mental state.. Chris also been quoted as saying that Benoit was one of the only guys who would take a chair shot in the back of his head… tests were conducted on Benoit’s brain by Julian Bailes the head of neurosurgery at west Virginia universality and results showed he was so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer’s patient.

--Tests of Benoit brain tissues have revealed he did in fact suffer from severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy and had brain damage in all four lobes of the brain and brain stem Bailes and his coworkers concluded that repeated concussions can lead into dementia which can lead into several behavior problems

--Benoit father suggest the brain damage may have been the leading cause of the double murder suicide

--WWE released a statement and dismissed the idea as speculate

--July 9, People Magazine released the story of Chris Benoit's Murder Suicide

--July 16, Chris Benoit graces the cover of People Magazine titled Family Secrets including a rocky marriage to Nancy

---The Same day The Globe released it's issue with the Benoit Family on it's cover talking about Autopsy Secrets

--July 23, The Globe covers Wrestling Deadly Secrets with Chris Benoit, Steve Austin, & Chyna sharing the cover with Legends such as Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, & Elizabeth Taylor.....The Magazine also covers the double murder suicide

--July 30, The Globe once again covers the latest of Chris Benoit's double murder suicide, and in this issue... the magazine is claiming the family was murdered by a satanic cult

--The Same day....National Examiner covers the story that Chris Benoit ran a drug Empire

--August, Nancy Benoit's Father, Mother, and Sister launched the Nancy & Daniel Foundation in educate, asst. and overcome steroids abuse

--August 6, The Globe conducts an interview with Chris Benoit's hero Dynamite Kid who claims he Tried to Save Chris Benoit

--August 13, The Globe is at it again by covering the Benoit Family tragedy by claiming Nancy Benoit was pregnant

--September, Nancy Benoit with Chris Benoit graces the cover of of Inside Wrestling covering the Benoit Family Tragedy

--August, The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav, Jimmy Kimmel joked to the honoree Flav the Benoit was a better Father and Lover than you

--November 7, CNN Aired the documentary Wrestling Grip in regards to The Benoit Family tragedy as well as Drug uses in Pro Wrestling


--February, the Atlanta journal constitution reported that Nancy may have suspected Chris of having an affair with a WWE Diva and may have argue over the life insurance policy. The journal released the report from the Fayette county sheriff office. it's rummored that it was WWE Diva Michelle McCool

--March, Hustler Magazine published nude photographs of Nancy Benoit, 20 years after the photo shoot when Nancy was 20 years old and was under the impression the photos were destroyed, The Family of Nancy Filed a lawsuit against Larry Flynt and the publishing company of Hustler claiming they had no right to publish nude photos to capitalized on her death

--October, federal judge ruled in the magazine's favor concluding that the magazine had a right to publish the photos because of what they called a "legitimate matter of public interest and concern."

--Dr, Astin had been charged with over prescribing medication in a case not connected to Benoit

--In 2003 Chris Benoit was inducted into the Wrestling Observer newsletter hall of fame and as the result of his double murder suicide, his induction underwent a recall election and Benoit retained as a member by a narrow margin


--January, People Magazine ranked The Benoit Family Tragedy at #5 in People's most Shocking stories of 2007

--January, Henry Waxman, outgoing chairman of the house committee requested the office of the national drug control policy chief John Walters examine steroid use in the WWE and address the problem

--January 29, Astin admitted he illegally prescribed drugs and sometimes without examining the patients first and plead guilty to all 175 counts against him. Astin is facing a maxim of twenty years in prison and 1 million dollar fines to each count

--Due to the honesty, Dr. Astin was sentence to ten years in prison for illegally prescribing medicine to his patients.

--June, Congress has taken no action against WWE in regards to the Wellness Policy

--That decision in the Nancy family vs. Hustler Magazine was reversed by the Atlanta based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

--"The photographs published by [Flynt] neither relate to the incident of public concern conceptually [the murders] nor correspond with the time period during which Benoit was rendered, against her will, the subject of public scrutiny," the state court wrote. "Were we to hold otherwise, [Flynt] would be free to publish any nude photograph of almost anyone without their permission, simply because the fact they were caught nude on camera strikes someone as 'newsworthy.' Surely that debases the very concept of a right to privacy."

--October, Ivan Munchnick Published Chris & Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder suicide


--August 27, Luna Vachon who was the member of Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Benoit's group of devil worshipers and also by the suggestion of Nancy Benoit joined ECW in 1995 passed away due to over-dose of drugs


--May, Macho Man randy Savage who briefly was managed by Nancy Benoit in WCW passes away from a heart attack

--June, The Jury ruled that Hustler Magazine is libel for damages for running the photos


-- July, Insane Clown Posse released a new song called Chris Benoit.. the song is not about chris benoit a a man but his breakdown in the murder suicide


--July, Nancy Benoit's sister said in a interview that Chris Benoit was only given 10 more months to live and that she believes the black-out was what caused him to murder her sister

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