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Interview with Mike Trash from 2010

Quick Highlight

 --Interview on the Radio

 --Debut 1991

 --Trash Talking Radio Creator since 2003

 --Has interviewed Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, Fabulous Moolah and many many more

-- Official Website! To listen to the whole Interview, click the link below click here to listen to the full radio interview!

 JM: Thanks so much for your time to do this interview, My first Question is how did the idea of Trash Talking radio come about?

MT: The show came about in my interest of trying to help the Independents grow. There are a ton of shows that cover WWE and at that time WCW but no one cared about the up and coming guys. Being that I worked the Indy's I saw a need to take it to a new level. Originally the idea was to promote angles within the promotions. It evolved into my favorite part and that was to interview legends and now into its current show where we are more like a mainstream show

 JM: What does it take to prepare for Trash Talking Radio each week?

 MT: People don't realize ho much work is put into this labor of love. Monday I write the show, Tuesday I do the show. Wednesday I start looking for guests and Thursday I look for more guests, Friday I rehearse with my Band if I am not doing a wrestling show, Saturday I work a Wrestling show, Sunday I work on Pictured from Fri and/or Saturday and Monday we start all over again JM: From the start of the show, did you ever thought it would take off and grow to be as big as it is today? MT: I believed we would have a moderate amount of success, and I have to say that it was very much done without the help of many of the sites. Most of the wrestling sites ignore us because we don't really do WWE. However, I think we are the best show out there today. We have had the best variety of guests, and some of the best interviews. You know you are doing something right when many of your guests come to you and ask to be interviewed.

 JM: What are some of your most memorable moments you have had on the show you can share?

MT: There are so many. I would say having Hulk & Brooke Hogan, Mick Foley, Honky Tonk Man, Bruno Sammartino. New Jack is always interesting. We have been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time for some interviews. We got Matt Hardy the day after he was fired from WWE one time.

 JM: Any regrets you have had as a Host of TTR

MT: There were some interviews that didn't go as planned. so there are a couple. The show has a great reputation and many of the fans are forgiving. There are some sited that Dog me and the show. I don't usually read any of the other sites anymore because there will always be negative people and haters.

JM: Was there ever a guest on your show that made you nervous?

 MT: Several, Hogan, Bruno, and Foley were among the bigger ones. Jericho as well.

JM: The Name Association Game

 Your co Host Trish-- Loyal to a fault

Jason Static -- Potential, but needs just a little more

 John Rambo -- Good Man, taught me a lot, feel loyalty to him

Crazii Shea -- His name says it all. Very Crazii

Kage -- My Best Friend in the biz. We traveled all over the country together and I would do pretty much anything for him, and hopefully TNA Bound

 Hulk Hogan -- Legend, and a man who I feel for. Proves that you can be at the top and still lose it all

The Sandman -- Hard-core Intelligent man who I want to play Chess with

New Jack -- Another Loyal Friend who I would not be afraid to go anywhere if he has my back

Bret Hart -- A legend who really never got his place in history like he should

Honky Tonk Man -- A man who knows how to talk the talk

JM: You also work as hated manager for numerous feds, what are some of your highlights working at ringside?

MT: I have been a very lucky man. I have worked with some of the greatest in the Indy and worked with some awesome legends. I have worked with Ted DiBiase several Times and one really awesome time recently. Jimmy Snuka, Tito Santana, Honky Tonk, all fun.

 JM: Can you share some interesting locker-room or road stories?

 MT: There are so many. But one that I will share; we went to GA a couple of years and were booked 5 shows in 4 days. We get to the first place and it is a bar called the Detour. We get there and look around. Looked like a typical bar. It turned out to be anything but typical. We are there waiting for the show to get started when I see these 2 guys walk by and as they passed us they look back at kage's butt and smile. I thought to myself how funny it was and was about to tease him when I look around and notice, there is no women in this bar. we look on the wall and there is a Rainbow colored menu. Hmm, I thought how do I tell Kage this, when he says, "Dude, I think we are in a Gay Bar". I go to the guy who booked us and say, "Hey I go a question. Is the a Gay Bar?" He say "Yeah I told you that", I say, "No You Didn't", he said, Yeah, I said it was a different Venue" I said "Wait, when you say different venue< I thought you meant a school or a carnival or fire hall". He asks" Do you have a problem with that?" I say "No, ah, Kage does". So we go back to the dressing room. I get changed and exit the dressing room to a waiting area. Next thing I know Kage comes out of the dressing room and pulls me aside and says "I had to get out of there. When I was dressing the one guy in there said something smelled really good, looked at me and called me Eye Candy, We gotta get outta here as soon as our match is done" Our match went on and all went great. After the match we say our good byes and head out to the next town... Oh BY the way, the guy who made the Eye Candy comment was the promoter.

JM: on the Indy's, who were some of your favorites to work with?

 MT: There are so many good ones out there. I started with CCW in Harrisburg PA. It will always be home. I work one in CT called GPW. It is a Christian Promotion where all the money goes to charity. I like DWF in NJ, ECPW in NY. HOPWF?NWF, I miss them.

 JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow their dreams to be a part of pro wrestling?

MT: Just do it. I got into the biz late. Don't expect to make a living off of it. The Biz is crazy and not in a position to be a living for most. Take it serious if you get in it. Learn the craft, watch tapes and sit down and listen to the vets. The DO know more than you.,hr>

 JM: Closing Thoughts?

 MT: Remember the people before us that created this biz. Respect your elders. Respect whatever business you are in. Support independent everything. Don't hold grudges. Pick your battles in life and love those around you while you can. Tomorrow may never come and you don't want to have regrets.


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