Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interview with SoCal Val from 2008

Quick Highlights

 ---Debut: 2002

 ---Total Non-stop Action (TNA) 2005--Present)

---Appeared in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 2005

JM: Were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so who were some of your favorites?

VAL: I started watching at 14. Stephanie McMahon is the one I credit to drawing me in and getting interested in the storylines.

 JM: You started wrestling in 2002, Can you share how it felt to perform in front of the fans for the first time?

Val: It was really nerve racking, actually. I had one of my girlfriends with me and I remember having to sit in her car listening to Creed to calm me down. I was excited but nervous.

JM: At one point you were on WWE A couple times, How did that deal come about?

 VAL: Just by being backstage, really. I was in a backstage promo with Luther Reigns and Big Show, and later I filmed a commercial with John Cena for his new "Mrs. Cena"women's shirt.

JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE in the near future or is TNA the home for you?

VAL: I respect both companies and enjoy watching both shows. But I am right at home with TNA and I've had an amazing time so far.

JM: Have you ever thought TNA would go as far as it did to go head on with the WWE in the ranks?

VAL: Absolutely. I think the more wrestling on TV the better. We're both striving to make wrestling more main stream.

 JM: TNA knockouts have been a Hugh success within the wrestling world, How would you compare the differences between a TNA knockout and a WWE Diva?

 VAL: I don't like comparing, because you're comparing different performers. TNA and WWE both have women who are really talented in the ring, and some (like me) whose talents are based on what they do outside of the ring.

 JM: You’re in a current storyline with Jay Lethal which the storyline is similar to Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth back in the early 90s.. Has there been any heat from the fans or workers for reacting a storyline that once was popular in the WWE?

 VAL: Not at all. I think everyone understands that Jay and I are huge fans of Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth and what we're doing should be seen more as a tribute than a spoof. Though our segments are often humorous, we respect and admire both people and have always considered them to be inspirations in our careers.

JM: how did the idea come about?

VAL: The ironic thing was, the first time you saw Jay do his impression of Macho Man was in a segment both I and Sonjay were in called "Paparazzi Idol" with Kevin Nash. I think it's sort of an extension of that.

JM: You have worked for Macho Man Randy Savage's web site, how was that experience meeting and working with an icon of wrestling?

 VAL: Amazing! Jay and I talk about it all the time. I was once so nervous managing in front of Randy Savage that I sprained my wrist by pounding on the mat too hard. Guess I was trying to impress him!

 JM: Although you’re not a Wrestler in TNA but will we ever see you in the TNA Women's division as I am sure your fans would love to see you win the knockout title?

VAL: I don't see that in my future anytime soon, but never say never. Above all else my heart is in managing so I hope to stay doing what I do best.

JM: Name Game:

 Jay Lethal -- Hot! ;)

Kurt Angle -- The Man

Jim Cornette -- Best mic skills in the business

 Gail Kim -- Tremendous athlete

 Jacquelyn -- Same as Gail

Francine -- My mentor

Abyss – Ouch

 Gorgeous George -- Miss doing shows with her

Amazing Kong -- One tough cookie

Karen Angle -- Gorgeous!

Sting -- Exciting

Tracy Brooks -- Beauty and brawn

Danny Doring -- My favorite client!

 JM: Can you share some interesting stories within the TNA Locker room?

VAL: Nothing comes to mind. But I will say that my good friend Shelly Martinez and I have gotten into some wacky predicaments in our time. We have so much fun backstage and often go out and hang with the fans before the show starts.

 JM: Playboy has contacted you for a photo shoot but declined the offer, Would you say that is one of the most toughest choices you had to make in your career? And will the offer stand in the future?

 VAL: Absolutely not the toughest in my career. It was very simple. I wasn't ready and the idea didn't interest me at the time. I'm sure the offer stands and one day my mind could change. You never know!

 JM: Any advice for fans who dream of getting a break in wrestling?

VAL: Stay true to yourself. It's hard to find good friends in this business. Look out for yourself but have fun along the way and be as friendly as you can. It'll make the journey that much easier! Work hard and never forget those days when it was YOU standing outside waiting for autographs! Treat the fans the way you would have wanted to be treated.

JM: Closing thoughts?

VAL: You can visit me online anytime at www.SoCalVal.org . Thanks for the interview! God bless! xoxo


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