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Owen Hart Tribute

the King of Hearts

I always remember Owen Hart but the most memorial time I remember him was when he turned on Bret Hart at Royal Rumble 1994 and how OMG I can’t believe he did that to his own brother moment it was for me… as a Young kid seeing their feud was like watching a soap opera, it was one of the first situations I could remember that I could strongly say it was a male soap opera in wrestling, actually it might be the first story line that categorized professional wrestling in general as a male soap opera.. I have always been a fan of Owen hart as a heel, he knew how to make the fans hate him and was very good at what he did as a wrestler.. once the late 90s came around and the then WWF was at the hype of the ratings war against rival WCW… WWE wanted to make a momentary of Sting flying down from the rafters by making Owen Hart in his blue blazer gimmick from the 80s doing the same thing.. rumors circulated that Owen Hart was being punished for not agreeing to a love triangle storyline between Jeff Jarrett & Debra that WWE was embarrassing Owen…however the morning of May 21st, I was in Art Class which was my first period class and we had the radio on which was our routine as we did our work and the host of the radio show reported WWF Owen Hart died in an accident, that was enough to get me to wake up in class.. still shocked over the news.. I waited that night to watch WWF Raw only to watch WWF Owen is Raw… very touching tribute in his honor….it was hard to cope with and I think this was whenn the the ratings war ended after this… I think WWF realized they gone way too far…Love him or hate him… he was the very best at what he did and no one could ever replace him.. he truly is the king of hearts


--Owen Hart makes his Debut in Pro Wrestling working for his Dad’s Stampede Wrestling

--August 8, Owen Hart and Ben Bassarab beat Duke Myers & Kerry Brown to win the Stampede international tag team championship

--October 3rd, Owen Hart & Ben Bassarab lost the tag titles to The Viet Cong Express

--October 26, Owen Hart beat Les Thornton for the Stampede commonwealth British mid heavyweight championship


--January 19, Owen Hart won the Stampede North American heavyweight title from Makhan Singh

--January 30, Owen Hart lost the title back to Makhan Signg

--April 10, Owen won the Stampede north american title for the 2nd time beating Makhan Singh

 --August 7, Owen Hart Lost the Stampede commonwealth British mid heavyweight championship to Gama Singh

--Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year


--May 6, Owen Lost the Title Back to Makhan Singn

--May 27, Owen Hart under the Justin Liger gimmick defeated Hiroshi Hase for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title

--June 24, Owen Lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title to Shiro Koshinaka

--August, Owen Hart debuted in the WWF as the Blue Blazer

--November 24, Survivor Series.. The Ultimate Warrior, The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart), Brutus Beefacke, Sam Houston, & Jim Brunzell beat The Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Danny Davis, Greg Valentine, & Bad News Brown (with Jimmy Hart)


--April 2, Mr. Perfect competes at his first Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 5 defeating the Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) also competing in his first wrestlemania

--Shortly after this, Owen Hart left the WWF

--July 1st, Owen Hart married his longtime girlfriend Martha Joan Patterson


November 21, Dean Hart the brother of Owen Hart Passes away


--March 16, Owen Hart debuted in WCW for a short time


--January 19, Royal Rumble.. The New Hart Foundation (Owen Hart & Jim the Anvil) beat the Orient Express with Mr. Fuji in their first and only ppv match together as a team

--April 5, Wrestlemania 8, Owen Hart Competed in his 2nd Wrestlemania beating Skinner

--March 5, Owen Hart & Martha had a son Oje Edward Hart

--November 25, Survivor Series, the Headshrinkers (with Afa) beat High Energy (Koko Beware & Owen Hart)


--January 24, Owen Hart was number 28 in the royal rumble match but was eliminated by yokozuna

-- June 21, Owen Hart won the USWA Heavyweight title beating Papa Shango

--July 5, Owen Hart lost the USWA Heavyweight title to Jerry the king Lawler

--November 24, Survivor Series, The Hart Brother including Owen with Stu Hart beat Shawn Michaels and his Knights in a four on four elimination match.. Owen was accidentally pin when he bumped into Bret and was the only hart brother eliminated..

--November 25, the next night Owen Hart adopted the Pink Tights and his finisher sharpshooter to send a message to Bret Hart


--January 22, Royal Rumble… Bret & Owen Hart lost to the Quebeckers (with Johnny Polo) when Bret couldn’t tag in to his brother Owen… this upset Owen that he turned on Bret and became a permanent heel in the WWF

--Later in the evening Owen Hart entered number 5 in the royal rumble match which ironically was won by his injured brother Bret Hart

--March 20, Wrestlemania 10, Owen Hart cleanly pinned Bret Hart in the opening match of his 3rd wrestlemania appearance… later in the evening Bret won the WWF Title from Yokozuna which saw Owen come down and stare in jealously

--June 19, King of the Ring, Owen Hart won the 1994 King of Ring by beating Tatanka, 1.2.3 kid, and in the final match Razor Ramon with the help of Jim The Anvil

--August 17, Owen Hart beat Bret Hart in a Lumberjack match and was declared as the new WWF champion but was restarted due to interference which Bret Hart had won

 --August 29, Summer Slam.. Bret Hart Beat Owen Hart in a steel cage match

--November 23, Survivor Series Bob Backlund (with Owen Hart) beat Bret Hart (with The British Bulldog) in a throw the towel match to win the WWF Championship when Owen Hart begged his mother to save Bret by throwing in the towel on Backlund’s behalf


--January 22, Royal Rumble, Diesel fought Bret Hart to a draw when Owen Hart Interfered
--Later in the evening Owen Hart enter the royal rumble match at number 11 but was eliminated by his brother in law British Bulldog

--April 2, Wrestlemania 11, Owen Hart introduced his surprise tag team partner.. Bret Hart’s rival Yokozuna (with Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji who beat the Smoking Gunns for the WWF tag team titles

--May 14, In Your House, Owen Hart & Yokozuna (with Mr Fuji & Jim Cornette) beat the smoking Gunns

--July 23rd, In your house 2, Yokozuna & Owen Hart (with MR Fuji & Jim Cornette beat The British Bulldog & Lex Luger

-- September 23, Owen Hart & Martha had a daughter Christie Hart

--September 24, In Your House 3, Owen Hart & Yokozuna (with Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) lost the tag team titles to Diesel & Shawn Michaels

--September 25, Due to the ensuing controversy, the titles were restored to Hart and Yokozuna the following night at Raw

--November 19, Survivor Series Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog and Sycho Sid (with Ted DiBiase and Jim Cornette) defeated Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette)

--December 17, In Your House: Seasons Beatings, Owen Hart (with Jim Cornette) beat Diesel


--January 21, Owen Hart entered the Royal Rumble match at number 17 but was eliminated by Shawn Michaels & Diesel

--February 17, In Your House 6, Shawn Michaels beat Owen Hart (with Jim Cornette)

--March 30, WWF Slammy Awards, Owen Hart accepts the WWF Slammy for square circle shocker for making Shawn Michaels collapse

--March 31, Wrestlemania 12, Camp Cornette including Owen Hart beat Yokozuna, Jake Roberts, & Ahmed Johnson (with MR Fuji)

--April 28, In Your House 7, Owen Hart & Bulldog defeated Jake Roberts & Ahmed Johnson

--May 26, In your House 8, Shawn Michaels (with Jose Lotherio) beat the British Bulldog (with Owen Hart, Diana Smith, & Clearence Mason)

--May 28, in your House 8, due to the power outage. They repeated the event for free to the ppv audience… Shawn Michaels (with Jose Lotherio) beat the British bulldog (with Owen Hart, Clearence Mason, & Diana Smith)

 --June 23, King of the ring, Owen Hart was guest commentating during the Shawn Michaels (with Jose Otherio) vs British Bulldog (with Jim Cornette & Diana Smith) with mr. Perfect as guest enforcer at ringside.. Owen Hart interfered in the match costing Bulldog his title shot.

--July 21, In Your House 9, Camp Cornette including Owen Hart (with Diana Smith & Jim Cornette) beat the Peoples posse Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, & Sycho Sid (with Jose Lotherio)

--August 18, Summer Slam, Owen Hart beat Savio Vega

--September 22, In your House: Mind Games… The British Bulldog & Owen Hart won the WWF Tag team championship beating the smoking guns (with Sunny)

--October 20, In Your House 11, Bulldog & Owen Hart (with Clearance Mason) beat The Smoking Gunns

--November 17, Survivor series, Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, The Godwins (with Hillbilly Jim) beat Owen Hart, Bulldog, & the new rockers (with Clearance Mason)

--December 15 In Your House 12, Owen Hart & Bulldog beat the fake Razor Ramon & Diesel


--January 17, Royal Rumble, Owen Hart Entered the royal rumble match at number 13 but was eliminated by Steve Austin

--February 17, In Your House: Final Four, Owen Hart & British Bulldog (with Clarence Mason) lost to Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon

--March 21, Slammy Awards, Owen Hart steals a slammy for best bow tie

--March 23, Wrestlemania 13, Bulldog & Owen Hart fought Mankind & Vader (with Paul Bearer) to a draw

--March 31, Raw… Owen Hart and the British Bulldog wrestled against each other over the WWF European Title which was stopped in a shocking moment when Bret Hart came down and talked to them to put there difference aside and formed the new hart foundation

--April 20, In Your House 14, The Legion of Doom beat Owen Hart & Bulldog

--April 27, Raw is War Owen Hart beat the Rock Rocky Myvia for his first IC Title

--May 26, Owen Hart & British Bulldog lost the WWF Tag belts to Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels

--June 8, King of the ring, The Hart Foundation beat Syscho Sid, & Legion of Doom

--July 6, Canadian Stampede, the Hart Foundation beat Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust, & Legion of Doom

--July 14, Owen Hart & British Bulldog got a 2nd chance at the WWF Tag belts when they entered a tournament to face Steve Austin and a partner of his choice later in the evening… the hart foundation won and lost the match to Steve Austin and Dude Love

--August 3, SummerSlam, Steve Austin beat Owen Hart for the IC Title in a kiss my ass match despite botching a pile driver breaking Austin’s neck.. Due to the injury, Austin had to vacate the IC title

--September 7, in your house: Ground Zero, The Headbangers beat The Legion of Doom, The Godwins & Owen Hart & Bulldog

--September 20, WWF’s one night only, Vader beat Owen Hart

--October 5, Badd Blood, Owen Hart beat Faarooq in the finals of the tournament for the IC Title after Steve Austin helped Owen Hart

--November 9, Survivor Series, Steve Austin beat Owen Hart (with Jim The Anvil, British Bulldog, Phli lafon & Doug Furnas) for the IC Title

--December 7, Degeneration X, Owen Hart made a surprise appearance since the Montreal screw job from survivor series when attacking Shawn Michaels after his bout with Ken Shamrock


--January 18, Royal Rumble, Owen Hart entered the match at number 9 but Triple H & Chyna interfered costing him to be eliminated

--January 20, Owen Hart won the WWE European Championship beating Godust (with Luna Vachon).. Actually Triple H was the champion but Goldust was a substitute and Sgt. Slaughter still awarded the title to Owen Hart

--February 15, WWF No way out of Texas, Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Chainsaw Charlie, & Cactus Jack beat Triple H, Savio Vega, & The New Age Outlaws (with Chyna)

--March 17, Raw, Triple H (with Chyna) beats Owen Hart for the European Title in the WWF

 --March 29, Wrestlemania 14, Triple H (with chyna) beat Owen hart (with SGT. Slaughter)

--April 26, Unforgiving, Triple H (with chyna) beat Owen Hart

--May 31, Over The Edge, Nation of Domination (with Mark Henry beat Degeneration X (with Chyna)

--June 28, King of the ring, X Pac (with Chyna) defeated Owen Hart after Chyna Interfered

--July 26, fully Loaded, Owen Hart defeated Ken Shamrock in a Dungon match with Dan Severn as special guest ref

--August 30, Summerslam, Ken Shamrock beat Owen Hart (with Dan Severn) in a Lion’s Den Match

--September 27, Break Down. Owen Hart defeated Edge

--November 21st, Survivor Series, Owen Hart along with his brother Bret Hart guest on season 2 of Honey I shrunk the Kids the TV Series

--December 13, Rock Bottom, Steve Blackman defeated Owen Hart

--later in the event, Debra had to strip due to her interference in Double J's match and his tag team partner Owen Hart dressed as the blue blazer came down to cover debra


--January 24, Royal Rumble, Owen Hart entered number 29 in the rumble match but was eliminated by Steve Austin

--January 25, Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) beat The Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock for the WWF Tag team titles 

--February 14, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (with Debra) beat Dlo Brown & Mark Henry (with Ivory)

--March 28, Wrestlemania 15, in Owen Harts 8th and final wrestlemania… he and Jeff Jarrett (with debra) beat Dlo Brown & Test (with Ivory)

--April 5, Kane & Xpac beat Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett for the WWF Tag team titles

--April 25, Unforgiven, The New Age Out Laws beat Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (with Debra)

--May 23, Over the edge,  Owen Hart fell to his death during the Over the Edge PPV, he was booked to face the Godfather (with the hos) when he was going to fly down as the Blue Blazer.. he fell 78 feet hitting chest first into the ring ropes about a foot away from the nearest turnbuckle throwing him into the ring

--May 24, WWF paid Tribute to Owen hart the day after the accident on the over the edge ppv by calling it Raw is Owen.. it featured shoot interviews with Bradshaw, Triple H, Chyna, Mick Foley, & Edge

--May 31, Owen Hart's tag team partner Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) beat The Godfather (with the hos) for the IC Title, the same title Owen was booked to win the night he died.. once he won, Jeff screamed owen's name

--June 23, The Hart Family sued the WWF for the wrongful death of Owen Hart

--October 4, Bret Hart wrestled Chris Benoit in a tribute match to Owen on WCW Monday Nitro


--November 2, after a year and a half The WWF paid the Hart Family 18 Million dollars.. Martha used millions of dollars to establish the Owen Hart Foundation

--December, Martha Hart launched the Owen Hart Foundation


--November 4, Helen Hart, The mother of Owen Hart passes away


--May 18, The Brother in law and former tag team of Owen Hart, The British Bulldog Davy Boy Smith Passes away

--Martha Hart started writing a book called Broken Harts: The Life and Death of Owen Hart


--October 16, Stu Hart the father of Owen Hart passes away


-- as a result of the vast charitable contributions achieved through the good works of the Owen Hart Foundation, Martha was named Individual Philanthropist of the Year in 2004 by the AFP

--Martha Hart released the Book Broken Harts: the life and death of Owen Hart which made the number one best sellers list in Canada


--October 3rd, WWE aired Raw expose in celebrating the WWE’s return to the USA Network.. Discussing that the WWE gave the wrestlers the option to work or not… none to less, ten matches were booked with rivalries and story lines put aside



--Insane Plan interviews Owen Hart’s nephew D.H. Smith right before debuting in the WWE


--Insane Plan interviews Owen Hart’s sister in law Julie Hart who discussed how much she missed Owen


--June, Owen Hart’s father Stu Hart was inducted into the Lou Thez Hall of Fame


--February 12, approaching the tenth anniversary of Owen Hart’s death… The Calgary Sun asked his widow to comment and this is what she had to say  "It's interesting because in some ways it feels like such a short period of time -- in other ways, it feels like it was a lifetime ago


--June, Martha Hart sued the WWF for the use of the Owen Hart’s name and likeness from the Heart and Soul DVD


--May 28, Owen Hart was inducted into the Legends Pro Wrestling (LPW) Hall of Fame which his brother in Law Jim the Anvil also inducted into the same class earlier in the evening accepted the award on his behalf


--August 2, Bret Hart stated in an interview that he is frustrated that Owen Hart is not in the WWE Hall of fame


--April, Martha Hart & WWE reached a settlement in the case from June, 2010

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