Thursday, August 8, 2013

Interview with Simply Luscious from 2003

Quick Highlights

---Trained by Shawn Michales

---Worked for Total Non-stop action (TNA) 2003


JM: What made you decide to be a Pro Wrestler?

SL: I saw Smack down in Austin, Texas and I was hooked!


JM: What are a few things you learned from Shawn Michaels

SL: I learned a lot from Shawn. Not only did I learn the basics, but that's where I got a lot of attitude from.


JM: What are some of your Highlights of the Biz

SL: Wrestling Lei Lani Kai. And getting to kiss The American Dream... Dusty Rhodes!


JM: What do you want to accomplish in the biz?

SL: I want to get a job in a good company where I can make an impact.


JM: What is the most painful experience going through in the Biz.

SL: Defiantly training at Shawn’s school. It was no cake walk! I'm proud to say I'm the only female to ever made it through.


JM: How was your Match with Lucy A/K/A Daffney in the NWA/TNA and did you sign a contract with the company?

SL: I respect her wrestling ability and think she will go far in this sport. I didn’t sign anything. But, I've been going back every week since then.


JM: do you see yourself in the WWE in the future?

SL: Yes, when the time is right.


JM: If You can, can you Comment, share, experience, or even your opinion of each WWE Woman?

Stephanie McMahon- as beautiful as she is powerful

Jacquelyn- Doesn’t get her just due

Terri- Enjoyed her as Marlena

Sable- Great body for her age

Molly Holly- Big fan of hers

Ivory Great all around

Lilian Garcia- Great singing Voice

Lita- innovative

Trish Stratus- dedicated

Victoria- Tremendous wrestler

Nidia- Cute

Stacy Kiebler- Great Legs

Torrie Wilson- hot

Jazz- Awesome Wrestler

Dawn Marie- talented

Gail Kim- haven’t got to see her work


JM: if there is anything you can change about wrestling what would it be?

SL: I wish people would see it for the sport it is.


JM: Do you have any advice for young female fans who dream of making it big in the biz?

SL: Just because it's always been a "mans" world doesn’t mean you cant succeed. Try 100% and don't give up!


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