Thursday, August 8, 2013

Interview with Shelly Martinez from 2010

Quick Highlights

---Debut 2000

--World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 2006-2007

---Total Non stop action (TNA) 2007-2008

---Worked for Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), Women Extreme Wrestling (WEW)

---Appear on The Search for the Next Elvira

---Mötley Crüe music video for "Saints of Los Angeles


JM: Were you ever a fan of pro wrestling growing up? And if so, who were some of your favorites?

SM: Undertaker, Hogan, Ultimate Warrior



JM: When you were trained, what were some of the advice that stuck with you throughout your career?

SM: Tuck your chin!!

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work with WWE?

SM: Well, I wanted to be a wrestler forever but did not know how to go about getting into wrestling. I would run my mouth in hopes people on sets or photo shoots I had would remember that I loved wrestling and the two would meet. One day I got booked on a low budget film about wrestling. They used local wrestlers and then the info I craved was now being fed to me. I trained and did the indy's and still hadn't had a chance to get WWE's attention. I am friends with Jesse James and one day he asked me why I wasn't there yet. I told him I didn't know how and the next thing I knew I got a call from Johnny Ace and my relationship with WWE began!!



JM: What were some of your memories working for WWE?

SM: Geez there were so many!! I would have to say one day that will always be a fond memory is on a tour in Nottingham, England that consist of me, Dolph Zigler, Thorn, Melina, John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Carlito and, well that's all I can remember (hehe) partying so much and having so much fun that we were being terrors in the wee hours of the night in the streets of Nottingham :)


JM: There were Internet reports that Batista is the reason you were released from WWE, can you shed some light on this matter?

SM: He was disrespectful towards me not only as a woman but as a person so I defended myself. However, if that situation did not happen I def wouldn't be who I am today so if I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing.

 JM: How would you compare the good and the bad working for both WWE and TNA?

SM: There are two totally different areas of my life I cannot compare. The only thing that I can compare is the pay. I would have liked to have made a little bit more in TNA then I did but I also understand they do not have the budget WWE does.

JM: Which did you prefer a WWE Diva or a TNA Knock-out?

SM: Either works for me. It's all a work, it is not real. Diva, Knock-out, same game different station.

JM: So cal Val stated in an interview with me last year that you and she had a lot of fun backstage and always getting into wacky predicaments, can you share one example of what she means?

SM: Man, there are so many!! We would sneak off and go on rides and we have been known to accidentally have some cocktails at the parks pub hehe


JM: You quit TNA to per sue a career in acting, will wrestling be no more in your future?

SM: I am not certain "what the future holds" but I can say that I do not plan to be involved in wrestling right now.



JM: You along with other former WWE Divas went to Iraq to perform for the troops not to long along, how was that experience for you?

SM: If not for nothing the one thing I can always bank on is that due to my time in the WWE I got to go to Afghanistan and have my whole world change forever. For that I will ALWAYS be grateful to the WWE.

JM: Name Game?

Melina= talented

Beth Phoenix= powerful

Mickey James= smile

Francine= roomie!!

Kelly Kelly= Bumblebee

Christy Hemme= beautiful

Kevin Thorn= rebirth

Amazing Kong= Amazing!!

Jacquelyn= Strong

Batista= lost


Vince McMahon = mortal


JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?

SM: Always chase your dreams but never compromise who you are to be what you want. After all, if you have to sell yourself short to gain what you want it was never yours to begin with.

JM: Closing thoughts?

SM: I would like to thank everyone who has given me their support!! It touches my heart that so many take the time out of their lives to be a part of mine. Without wrestling I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't change who I am today for anything in the world. Please visit my site and join my on my crazy Goonie adventures!!



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